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Endoscope App for Android

Endoscope app (or apps) for Android is an app that helps to connect your Android device with an external camera like a USB or Borescope camera. There are lots of devices that use external Cam, such as inspection cameras for sewers. Technically the external camera is also known as an endoscope camera. The endoscope app for Android or iPhone uses the endoscope camera for real-time inspection of an object on your device.

Endoscope App for Android

The endoscope app is used for various purposes, such as webcam testing, to see how your external camera (endoscope camera) works, get pictures and manage your endoscope library. It is also used to record and play video with your webcam, Wi-Fi camera, or USB camera.

With the endoscope app, a USB camera is the easiest way to click an image on your Android device. If your Android device's built-in camera has a low mega-pixel, use a full-featured HD USB-OTG camera with a compatible endoscope app to capture photos and make videos.

Different endoscope app supports and runs on different Android versions. We have tested some endoscope apps, and they have shown bugs recently. So it is advised to choose the correct and full-features endoscope app for your Android smartphone that is compatible with the endoscope camera. Here we have listed some of the endoscope apps for Android smartphones.

What is the Endoscope app?

Endoscope apps (PC applications) are the app that facilitates you to view images taken from the endoscope camera on your Android or computer device. Using this app, you can control your endoscope device on your Android smartphone. This app helps in determining whether the endoscope device you are using is compatible with your Android phone or not.

Endoscope apps and endoscope cameras are mainly used where your actual device camera can't reach, such as to capture or look inside the body and view sewer conditions. These applications let you manage an external camera with your Android or computer device. Different endoscope apps come with various features, including capturing images, making videos, controlling brightness, controlling frame position, etc. Some of the endoscope apps even store images for future reference and record.

What is an endoscope camera?

An endoscope camera is a small device with a thick and flexible cable to view internal organs that your device camera does not typically reach. This camera is usually equipped with LED lights which allow the camera to capture images inside the body or other areas. As we know, bright lights are ineffective inside the body, but today's technology is more advanced and can capture 1080p image quality using LED lights.

The cable connected to the endoscope's camera is semi-rigid and supported with internal iron wire. The camera end of the endoscope comes with a different diameter of an average of 8.5mm, while the rest part of the cable is slightly narrow.

The endoscope camera has flexible wire, magnet, and hook accessories. Each accessory has a different role, and they are used for retrieving metallic objects and facilitating a 90-degree view inside the body.

How to connect and use Endoscope App with Endoscope USB (Wi-Fi) camera

Different endoscope apps and cameras come with various features and functionalities. But most of their behaviour and functionalities are the same. Following are the steps to connect your endoscope app with your endoscope device.

Step 1

Before trying to connect your Android device with a USB camera using an app, make sure it supports your device. Once you confirm, download and install the app from the Android app store on your phone. After getting the app, please open it and verify it is working.

Step 2

Ensure that your Android device is set to use USB-OTG to connect and communicate with an external camera like a webcam, endoscope camera, or others.

Step 3

On the app, you will find two different modes to set, including photo and video. Enable any option, whatever you want.

Step 4

Use your Android device to view the camera's viewfinder, where you can see a live preview of your camera. It also offers an option to switch between photo capture and video recording.

Endoscope apps for Android

Here is the same list of endoscope apps for Android that you can try and use with your endoscope camera:

  1. Endoscope app for Android
  2. CameraFi Live
  3. USB Dual Camera Pro
  4. IP Camera
  5. USB Endoscope app Android 10+

Endoscope app for android

"Endoscope app for android" is an app that lets you connect an external camera or any other USB camera with your Android device. "Endoscope app for android" is one of the trusted apps that gets 1M+ downloads with a 4.2 rating in the Google Play Store. A device that supports USB-OGT technology and a read endoscope app will record videos with sound and store them in the gallery.

Endoscopes apps are helpful in different kinds of camera activities, such as capturing the image of internal's body organs, what is inside the blocked drains, etc.

Steps to connect and use the "Endoscope app for android" with the endoscope camera:

  1. Launch the endoscope app on your Android smartphone and connect the USB of your endoscope camera with it.
  2. Click on the camera icon and tap on the "OK"
  3. You will see that your endoscope camera works with your app.
  4. Capture a photo or record a video, whatever you want.
  5. To view the image you capture or video you record, go back to the home interface and tap on the "Gallery".
  6. Here, you will see all your images and videos. Tap on anyone that you want to view and watch.

