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Best notes app for Android

In today's busy life schedule, sometimes we forget to remember even the basic things. Many people carry a small notepad with them and write down in it whatever they want to remember. But it isn't easy to manage the paper note. Thanks to Android OS and its note-taking apps, which make this task easy.

These days you can use the skill and technique of digital note-taking. You mostly carry your Android smartphone everywhere where you go. Once you install a notepad app on your smartphone, you don't require carrying a notepad. You can write your moments of inspiration at a prime spot. To make your daily note using the Android note-taking app, you have to choose the right app according to your requirements. You can even store audio recordings or store images.

There are several note apps available for Android at the Play Store. Some apps offer to make simple notes, whereas others allow you to create powerful lists and reports. Here, we have listed some best Android note-taking apps.

Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes is one of the most popular, simple and widely used note-taking apps for Android devices. It allows taking notes in various formats such as text, handwriting, image, and even storing voice recording. The app facilitates writing notes in the form of lists, notes, and handwritten form. You can even categorize your notes in different labels such as personal, work, and other labels that you like. The app's search option saves your time so that you don't require scrolling down your list.

Google Notes app is easily synchronized with other Google services so that you can comfortably work with different devices and apps. You can also easily share your notes via text messages, email, copy them to Google Docs and send them to other apps. The app also allows quick deleting of the notes, which are no longer required.

Best notes app for Android

Other features of the Google Keep Notes app

  • Allows adding title
  • Pin your note at the top
  • Print note
  • Add image
  • Make a drawing

Download Google Keep note app for Android.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote app is a simple notepad app that provides several useful features. We can use this app for writing notes, emails, messages, memos, and to-do lists. As its name implies, you can change its background color to organize your notes. You can also keep an online backup of your notes by syncing the app. Using its calendar feature, you can easily schedule and organize your notes. You can also mark a checklist of notes when things get done. The app provides the facility to search queries over the web.

One of the other best features of the ColorNote app is its widget options, which allow you to direct note-editing access. To keep remembering important notes, you can add them to the home screen using a sticky note memo widget. To keep your notes safe from unauthorized access, you can protect them with a passcode. You can also backup your notes in SD card storage and online storage.

Best notes app for Android

Other features of the ColorNote app

  • Adjust color and theme
  • Search for notes
  • List and grid views
  • Task reminder
  • Search for words in Wikipedia, StarDict dictionaries

Download the ColorNote note app from Google Play Store.


Evernote is another popular and widely used note app for writing your ideas and things you want to remember. The app allows taking notes in various formats, including handwriting, text, attachments, photos, voice recording and lots more. You need to register this app using your email or Google account. As the app is cross-platform, you can sync this app to use it on your entire device.

Evernote note app gives the feature to protect your note using fingerprint lock. You can easily make reminders, set checklists, or plan events. The free version of this app is even better, which gives all the essential features. However, its paid (subscription) version provides more attractive and advanced features like presentation features, AI suggestions, cloud features, and more collaboration features.

Best notes app for Android

Main features of the Evernote app

  • Allows the setting password to protect your notes.
  • You can take pictures and save them in different formats.
  • Save webpages by sharing them to Evernote.
  • The app offers to format your notes with a bullet list, upper script, highlight, and more.

Download the Evernote note app from Google Play Store.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote allows you to write your notes on your Android phone. It is a powerful tool that lets you do anything with your content. You can sync the app across your entire devices for a smooth workflow. Microsoft OneNote is a fully-feature app that gives a facility to add notes, draw, journal, add sticky notes, inserting multimedia files, create memos and more. The note's content will organize into different formats, such as bold, italics, links, lists, and photo attachments.

However, the OneNote badge facilitates to fast capture of your ideas and adds them to the home screen. You can hide a badge when you do not need it. You can use the OneNote app for your personal and professional tasks. You can even share your ideas with others and collaborate with your team members.

