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Radar Detector Apps for Android

Driving on the road over the speed limit is dangerous for everyone. The speed limit is set for own safety as well as other drivers and vehicle. But sometime we may be getting late and want to reach somewhere on time. We might accidentally be caught on the radar for over speed driving or breaking road sign. In such a situation, we have to pay a fine for it.

In this article, we will discuss some radar detector apps for Android that solves this problem. We can take advantage of our Android phone to solve this problem. We can use the radar detector apps on our Android phone. There are several radar detector apps available on the Play Store that detects radar on the road. Radar detector apps let us know the radar positions based on data uploaded by other users.

The radar detector apps are economical as compared to buying a real radar detection device. These radar detector apps for Android detect radar and helps us to save unwanted fines and our time. These apps perform even more effectively if they are used with Android Auto.

List of radar detector apps for Android

Note: the order of the below-mentioned radar detector apps for Android is not based on their performance. We can select any of them according to our requirements and device compatibility.

  1. Speed Camera Radar
  2. Cobra iRadar
  3. Radarbot
  4. Escort Live Radar
  5. Radar Beep
  6. Waze
  7. Glob
  8. Police Detector
  9. Radar and Speed Camera by Sygic
  10. Speed Detector EVO

Speed Camera Radar

Radar Detector Apps for Android

Speed Camera Radar app is specially designed to detect static speed cameras, red-light traffic cameras, and more on the road. This app also detects various types of bad or hazards roads along with zoom and rotation features. It alerts us by displaying our driving speed so that we may slow down if required.

One of the best parts of this app is that it works for all countries in the world. It also contains a dark-theme feature. Speed Camera Radar offers Map and Radar view mode that doesn't need an internet connection to access data. The map enables with auto-zoom and auto-rotation function while driving. It also supports voice alerts. This app even works in the background if we want to access other apps.

Download Speed Camera Radar.

Cobra iRadar

Radar Detector Apps for Android

Cobra iRadar radar app works on high accuracy because it uses the 100% verified camera database. This app won more than six awards since it is published. Cobra iRadar app detects red-light cameras, speed camera and their exact position on the road; It is the largest community-based radar app and free from all annoying ads. The app doesn't require any real device installed in our car. Using this app, we can contribute information on it and take advantage of information submitted by others.

Cobra iRadar also included a speedometer that shows our driving speed and warns if we cross the set speed limit. It also alerts about upcoming speed traps uploaded by other users. We can connect it with a physical (real) radar detector device to make real-time updates and share it with other users.

Download Cobra iRadar.


Radar Detector Apps for Android

Radarbot app informs us about speed camera detectors, traffic, speedometer and navigation. The app alerts and warns about all kinds of cameras, such as traffic light cameras, ANPR cameras, tunnel cameras and more. Using live speedometer functionality, we can access and know our speed during driving. The speedometer shows our current speed, average speed, and maximum speed. It alerts us via sound when we cross the set speed limit. The app is integrated with Google Maps so that we can easily navigate our route. The app's data repeatedly goes updated by live users, which gives the latest and relevant information.

Download the free Radarbot radar detector app from Google Play Store.

Download the premium Radarbot radar detector app from Google Play Store.

Escort Live Radar

Radar Detector Apps for Android

Escort Live Radar is an award-winning radar detector app for Android that detects police speed traps, red-light cameras. This app also shows an over speeding warning on the device screen. Users can share the location of speed detection devices in real-time. This app is one of the most decent and accurate radar detector apps to date. Other features of this app include compass, colored warning, voice notifications and vehicle speed limit.

Moreover, the app warns us about the speed detection device where it detected in the past. Escort Live app is available for free and premium versions both. The premium version of the Escort Live app contained more features when compared to its free version.

Download Escort Live Radar.

Radar Beep

Radar Detector Apps for Android

Radar Beep is another popular radar detector app for Android that contains GPS and radar detection. The app warns with a loud sound if the radar is closer to us. The app also gives us information about heavy traffic and road accidents. This app easily connects with our car via Bluetooth and starts working automatically. The app is simple and easy to use interface. Additionally, the app shows the exact location and distance of radar as well as displays car speed.

We can connect GPS via the internet to collect all the latest information from the database. When we reach near a speed camera during our car driving, the app notifies via sound and displays speed on the screen. Once we hear the alert sound, we can manage car speed. The free version of the Radar Beep app contains ads, but we can go for its premium version to remove ads.

Download Radar Beep.


Radar Detector Apps for Android

Waze is one of the excellent radar detector apps for Android with a built-in GPS feature. This app works well. It is a multi-functional app that detects traffic cameras, speed cameras, traffic jams, alerts accidents, preferred routes, police radar locations, etc. Waze app streamed all the data in real-time, such as hazards, accidents, diversions and shows on the device screen. If we arrive near a reported radar area, the app will warn us.

Waze app also allows us to listen to the music by connecting with Spotify, and simultaneously we can use GPS. The app has a user-friendly interface and easy to understand and access. We can connect the Waze radar detector app with Android Auto and see the app on our car's dashboard. Once we use this application, we will never get disappointed.

Download Waze.


Radar Detector Apps for Android

Glob is another accurate working radar detector app that alerts us with real-time traffic information. It collects traffic and radar information from different sources to provide correct information; Glob app notifies police traps, speed cameras, and traffic jams ahead. The app also allows us to upload information about our local traffic jams, accident or hazards, which may help other users.

This app navigates the best possible path to reach our destination. Maps on this app are available in 2D and 3D versions. We can choose any of them based on our priority to load maps faster or show great detail.

Download Glob.

Police Detector

Radar Detector Apps for Android

Police Detector app gives information about speed cameras location, police patrols on the map while driving. The app works on radar detector mode. Users can also upload traffic information, radar cameras location in real-time. By following this information, we can protect ourselves by paying fine. We can upload road situations like road repairs and road accidents and ask for help from other app users if we have any trouble on the road.

It also displays speed limits based on different road situations to monitor our speed accordingly.

Download Police Detector.

Radar and Speed Camera by Sygic

Radar Detector Apps for Android

This app has a well-designed user interface and easy to understand. The app alerts us about static speed cameras, speed traps, and traffic light camera alerts in real-time. We can also set our speed limit for the road while driving. The app includes a speedometer that detects our speed while driving. The premium version of Radar and Speed Camera displays our driving information on our windshield. We can see our current driving speed, set speed limit, and warns if we drive at high speed.

Download the Radar and Speed Camera by Sygic from Google Play Store.

Speed Detector EVO

Radar Detector Apps for Android

Speed Detector EVO app detects police radars, speed cameras, and speed traps. It has a simple user-interface and easy to use. Place our phone on the car dashboard and start the application. When the app detects any police radars, speed traps and speed cameras, it alerts us by sound. This app also informs us about the real-time traffic situation that helps us choose such a path with no or fewer traffic jams.

Speed Detector app comes with an over-speeding mode that warns us on high-speed driving by warning signal. This app includes two different functionalities:

  • Driving Mode: This mode provides a camera report, police report, traffic check, traffic report, and over-speed alert.
  • Non-Driving Mode: In this mode, we can plan our path, check traffic manually, gets oil consumption info.

Download Speed Detector EVO.

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