To delete the images and videos of your endoscope app, go to the camera inside the gallery. Now long-press on the photo or video you wish to delete. You will see a deletion icon pop-up; tap on it to remove an image or video from your app gallery.

Download the "endoscope app for android" from Play Store.

CameraFi Live

CameraFi Live is a live streaming Android app that helps streamers to broadcast their videos in high quality simply from their mobile. It supports and connects a wide variety of cameras and also offers real-time video editing functions.

Features of CameraFi Live app

  • It offers two different modes to choose from, i.e. Camera and Screen. Selecting Camera mode allows you to broadcast your shooting, and Screen mode allows you to share the device screen.
  • You can connect to an external camera, which requires an HDMI to UVC converter.
  • There is a feature to live stream your high-quality videos using the zoom function using USB cameras.
  • You can get several video filter features such as emboss, mosaic, mono, and toon that would make your life eye-catching.
  • It even allows using free copyright music files as background music for your live streaming.
  • It facilitates sharing your game playing without installing additional software or hardware.
  • Apply various cool effects in your live video streaming to attract viewers.
  • It also allows saving your live streaming video to your phone's memory.

Download the CameraFi Live app from Play Store.

USB Dual Camera Pro

The "USB Dual Camera Pro" endoscope app for Android allows you to connect two USB Web Cams or other video-capturing devices via USB-OTG cable at the same time. It offers features to record videos and capture photos.

The app supports UVC Web Cam with microphone and UVC video with audio input. While using two cameras simultaneously, you must select the MJPEG format for your videos. The app also lets you create a full Side-by-Side 3D video.

While recording video using "USB Dual Camera Pro," you can switch between background and foreground without interrupting your recording. To do this, just press "Enter background" from the menu. You can set a feature auto-segment when recording that automatically-deletes old video files if there is insufficient memory storage.

Tap on the toolbar's USB icon to launch the device dialogue to open your endoscope device. If the application can't be able to detect your external camera device, please use a good quality OTG cable and check your power supply.

Download the USB Dual Camera Pro app (paid) from Play Store.

Download the USB Camera app (free) from Play Store.

IP Camera

The "IP Camera" app turns your Android device into a wireless IP camera via built-in RTSP and HTTP Server for security monitoring. There is a feature of auto video recording that is based on object motion detection. Your recorded videos are automatically uploaded to the FTP server and notified through e-mail.

The "IP Camera" app supports a multi-lens section on a device running on Android 9 and higher versions. The app also allows the opening of two cameras simultaneously for streaming. However, the camera combination depends on the Android device on which you are running the app.

The Pro version of the IP Camera app provides even more features, including "Picture-in-Picture" without ads on a device running on Android 8 and above. This feature allows you to perform other activities while the IP Camera Server runs.

"IP Camera" app pushes your videos and audios to RTMP live media server and uses them for network live broadcast. The app also supports RTMPs security protocol that you can enable from IP Camera Server. Besides the above features, you will get more to connect your external camera and access it.

Download the IP Camera app from Play Store.

USB Endoscope app Android 10+

This USB Endoscope app for Android smartphone support phone running on Android OS 10+. The steps to connect your endoscope USB camera with your phone is simple; just connect your endoscope device to your phone's USB port. When a dialogue message appears, tick and tap on the "OK" button. This app works in two modes, i.e. full screen and background mode.

However, the USB Endoscope Android 10+ app also supports and connects to those USB cameras which are UVC-standard. Some of the endoscope devices that it supports are AliExpress, jProbe, Teslong, etc.

This USB Endoscope app also connects IP cameras with all ONVIF-compatible and non-ONVIF IP cameras. Tap the "Smart connect" button to connect the app with IP cameras. It automatically runs in the background. You can save the recorded videos in a public folder in your device's internal memory and SD card.

Features of USB Endoscope app Android 10+:

  1. The app support both USB and IP camera.
  2. It listens and records live audio with video.
  3. Allows saving recorded video to the external SD card.
  4. The app runs in the background 24x7.
  5. It included a surveillance system with a motion detector.
  6. You can zoom captured image up to 10 times bigger.

Download the USB Endoscope app Android 10+ app from Play Store.

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