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Best Free Pedometer App for Android

Tracking your daily steps does not require a complicated fitness device. Now, you can easily count the steps you move during your entire day, from morning wakeup to night going to bed. All you need is a smartphone and a downloaded pedometer app in it.

Best Free Pedometer App for Android

The Pedometer mobile app is also known as a step counter app that actively tracks your distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, steps you move, and other health-related statistics. You can download the pedometer app from Google Play or App Store. Most apps are free to download and use, but many need payment to unlock and access premium features. You will find them similar to fitness watches and apps in many ways but cost much less.

Although the pedometer apps are simple, they come with different features, and some are less accurate than a wearable activity tracker. Following is our top selection for the best pedometer app.

The Best Pedometer Apps for Android phone

  • ActivityTracker
  • Pacer Pedometer
  • Google Fit
  • Fitbit
  • Accupedo Pedometer
  • MyFitnessPal
  • MapMyWalk
  • Step Tracker - Pedometer
  • Pedometer by ITO Technologies
  • StepsApp


Best Free Pedometer App for Android

The ActivityTracker pedometer app tracks your all-day activities, including your steps, to provide better health. For all this tracking function, it doesn't use the device GPS feature that keeps longer battery life for its users. Instead of a GPS, the app uses built-in motion sensors to track your daily activities and display relevant data like your step count, distance covered, calories burned, etc. The ActivityTracker will automatically measure your daily and weekly activity, and on that basis, it motivates you to become more active.

ActivityTracker app is simple to navigate and use, and you can easily switch between the view and visualize the progress you made hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. The app also lets you set a weekly target goal and show the daily progress report based on the set target. Using its subscription version lets you separately set goals for each activity, calories, and distance ($9.99/year).

Key features of the ActivityTracker app are:

  • Track your step count, calories burned, distance travel
  • Tracks your entire day's activity without consuming your battery faster
  • In the pro version, you can individually set to track steps, calories, or distance
  • Display your daily, weekly, and monthly activities
  • Customizable user interface with different accent colors


  • Keeps history of steps, distance, calorie burn, active time
  • Allows to set weekly target goals
  • Affordable yearly subscription plan


  • Go for its subscription version to access many advanced features
  • Delay response on tracking steps
  • Not a good choice for GPS users

Download ActivityTracker pedometer for Android or iOS


Best Free Pedometer App for Android

Pacer Pedometer is a step tracker app that is one of the top picks among pedometer app users. It is a full-feature app that records and counts steps, calories burned, distance covered, weight loss, and more. It included a GPS feature to track the outdoor walking of its users on the map. Pacer user can also create a walking group and compare their daily steps in real-time if they wish to join the Pacer Health, fitness, and walking community support to get fit and active.

Pacer Pedometer gives you daily exercise plans created by professional trainers to improve your health and stay active. You can also follow their audio and video-guided workouts.

Key features of the Pacer pedometer app are:

  • Offers daily fitness plans for your health goals
  • Suggests healthy habits
  • Tracks your complete activity history
  • Allow to sync with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal


  • Tracks steps moved, distance covered, and several other fitness activities
  • Provides community support to its users to stay fit
  • Different fitness plans with audio and video-guided workouts


  • Its GPS feature drains the device battery faster than normal

Download Pacer Pedometer from the Play Store

Google Fit

Best Free Pedometer App for Android

Google Fit pedometer is one of the easiest apps for Android users to track their steps. Google Fit app mainly focuses on two main activities to track, i.e., steps count and heart points. Heart Point company suggests how to get your heart pumping harder. The app's main screen displays the progress you have made toward the daily step goal you set in a circular graph.

Google Fit app monitors your walks, runs, distance covered, calories burned, and much more. You will get specific exercise suggestions to reduce the risk of heart disease. This app is also compatible with other health apps that you have on your phone.

The key features of the Google Fit app are:

  • Track your workout activities from your phone and wear a smartwatch
  • Allows you to set and monitor your weekly target goals
  • It counts all your movements
  • Connects with other fitness apps on the device


  • Simple to use
  • It runs in the background
  • Works with other fitness apps
  • Nicely displays information


  • Consume more battery
  • Comes with limited features as compared to other pedometer apps

Download the Google Fit for Android or iOS


Best Free Pedometer App for Android

Fitbit is a highly popular app for tracking a person's health and fitness. One good thing about the app is that you don't even need a Fitbit device. You can use its own to track all-day steps, workouts, sleep, nutrition taken, manage stress, heart rate tracking, etc. The app also supports the Fitbit tracker, smartwatch, and other Fitbit devices. The Fitbit is enabled with GPS and motion sensors to track your outdoor position on the map and your steps, respectively.

Fitbit Premium offers 3 months of free personalized guides, customized health programs, and several video workout guides you can practice at home. Through this app, join the community to get support and everyday step challenges.

The key features of the Fitbit app are:

  • Suggest food and hydration nutrients to keep you fit
  • Tracks heart rate and displays valuable data
  • Track how well you are sleeping and how long
  • Premium version offers habit-forming programs, audio and video workouts


  • Enabled with GPS and motion sensors
  • Provides 90 days free trial
  • Effective community support


  • Its features and user interface may be complicated for people who only need a steps counter.
  • Its GPS feature drains the device battery faster than normal

Download the Fitbit app from the Google Play Store

Accupedo Pedometer

Best Free Pedometer App for Android

Accupedo Pedometer is a health and fitness app that tracks users' physical activity, including their step count. It automatically tracks your steps no matter where you put your phone, like a pocket, waist belt, or bag. The app is simple, easy to set features, and convenient. The Accupedo Pedometer app counts your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, active time, etc.

