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Best Free Download Manager for Android

Nowadays, everyone is connected to the web and performs many tasks, depending on their needs, like downloading files, documents, pictures, music, videos, etc. Using the best downloader manager for their device is important. You may have seen that downloading larger-size files (or media) without using the download manager on Android gets stuck at between 90% and 99% and sometimes fails. The phone browsers cannot download larger files and save battery.

People frequently downloading media and other files must be careful about using the download manager for their Android smartphone. A good download manager app for Android gives full features that easily download different types of files from the internet. Using download manager apps for downloading files in Android offers standard speed compared to downloading simply from Android web browsers. This article illustrates some of Android smartphones and tablets' best free download managers.

Top Best Free Download Manager apps for Android phone

Searching over Play Store for download manager apps for Android displays numerous results in front of you. Selection of the best one is quite a tedious task among all those results. We review several download manager apps and find some of the best Android apps. This list helps you find a download manager app for your Android device that fulfills your needs.

  1. Advanced Download Manager (ADM)
  2. Loader Droid
  3. Turbo Download Manager
  4. 1DM
  5. Download Manager for Android
  6. Download Accelerator Manager
  7. Free Download Manager - FDM
  8. Download Accelerator Plus

Advanced Download Manager

Best Free Download Manager for Android

Advanced Download Manager is one of the popular download manager apps for Android. It automatically reads files, downloads links from a web browser, and starts downloading. You will get the best downloading experience using this Advanced Download Manager (ADM) that allows you to download even three files simultaneously and increases productivity.

The app comes with an in-built web ADM browser that facilitates surfing anything for your download. Some of the features of the Advanced Download Manage app are speed management, support for SD cards, support for downloading larger-size files, bookmarks, etc. Everything in the app is user-friendly, and you can easily access it.

Advanced Download Manager app for Android, almost support all major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Samsung browser, etc. Just add the files or paste the download links to download files. Some of the additional features that make it one of the best download managers for Android are showing download information such as file size, speed, time, resume download, downloading in the background, and download complete alert.


  • Included a powerful built-in browser
  • Ads do not cover the complete screen
  • Display a graph for bandwidth consumption


  • There are limited scheduling options
  • The user interface is good but not as beginner-friendly

Download the Advanced Download Manager from the Play Store.

Loader Droid

Best Free Download Manager for Android

Loader Droid is one of the older download managers that still works nicely than the stock Android download manager. It makes your downloading speed faster by splitting the download into various parts. Loader Droid download manager also provides various other features like pause download, resume download, link replacement in case of link time out, later schedule download, and more. However, the app has not been updated over the Play Store we used for a long time, so try it at your own risk.

The additional key features that the Loader Droid download manager provides are:

  • Allows resume downloads
  • The download gets paused when the connection is lost
  • Automatically resumes downloading when your connection reappears
  • It detects download links from your Android browser and other applications
  • Speedup the downloading process by splitting the download into various parts


  • Easy tool to download files and media
  • Quick and smooth downloading


  • It has ad-supported
  • UI is a bit old-fashioned

Download the Loader Droid from the Play Store

Turbo Download Manager

Best Free Download Manager for Android

The primary goal of the Turbo Download Manager app is to provide a faster download speed. Like other Android download manager apps, the Turbo Download Manager has a built-in web browser to search content and download it straight to the SD card. The download manager uses multiple connections and boosts the file's download speed. It supports multiple file downloads having even larger sizes at the same time. Also, there is a feature to pause, resume, and recover download options. Some of its key features include:

  • Get multiple files from the web page
  • Bookmark and download history
  • Built-in media player
  • Content block manager
  • It also supports external web browsers to download


  • Allows playing media while downloading in the background
  • Downloads straight to SD card
  • Boost downloading with multi-thread download


  • It doesn't work with YouTube to download
  • It doesn't provide free files itself
  • It doesn't boost downloading speed above the bandwidth offered by Internet Provider (or server)

Download Turbo Download Manager from the Play Store


Best Free Download Manager for Android

The popularity of the 1DM (formerly IDM) download manager app can be predicted by viewing its 10 million+ downloads over the Google Play Store. It also supports direct torrent to download, which is a good option for torrent users (legally). 1DM comes with a full-features download manager offering five simultaneous downloads, pause and resume, the ability to boost download speed and more.

1DM comes with ads support, but there is a feature to block all ads and unnecessary popups on the download page. However, it displays occasional ads in the app from 1DM itself. If you don't like the ads' appearance, prefer to use the 1DM+ app version separately for an ad-free experience.

