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How to Post a 3D Photo on Facebook on Android

Facebook continuously increases its features over time so users can engage effectively. One new feature that has been implemented and integrated is a 3D photo post. Facebook users now post and share 3D photos in their Stories, Feed, a group, or a Page using their Android smartphones. Remember to post a 3D photo on a Page; you should be an admin or editor of that Page.

Selecting a 3D photo option while posting a picture, Facebook transforms the picture with a 3D effect. 3D photos can be viewed differently by moving the device into a sloping position.

This article illustrates everything about creating and posting a 3D photo on Facebook using your Android or iPhone device. Note that some Android devices might not support the 3D photo feature. Some smartphones launched in 2014 or newer phones support 3D photo posting.

Facebook 3D Photo: How to create it

It is easy to create and turn your photo into a 3D version on Facebook via supported devices. The steps to post a 3D photo on Facebook are similar whether you are using an Android or iPhone device, and you may only find differences in their visual interface. Follow the below-mentioned steps to create a 3D photo to share a post on Facebook:

  1. Tap on the "What's on your mind?" section, which you will find at the top of your Feed.
  2. Tap on the Photo/Video
    How to Post a 3D Photo on Facebook on Android
  3. Choose the photo you want to post and tap on Done.
  4. Now, for the Choose Effect panel, select 3D.
    How to Post a 3D Photo on Facebook on Android
  5. If you wish, preview the 3D effect by moving your device around.
  6. Write your message to accompany your photo, and tap on Post/Share.
  7. Wait a few seconds to process your photo, and then Facebook transforms a 3D photo appearance.

Facebook 3D Photo: How to remove the 3D effect

If you no more want to post your photo as a 3D effect after everything you set to create the 3D effect, you could remove it.

  1. Tap on the Remove 3D option in the upper-left corner.
  2. Write text relevant to the photo you're uploaded, and select Post.
    How to Post a 3D Photo on Facebook on Android

Create a 3D photo while sharing a post in a Group or on a Page.

  1. Tap "Write something…" in a group or on a Page you want to post.
  2. Tap on the Photo/Video
  3. Choose your photo and tap on Done.
  4. At the upper-left of the photo, tap on the Make 3D
  5. Write your message to accompany your photo, and tap on Post.
    How to Post a 3D Photo on Facebook on Android

Tips about creating and posting 3D photos (post) on Facebook

You can choose any photo to create a 3D post and share it on Facebook. But before you create and start posting a 3D photo on your Facebook account, remember some guidelines for the best result:

  • 3D photos are not editable. If you edit your photo on Facebook, you might not be able to post your photo in 3D effect.
  • Always post one photo in 3D at a time. If you select multiple photos, you can't be able to post them as 3D; the option to post 3D photos will not appear.
  • While creating 3D photos, you can't add them to the album at that particular time.
  • Always avoid a busy background or background that closely matches your photo.
  • If you post a 3D photo from a Page, 3D photos can't be used in an ad at that time.

Remove Issues while Creating a 3D Picture on Facebook

If you are facing any issues while creating and posting a 3D photo on Facebook, even after you go through the tips and methods mentioned above, there are a few points you can try to get things working. These points and tips are as follows:

  • Make sure that you are using the updated Facebook app and that you restarted the app.
  • Make sure that the device operating system is up-to-date.
  • You may need to restart your phone.
  • If you wish and try to post a 3D photo to a Page, you must be the creator or admin of that Page.

How to post a 360-degree photo on Facebook

A 360-degree photo post lets you see the photo from every angle and direction, including above, right, left, front, and behind. When anyone takes a 360-degree photo, the field of view will automatically be set to the mid of the photo. However, not all devices support creating 360-degree or panoramic photos; you need specific devices, apps, or software for this.

Devices that you can use to create 360 photos on Facebook

Some cameras enabled for 360 photos are Panono, LG 360 Cam, Ricoh Theta S, 360Fly, Giroptic 360 Cam, IC Realtec ALLie, and Samsung Gear 360.

Some iOS devices that take 360 photos are iPhone 4S or newer, iPad mini 2 or newer, iPad Air and iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, etc. The Samsung Galaxy phones that capture 360 photos are Samsung Galaxy S5 or newer Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or newer.

Other than the devices and cameras, some other apps (tools) that support 360 photos are Google Camera, Street View, Theta S, Cardboard Camera, etc.

How to upload 360 photos on Facebook

To upload a 360 photo on the Facebook app using an Android or iOS phone on your account, follow the below-given steps:

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the Photo/Video section at the top of the News Feed.
  3. Select a 360 photo that you have.
  4. Tap and drag your photo to your desired starting point.
  5. Now, choose your audience who can see your post and tap "Post".

If you wish your photo to appear as a regular 2D photo instead of 360, tap the web icon at the lower right before posting it. Sharing a panoramic photo wider than 100 degrees automatically be converted to a 360 photo. You can prefer to display it as a regular photo instead.

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