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How to Play iMessage Games on an Android phone

Are you looking for tricks or a way to play iMessage games on Android? Here you will learn the possible ways and tricks to play iMessage games on Android. As you know that the iMessage is the product of the Apple iOS family, it is officially not possible to play iMessage games on Android directly. But all thanks to developers that come up with alternative apps and tricks through which you can fulfill your desire to play iMessage games on Android.

How to Play iMessage Games on an Android phone

iMessage is an instant messaging service app of Apple for its iOS devices (iPhone), which lets you send text, audio, and video messages to other iPhone, iPad, etc. devices. After the first launch of the iMessage app, it goes through various updates and makes crucial changes to engage its users. One such recent update of this app is allowed to play games on it.

If you don't have an iPhone device, there are still alternate ways to play iMessage games on your Android phone.

Is it possible to play iMessage games on Android?

You can't directly access the iMessage app on your Android smartphones due to various reasons. Apple devices have a special security system to protect their user's text messages and other data they send and receive. The device from which the messages are sent, and the device that received are all end-to-end encrypted. Whatever messages you send are encrypted with the Apple security system in the iMessage app. It is only possible to run iMessage on (Apple) device that knows the decryption for those messages.

Even it is not directly possible to play iMessage games on an Android device, there are alternative methods through which you can play these games on an Android phone. By using the weMessage application, you can enjoy all the features on Android that iMessages offers. The application "weMessage" is a mixture of the cloud messaging system of iMessage that runs on Android smartphones.

To run the weMessage app for using the iMessage feature on Android, you will need an Apple Mac device to work. The Mac device acts as a server so that the "weMessage" app allows using iMessage on your Android. You can almost use all the features of iMessage in weMessage, including sending text, group chats, content blocking, notifications, DND feature, and most importantly, playing iMessage games.

Requirements to Play iMessage Games on Android Device

You have required a few things to play iMessage games on an Android phone. First of all, download and install the weMessage app on your Android phone by keeping the following key points in your mind:

  • An Apple ID that you use to access your iMessage App.
  • A Mac device running on macOS 10.10 or above because using the weMessage on your android phone requires Mac to run a program.
  • Download and install Java 7 or above version on your Mac device.
  • Android smartphone running on Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.
  • You must install the weMessage app on your Android device.

As discussed above, iMessage doesn't work on Android devices as it is a product of cross-platform (Apple iOS); and works on iOS and macOS devices. To use iMessage on your Android phone, you have to use macOS to optimize the process.

All your messages are passed through two steps from Android to the iOS device. In the first step, the messages are sent to the "weMessage" program (server), and in the next step, these messages are passed to iMessage to send on macOS and Android devices. weMessage server is a suitable application for macOS. However, all these messages are encrypted using the Apple security system.

Steps to run the "weMessage" application to play iMessage games on Android phone

Since iMessage's games are officially not possible to play on Android phones, developers implement an alternative tool, weMessage that allows the closed messaging system of iMessage on Android devices. weMessage app supports all the features offered by iMessage, including group chats, DND, notifications, attachments, and lots more. To run weMessage for playing iMessage games, follow the below-mentioned steps.

How to Play iMessage Games on an Android phone
  1. First of all, download and install a Java SE Development Kit in your Mac OS for providing terminal rights to your server by changing your System preference. To install Java on your Mac, look at the article on how to install Java on Mac.
  2. Now download and install the "weMessage" app on your Android phone.
  3. Also, visit "" and download the "weServer" ZIP file for your Mac device.
  4. Extract the "weServer" ZIP file, and you will find a "run.command" file, double click on it to launch "weServer".
    How to Play iMessage Games on an Android phone
  5. Next, provide your official iMessage email to link the app with iMessage. But it is recommended to choose a new strong password to avoid any security problem.
  6. The "weMessage" app is installed and set up on your android phone. Now you can start its text services immediately. You can also add your contacts one by one on weMessage if you want.
    How to Play iMessage Games on an Android phone

Consider the following points to use weMessage on your Android device without any difficulty

  1. Visit Google Play Store and install the "weMessage" app on your Android phone.
  2. After installation, launch the weMessage app on your Android.
  3. Click on the Continue button to proceed, and if it asks for permission, grant to access your messages.
  4. If required, you must "Allow modify system settings" toggle button next to the weMessage app.
  5. You need a Mac IP address to connect the weMessage app with your device. If you are already running the weMessage server on your Mac and both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi network, then the weMessage Android app automatically connects with your Mac.
  6. You can also manually provide the IP address of Mac in the Android app to connect. To enter the IP address manually, navigate to System Preferences > your Network > Advanced, TCP/IP. Here you will find the Mac IP address in IPv4 Address.
  7. Enter Mac IP address, your email, and password in the "weMessage" android app, and tap Sign In.
    How to Play iMessage Games on an Android phone
  8. After properly setting up everything, sign in to the app take you to the conversation page.
  9. Now, you can access the messaging service of iMessage on your Android. You can send and receive text, audio, video messages, etc., from and to your Android device to iMessage on iPhone or iPad.

Keep in mind that you must connect your Android phone and Mac OS via the same Wi-Fi network to work them together.

An alternate tool to "weMessages" to use iMessage games on Android devices is the PieMessage app (project)

PieMessage is another alternative app that you can use for running iMessage services on Android. The app mostly works similar to the "weServer". This application uses your Mac device as a server for handling iMessages from your Android phone to your iOS device and vice-versa. This way, you will get all iMessage features on your Android device.

Requirements for setup PieMessage

Before starting setting up the PieMessage project to access iMessage features on your Android phone, you need the following requirements:

  • Mac OSX device.
  • The public IP address for Mac OSX device.
  • iCloud account w/ iMessage enabled.
  • Android phone running on 4.0+ version.
  • Java JDK tool.
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Android Studio

Followings are the steps to install and setup the PieMessage app onto your Android device:

  1. Visit GitHub and download the PieMessage project. From here, you can download the PieMessage APK file and install it on your Android device.
  2. Go to the apps menu section and open the messaging app on your iPhone.
  3. Now connect your iCloud account to your message. For this, navigate to Messages > Preferences > Accounts.
  4. Copy the PieMessage project onto your OSX device.
  5. Edit the "socketAddress" value in PieOSXClient/src/ by replacing it with your public OSX device's IP address.
  6. After doing all the setup, move the "message.applescript" to your home directory (/Users/).
  7. Open the JavaWebServer/ in the IntelliJ tool and run the Server class.
  8. Open the PieOSXClient/ as a project in IntelliJ and run the PieOSXClient class.
  9. Finally, open the PieMessage-Android/ as a project in your Android Studio tool. After that, you can compile an APK file to any android device for its installation and accessing it.

Some of the iMessages games that you can download and play on Android device are

Once you have finished the setup of weMessage or PieMessage on your device, here are the few names of iMessage games that you can download and play:

  1. GamePigeon for Android
  2. StickyMonster
  3. Four in a row
  4. Cobi Hoops
  5. fastThumbs
  6. Wit- What is this
  7. Checkmate
  8. Mr.Putt and many more.

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