Key features included in the 1DM download manager app are:

  • Auto-download music, audio, and images from various web platforms
  • Download streaming video, music
  • Downloads multiple files at the same time
  • Custom theme
  • Support downloading from external links


  • It has a simple user interface
  • Lightweight app
  • Built-in browser and ad-blocking


  • It displays full-screen ads

Download the 1DM download manager from the Play Store

Download Manager for Android

Best Free Download Manager for Android

The Download Manager for Android app speeds up the downloading up to three times than normal downloading over browsing. Download the videos and bookmark the web pages for later. It also provides the option to search, share videos, access trending videos, status videos, etc.. Using this, you can download all types of files, including APK, RAR, ZIP, DOC, XLS, MP3, MP4, and others. Some additional features it offers are chatting with friends, online shopping, and participating in other activities.

The key features of Download Manager for Android are:

  • Support to download files having unknown size and unknown format
  • It allows to set downloaded music as phone ringtone, notification, and alarm sound
  • Allows to open download files in different apps present on the phone
  • Downloads multiple files at the same time
  • Resume broken downloads even after connection lost
  • Built-in media playback for music and video

Download the Download Manager for Android from the Play Store

Download Accelerator Manager

Best Free Download Manager for Android

Download Accelerator Manager is one of the best download managers for Android devices that helps you download files quickly. It has a clean and straightforward user interface, making it easy to use and navigate. The app notifies you about the download with the progress bar.

Key features of Download Accelerator Manager are:

  • It facilitates high-speed downloading compared to simple downloading over a browser
  • Allows to download media files from Facebook and YouTube
  • It works with popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and IE
  • Provides options to resume, recover, schedule, accelerate, and manage your downloads
  • Lightweight, free, easy to use, and safe

Download the Download Accelerator Manager

Free Download Manager - FDM

Best Free Download Manager for Android

Free Download Manager app for Android lets you download larger files, music, videos, etc., from the web faster (up to 10 times) than a simple browser. The app supports the ability to download multiple files simultaneously. FDM downloader facilitates the control of download priorities, adjusting bandwidth usage, and resuming broken downloads. You may choose fast, moderate, and slow downloading modes. On this basis, the app restricts the maximum download speeds.

The Free Download Manager app supports the torrent feature that directly downloads or allows you to add torrent files to download manually. You may also use its built-in web browser to download by pasting the link on the download page.

The key features of the Free Download Manager app include:

  • Pause download, resume download, and schedule for later download
  • It splits files into various sections to make faster download
  • Auto download feature on Wi-Fi connection
  • Organize download files
  • Support different files and media formats to download


  • No ads display
  • Easy and clear user interface
  • Free to use


  • Slow built-in browser
  • Not allowed to download from YouTube

Download Free Download Manager from the Play Store

Download Accelerator Plus

Best Free Download Manager for Android

Download Accelerator Plus is another excellent Android phone and tablet download manager that boosts the downloading speed. It has a built-in browser feature and supports multiple files downloading straight to an SD card. There is an auto-resume feature to reenable the interrupted downloads. If you have difficulty playing video or music online, download and play them offline.

The Download Accelerator Plus app also allows you to back up all your downloads to your Google Drive account. You can set the maximum content download speed in the app settings section. This Android download manager app is free to use but contains ads. You may choose an in-app purchase version for an ad-free experience and advanced features like scheduled downloads.

The key features of Download Accelerator Plus app include:

  • High-speed music and video download by splitting content into several parts
  • Support all formats files and media (documents, archives, music video) to download
  • Allows to pause and resume download
  • Smart error handling feature
  • Option to save content into SD card as default
  • The built-in browser lets you see download history and allows bookmarks


  • Its free version contains ads
  • For an ad-free experience, one needs to use a premium subscription

Download the Download Accelerator Plus from the Play Store

FAQS on Best Free Download Manager apps for Android

Which is the best download manager app for Android?

This article illustrated the popular and best download manager for Android. Check out their features, pros, and cons, and then choose the download manager app for Android as per your need.

Is using the download manager app for Android phones and tablets safe?

Using a third-party download manager app for your Android device is safe. But make sure you are using the Play Store or any trusted source or publisher (developer) to install.

Can download managers automatically catch downloads from Chrome browser on Android?

Not all third-party download manager apps automatically catch download links or content from Chrome or any other browser, but some apps offer this feature on an Android device.

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