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Best Radio Apps for Android

There are endless things to get entertained with, including listening to music and stories, listening to the news, and keeping ourselves up to date in this era. There are many streaming services from which you can get entertained; one such popular source is the radio app. Do you have to remember or know how people used their radio devices between the 90s and 20s for music and chill out?

Nowadays, technology is getting advanced, and most people use a smartphone with them. Android smartphone comes with several features and functionality that are used in the day-to-day life of people. People who want to get entertained by music, joke, keep themselves up to date with news, and chill out can use Radio apps on their Android phones. There are several best radio apps for Android devices available on the Play Store, which you can download and use on your phone.

Here, you will learn some of the best Android and iPhone radio apps you love to use.

10 Best Radio Apps for Android phone

Following are the best radio apps for Android smartphones we found on Play Store and tested. You can use any of the applications from the list you wish. Keep in mind the order of radio apps listed here is not based on their features and performance; it is just a compilation.

  • TuneIn Radio
  • AccuRadio
  • Radio Online
  • myTuner Radio
  • My Radio
  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • Simple Radio
  • SiriusXM
  • Spotify

TuneIn Radio

Best Radio Apps for Android

The TuneIn Radio app is a popular and widely used radio app on Android. It contains more than 100,000 radio channels, including podcasts to choose from. This radio app attracts users by offering various programs such as radio shows, podcasts, music of all kinds, sports, comedy talk, and lots more. However, this radio app also plays ads between the program you are listening to.

The TuneIn radio app offers AM, FM, and internet stations broadcast from 197 counties. This radio app is available for free and paid, and its premium version offers live NFL, MLB, and audiobooks and stops advertising.

In this radio app, there is also a car mode option to use, which you can select to listen to a radio or podcast while on the go. On the car mode option, you can only voice search for radio channels rather than manually finding stations, giving a safer experience on the road.

Download the TuneIn Radio app from Play Store.


Best Radio Apps for Android

AccuRadio comes with more than 1000 channels to tune in to without any advertisement. AccuRadio has a proud owner of over 50 different musical genres for its users to choose from. Each radio channel can be customized by the listener, giving a unique listening experience. The listener can select their favorite songs from the channels by skipping the songs and avoiding artists.

The user of this radio app can take control of their music; they can skip unlimited times and ban any artists and songs from playing on their channels. AccuRadio also lets users save their favorite tracks and rate the song they listen to. Besides, there are some issues with its server, but aside from that, it gives a good listening experience.

Download the AccuRadio app from Play Store.

Radio Online

Best Radio Apps for Android

Radio Online is another traditional radio app that contains hundreds of radio channels of different types. In this radio application, you will find various kinds of content to listen to whenever you want. You can use it in support of the internet to access Interned-hosted radio and listen to FM stations offline. It is a good choice for those users who want a simple and easy access interface without a bunch of extra stuff.

If you wish to use its Pro version, i.e., Radio Online Pro, you can get some extra features, including live radio recording, a sleep timer, timer, and alarm functions. However, it doesn't offer podcasts or other live shows to get entertainment.

Download the Radio Online app from Play Store.

myTuner Radio

Best Radio Apps for Android

"myTuner Radio" is another addictive option for those users who like to listen to traditional radio channels. It contains a collection of over 50,000 radio stations from around 200 countries. These radio channels broadcast different content, including news, sports, and music. It also allows you to filter channels by country and state to get specific geographical area content.

myTuner Radio app also supports extensive podcasts to select from various categories to talk about, such as comedy, politics, gossip, and news. You will fill a good experience while listening to the internet, live, FM, and AM radio. Radio app users can download it from Play Store for free.

Download myTuner Radio from the Play Store

My Radio

Best Radio Apps for Android

My Radio app contains many radio channels offering music, news, and talk shows. It broadcasts more than 50,000 AM and FM radio stations worldwide. This radio app operates like the TuneIn radio app, where you can filter your search to talk, music, sports, etc. Even providing different kinds of music and news stations to listen to, My Radio also facilitates users to save their favorite radio channels for quick access.

In My Radio, you can also search songs based on different categories, including classical, oldies, pop, rock, instrumental, etc. You can also use their premium version to get additional functions, like removing ads, listening to higher sound quality, and a sleep timer. Its car mode allows you to listen to FM radio while driving.

Download the My Radio app from Play Store.


Best Radio Apps for Android

Pandora is also one of the popular radio apps among the people, which expanded its reach from music to podcasts. This app allows users to create playlists by selecting their favorite music and podcasts. Instead of focusing on default stations, the Pandora app also enables users to create stations with their favorite music genres, artists, and songs.

The Pandora radio app is free to use, but its free services contain ads. You can go for their premium option to enjoy ad-free music and additional features like on-demand song play, unlimited skips, and lots more. Pandora radio is also available for Android Wear devices, which you can access without using your phone.

Download the Pandora radio app from Google Play Store.


Best Radio Apps for Android

iHeart radio app is one of the famous and widely used radio apps getting a good rating (4.8/5) on the Google Play Store. Here you will get music, radio, and podcasts you love, all free of cost (contains ads). You can even enjoy live radio streaming service on this app, including thousands of radio channels with FM stations. You can find a playlist for almost all kinds of occasions and calibrations.

To get a better experience with additional functions, use its premium features where you can enjoy ad-free music. Premium features also let you listen to music on demand, search and play any song, and download music to your phone to listen to letters offline. You can create playlists from your favourite songs.

This radio app lets you access numerous AM and FM radio stations, including its iHeartRadio channel, on-demand shows, and podcasts.

Download the iHeart radio app from Play Store.

Simple Radio

Best Radio Apps for Android

"Simple Radio" app included the feature of both old-day radio tunes and the latest online radio. The app offers you to listen to your favorite FM, AM, and online radio channels for music, news, and live sports. It contains more than 50,000 radio channels to tune from any global radio station.

Simple Radio app lets you search content by genre like pop radio, rock radio, live sports, news radio, etc. You can search radio channels by country, state, or city. The app also facilitates opening it on Android Auto and listening to your favorite radio stations in your car. The app is available for multiple platforms like Android phones, iPhones, Android Auto, Google Chromecast, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Download the Simple Radio app from Play Store.


Best Radio Apps for Android

SiriusXM is a radio company that offers its app for phones and cars. It is a satellite radio that differs from standard AM and FM radio services, and it provides more than 425 radio stations containing music channels, news, sports, and talk shows. While connecting this app with a modern car, you can even play it without using Bluetooth or other devices.

SiriusXM radio app is available in different subscription plans for different needs of users, and it is available in three other plans based on the user's need and selection. It gives you ad-free music experiences, live sports, exclusive comedy, a Howard Stern show, and lots more. One of its drawbacks is its cost model, which needs a subscription.

Download the SiriusXM radio app from Play Store.


Spotify is a music streaming app that upgraded to radio-style streaming a few years ago. You can stream any genre or topic with the latest songs using its free or paid version. However, its free version contains ads like other radio apps.

While talking about the Spotify app, most people think it is only a music streaming and podcast app that allows its user to access music from its vast media library. However, Spotify does not stop providing such services; it lets its users sync the Spotify mobile app with Chromecast and stream music to their smart TV.

Download Spotify

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