You can set your fitness goal and check out progress reports by day, week, month, and year. Check out the app's graphic charts and log history to view your activity results.

Key features of the Accupedo Pedometer app are:

  • Tracks your physical activities, walking, running, and biking with GPS on a map
  • Check out the log history of your progress report
  • Smartly filters out walking and no-walking activities like biking, driving
  • Share progress reports over social media


  • Easily accessible tracker, graphs, and charts
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with Google Fit


  • Step counts may not be accurate if you keep the phone in loose-fit pants due to the random movement of the phone in it.
  • Limited device compatibility
  • GPS consumes more battery

Download Accupedo Pedometer from the Play Store


Best Free Pedometer App for Android

MyFitnessPal is also considered one of the most powerful step counter mobile apps. It provides features to calculate other fitness activities, such as calories burned, a macro tracker that helps in daily diet maintenance, and more. The app uses a motion detection sensor to count the steps that move.

The app also allows you to set step goals and take challenges to stay motivated on weight loss and fit. You can use MyFitnessPal's free version or premium plan for additional features.

The key features of the MyFitnessPal app are:

  • Allows you to customize your goals, such as weight gain/loss, nutrition, and fitness
  • Step counts, water, and macro tracking
  • Contains one of the largest food databases for diet plan
  • Calorie counter


  • Tracks and count step and allows to set daily goals
  • The premium version comes with a one-month free trial


  • Upgrade to a premium subscription to use additional advanced features
  • The monthly plan is more expensive compared to other pedometer apps

Download the MyFitnessPal from the Play Store


Best Free Pedometer App for Android

MapMyWalk is a fitness app that tracks your workout and displays your path on the map. The app provides a visualization feature to compare your latest walk with previous sessions. Along with your step count, the MapMyWalk app monitors other workout activities such as distance cover, walking routes on GPS, etc. Once you save your route, this makes it easier to share with your friends. Remember that choosing a walking route is only available for some specific cities.

But, due to the GPS feature, it drains the device's battery faster than normal if it continuously runs in the background. Check out your past workout activity in the log; also, you can see your step count in the application's web-based profile.

Key features of the MapMyWalk app are:

  • Tracks steps, distance covered, walking routes
  • Provides workout routine to keep healthier and stay fit
  • Trains smarter with running plan


  • Tracks your walking distance cover
  • GPS feature tracks your location on the map
  • Tracks your physical workout activities
  • 1-year free premium


  • Step tracking is not easy to find
  • Contains ads
  • GPS feature drains phone battery faster than normal

Download the MapMyWalk from the Play Store

Step Tracker - Pedometer

Best Free Pedometer App for Android

Step Tracker pedometer from Leap Fitness is a simple and accurate step counter that tracks your daily steps. Along with step count, it automatically calculates calories burned, walking distance, active time, and other health data. The Step Tracker app monitors your physical movement in two ways: by using the phone's built-in motion sensor or by activation GPS function.

Counting steps using a built-in sensor greatly saves the device's battery. You can use the GPS function to map your route, but it drains your battery. Using this app, you will get accurate results even when the phone screen is locked, and you can put the phone in your hand, pocket, or bag.

Key features of the Step Tracker app are:

  • Tracks step counts accurately and distance cover
  • Track the real-time route of the user on the map
  • Display the walking data in a clear graph
  • Allow to reset the step counter from zero if you want


  • It is easy to step-count
  • Colorful themes
  • Syncs data with the Google Fit app


  • Drains device battery faster than normal due to GPS running in the background

Download Step Tracker Pedometer from the Play Store

Pedometer by ITO Technologies

Best Free Pedometer App for Android

Pedometer by ITO Technologies is another app in this group that you can use to monitor and count how many steps you have moved. This app is straightforward and easy to use and comes with easy-to-read matrices. Including the step count, it tracks your burned calories, the distance covered, and the speed you walk. The app uses a built-in sensor of the device to track and count user steps; this saves the phone battery life. Pedometer also lets you customize its look by selecting themes from multiple options. However, its free version contains ads to support developers.

Key features of the Pedometer app are:

  • It counts your steps and calories burned
  • Allows to set a daily walking target
  • Calculate your walking time, distance covered, walking speed
  • The Pedometer walking app motivates various activities to stay fit and lose weight


  • It uses a built-in sensor of an Android phone to count your steps
  • No GPS feature that saves battery life
  • Easy to access: launch the app and tap on START to get started instantly
  • Free to use


  • The thing that needs to be added is a widget to display all the relevant data on the device's home screen directly.

Download Pedometer by ITO from the Play Store


Best Free Pedometer App for Android

StepsApp is another fitness and pedometer app for Android and iOS which has dark-themed. The StepsApp turns your phone into a simple step counter device. It comes with a built-in step counter and stores the history of your previous steps and activity data. It makes you compare your progress report day to day. Use the StepsApp pedometer app to set your goals, such as walking time, covered steps, and more.

The StepsApp allows users to set up a sleek interface with customized fun from one to six colors. However, you will see banner ads on each menu, not an entire page ad.

The key features of StepsApp are:

  • It automatically counts users step moves, calorie count
  • Integrated with the Google Fit app
  • Display distance cover


  • It supports more than 20 languages
  • Support to share your progress report on social media
  • Notification alert when you achieve your daily activity goal


  • Contains ads in the free version

Download the StepsApp from the Play Store

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