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Where is Clipboard on Android Phone?

The feature of copy-paste on Android is the basic function on smartphones and tablets. However, if you want to take this feature to an advanced level, use the feature of "Clipboard". A clipboard is an interesting tool that you may find useful on Android devices, and the clipboard tool allows you to see more than just the last item or text you copied.

Some of the smartphones, such as Samsung and LG, have a built-in clipboard. You can also use some third-party Android keyboard apps that offer the feature of a clipboard.

Where is Clipboard on Android Phone

Depending upon the Android device's version, the clipboard tool works differently. Clipboard saves a history of everything you copy and allows you to select from the most recent copies and paste them again. This feature is beneficial for those Android users who are doing a lot of copy and paste activity.

The working of Clipboard on Android varies from the Android version you are using. The most valid and widely used method is through a keyboard app. The most popular keyboards with built-in Clipboard features are the Gboard keyboard, Swiftkey keyboard, Clipper, etc.

Pasting the Most Recent Copied Item

  1. First of all, copy the text or link by selecting it on Android.
  2. Now, click on the text area to bring up the keyboard. Look for the "Clipboard" icon in the keyboard app.
  3. Tap on the Clipboard icon, and you will see the last few things you copied.
  4. Please select any one of them you want to paste where you wish.

Use Gboard Keyboard Clipboard

Google's keyboard app for Android (Gboard) is a great keyboard app that offers access to clipboard managers. Using its clipboard, you can see all the things you have copied, including most recent and previous data. If you have already installed Gboard on your phone, it is great; otherwise, download it from Google Play Store. Some Android smartphones are coming with a pre-installed Gboard app.

Ensure that you have set and changed the Gboard keyboard app as the default keyboard of your phone.

  1. Launch any app that supports typing (note-taking app) on your phone.
  2. Click on the text field to bring up the Gboard
  3. Tap on the More option (three dots) if the clipboard icon is not shown above the letters on the keyboard screen.
  4. Tap on the "Clipboard" to select it.
    Where is Clipboard on Android Phone
  5. If it has not turned on, tap on the Turn on Clipboard
  6. Tap on the clipboard content to paste it into the current text area.
    Where is Clipboard on Android Phone

To perform more action on the clipboard content, tap-and-hold on content. It shows different menu options (Paste, Pin, and Delete). The option Paste allows you to paste your selected clipboard content, and the Pin option allows keeping the content for a longer time in the clipboard. And last, the Delete option clears it from your clipboard.

Where is Clipboard on Android Phone

You can also delete all your clipboard content with one click by selecting all and tapping on the trash bin icon (delete).

Access Clipboard using Clipper - Clipboard Manager App

Another app that allows you to access the Android clipboard is Clipper - Clipboard Manager app. Download the Clipper - Clipboard Manager app from Google Play Store on your smartphone. The app is free to use, having a good user rating that saves all the things you copy to a single location. Clipboard Manager claims that the data saved in its clipboard always remain private, and they never share with anyone. You can also upgrade it to Clipper Plus for ads free experience.

  1. Open the Clipper- Clipboard Manager app, which looks like a blue-and-white clipboard on your home screen.
    Where is Clipboard on Android Phone
  2. First-time users need to set up the Clipper app, and you can go through the quick introductory section about the access guide or skip this lesson.
    Where is Clipboard on Android Phone
  3. Next, the app will take you to the "Ads" setup page, where you can select the type of ads you like to see on your device.
  4. Setup advertising preference accordingly:
    • Show personalized ads: Choose this option if you never mind Clipper Manager to access your personal data to show relevant ads.
    • Show non-personalized ads: Selecting this option shows you random ads.
    • Upgrade to Clipper Plus: Tap on it to upgrade to Clipper Plus by paying to access ad-free.
    • Once you are done with the setup, you are ready to access Clipboard Manager.
    • Tap on the menu option (three dots) at the top-right corner of the screen to access settings to customize the Clipboard interface.
      Where is Clipboard on Android Phone
  5. Open Clipper - Clipboard app at any time to view your clipboard.
  6. Organize your clipboard content: On the CLIPBOARD tab, all your new clippings are saved. The SNIPPETS tab is the default place where your copied items are stored.
  7. Tap on the three dots next to the clipping text to view more options, including View, Edit, Delete, Pin, Move, etc.
    Where is Clipboard on Android Phone
  8. Tap on the Move option to move your new clipboard content from the Clipboard tab to the Snippets

Where is the clipboard on the Samsung phone?

Different Samsung smartphones have different ways to access the clipboard on them. Below we are mentioned some of the steps based on various Samsung models:

Access clipboard on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. Launch any text editor on your Samsung device to open its keyboard.
  2. Now, tap the Customizable key and then select the Clipboard
  3. Press and hold on to the text area to bring up the Clipboard button.
  4. Finally, click on the Clipboard button to see various texts you have copied.

Access clipboard on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

To access the clipboard on Galaxy S9 Plus, follow the steps below:

  1. Long press on any text area on your device.
  2. Tap on the Clipboard button once the menu option pops up.

How to paste content from the clipboard on most Android phones?

  1. Find the text you want to copy and paste on your Android phone.
  2. Long-tap on the text to select it for a copy.
  3. Move the cursor to drag the set of boundaries to highlight all the text you want to copy.
  4. Tap on the Copy option that appears on the popup menu.
  5. Tap and hold on to the text area where you want to paste the copied text until a menu option appears.
  6. Click on the Paste option, and you will see your copied text appear in that place.

How to copy and paste text on a Samsung phone?

To copy and paste a single word or complete paragraph on a Samsung phone, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap and hold on to the text and drag the blue marker to highlight all text you want to copy, and from the popup menu, tap Copy. To select the entire content, tap on the Select All
  2. Now, tap and hold on to the text area (target place) where you want to paste copied text. When the menu appears on the screen, tap on the Paste.

How to clear clipboard contents on Samsung Galaxy S8

In Android devices, the clipboard tool allows you to file various data you copied and choose which data to paste where. But you can also delete Clipboard contents from the device if you want. Here's the way you can clear clipboard contents on Galaxy S8:

  1. Tap on the trash icon (delete) when the clipboard is open.
  2. Select the text or other content you want to clear from the clipboard.
  3. You may also select all to delete entire contents with one click.
  4. After selecting, tap on Done.

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