Best notes app for Android

Download the Microsoft OneNote app for Android from Google Play Store.


FiiNote is another note-taking app for an Android device, which is similar to Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. It is a multipurpose app that supports keyboard input, handwriting notes, voice, camera, etc. It allows to add pictures and drawing between notes, reminders and location. You can also attach photos and videos from your gallery. The app comes with a grid background along with a stylus and drawing support.

The FiiNote also includes an in-built calculator so that you can make a financial report. FiiNote is a complete note app using which you can take every kind of documents. You can also synchronize this app between your smartphone and PC by registering at FiiNote's website.

Best notes app for Android

Download the FiiNote app for Android.


As the name suggests, Simplenote is a simple app used for taking notes. It is one of the lightest notes preparing the app for Android devices. If you search for a handy and transparent note app without any fancy functionalities, then Simplenote is for you. Write down your ideas and things that you want to remember in-app.

Simplenote allows you to access your notes from your other devices on the web so that you can always get closer to your ideas. Once you delete your notes, they go to trash, from where you can restore them or completely delete them forever. Simplenote note app is especially good for older smartphones with a lack of hardware to support modern feature-heavy apps. If you create a free Simplenote account, you can keep backups, synchronize, and share your notes.

Best notes app for Android

Download the Simplenote app for Android.


The Squid note-taking app is best for those users who prefer to write their ideas in handwriting. You can write your note using your finger, an active pen, or stylus. The app also allows importing PDFs to mark them and save them again. You even cast your notes over TV or projector via Chromecast or present ideas to team members via video conference.

Best notes app for Android

Features of Squid note app

  • Allows inserting shapes, texts, PDF for markup.
  • Adjust your handwriting.
  • It offers infinite paper by default to write notes as long as you want.
  • Multiple background types and sizes.
  • Also allows importing, resizing, and cropping images.
  • It also facilitates to cut, copy, and paste items between your notes.

Download the Squid note app for Android.


BlackNote is a convenient and less feature containing note-taking app for an Android device with a black user-interface. It mostly works as other note-taking apps with standard features such as taking notes, organized, widget options. The app also allows to create categories, set a password, add sticky notes at the home screen, star notes (pinned at top), and send notes to other people and apps. BlackNote also added a feature to search notes, lock the app to protect your notes and favorite notes for easier recall.

Best notes app for Android

Download the BlackNote note app.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is another note-taking app for Android smartphones. It also acts as a file-sharing platform, which makes it a great note-taking app for teams. You can use this app as a collective workspace for creating, sharing, and growing ideas. The Dropbox Paper keeps a dedicated balance between appearance, usability, collaboration, and performance. It also allows taking notes of everything you want, such as images, video, code, and voice.

Dropbox Paper allows team members to collaborate directly in the docs, post comments and replies, mention people using @[member] and resolve problems together. It is most suitable for team workers who share their ideas in real-time.

Dropbox Paper stores your entire notes on the cloud in your Dropbox account, which means you can access your notes from any device, anywhere, if you have an internet connection. You can even edit your notes offline, and the changes are sync when you back online.

Best notes app for Android

Download the Dropbox Paper from Google Play Store.

Omni Notes

Omni Notes is another simple but not minimal note-taking app for Android devices. Its user-interface is designed using Material Design. This app included all the essential features which you expect from a note-taking app. In this app, you can merge and sort your notes, search for better organization and discovery, perform color coding, draw your notes. Omni Notes also included Google Assistant, which allows writing your notes by saying "write a note [text]". It is a solid note-taking app within a budget as well. The app is lightweight that works quickly and fast, but it is open-source, which is a big draw for some users.

Best notes app for Android

Basic features of Omni Notes

  • It has a Material Design user-interface.
  • Contains features to add, archive, modify, trash and delete your notes.
  • You can even share, merge and search notes.
  • It also allows attaching images, audio, and generic files.
  • Etc.

Download the Omni Notes app from Google Play Store.


Squid is a unique note-taking app for Android phones user who loves to handwrite their note. Users can use a stylus, active pen, or even their fingers to write their ideas instead of using their thumbs on the keyboard. This note app is for those who like to visualize things. In Squid's pro version, users can import PDFs, mark where they think important, and save them again.

Best notes app for Android

Squid also offers a feature to cast your note on the big screen like a smart TV or projector using a Chromecast or any other relevant device that supports the wireless streaming feature with Miracast. You can use this feature to present your ideas to team members as a presentation or via video conference.

If you prefer to handwrite instead of typing using a keyboard, this Squid note-taking app is for you. It offers several flexibilities like infinite paper size and vector-based strokes for note-taking. However, using a stylus or an active pen with a tablet is highly suggested.

Features of the Squid Note app

  • Zoom in and out.
  • Allows to insert shapes and texts.
  • Support to export and import PDFs or images.
  • You can modify ink.
  • Infinite paper size to create as long as you want your note.
  • Multiple background types and sizes.

Download the Squid Note app from Play Store.

Material Notes

Material Notes is a simple note-taking app that offers all the essential features a normal user wants in its note app. If you are looking for an app that only requires a little user attention, go for the Material Notes tool. It is beautifully designed with a pleasant interface that makes using this app enjoyable. This note-taking app is mainly preferred among users who want a straightforward and transparent note app.

Best notes app for Android

Features of Material Notes app

  • Allows you to separate your most important notes by selecting them as favorites.
  • Use colors in your note for easy scanability.
  • It offers a custom theme and font to use in your note.
  • Protect your notes by creating 4 digits PIN.
  • Mark the star on your notes and place them in any category.
  • Create and place widgets on the home screen for quick access.
  • Choose fonts from various options.
  • Export/import your notes to different devices.

Download the Material Note app from Play Store.

Zoho Notebook

Notebook by Zoho is an above-average and less-than-advanced note-keeping app. It works as a notebook where you can keep various files. It offers features like rich text formatting and stylus support for hyperlinks and code. You can separately note your task based on your routine and activities. On this note app, including text, you can place images, audio, and checklists in the same note. It supports syncing your notes across devices and the cloud platforms by sign-in.

Best notes app for Android

Features of the Zoho Notebook app

  • To create a note, it offers complete text formation (bold, italic, underline, etc.).
  • It allows the insertion of multimedia (images, audio notes, sketches, handwriting notes, checklists).
  • It is ads free.
  • Search within a notebook or across notebooks.
  • Securely lock your note with a passcode of your choice.
  • Use your Fingerprint to unlock notes.

Download the Zoho Notebook app from Play Store.


The WeNote is a simple and full-featured note-taking app that lets you create color notes, add reminders, arrange notes in lists, use the built-in calendar, etc. Whatever you write in your notes, you can protect them with PIN, password, or fingerprint lock. It allows you to write unlimited characters and personalize them by changing colors, adding tabs, pictures, drawings, and more. You can also categorize your ideas by creating labels, and you can display these labels as tabs or menu based.

Best notes app for Android


  • It allows you to create color notes in a list format.
  • It supports adding photos and images in notes.
  • Voice recording feature to make notes hand-free.
  • Allows to place 5 different types of sticky notes on the home screen.
  • Set the remainder using the built-in calendar.

Download the WeNote app from Play Store.

Bundled Notes

Bundled Notes is a powerful note-taking app for Android that lets you do everything related to note-making. You need to sign up before starting to access its service. When you start taking notes for the first time using this app, you will find many things that look enormous going on.

Best notes app for Android

When you become used to the Bundled Notes app, creating notes, controlling layout, sorting order and tags, writing with content, inserting links, files, photos, or anything related to notes could be simple. You can easily organize your content and customize the interface.

The app is available in free and in-app purchase versions. Users will get basic features in the free version. However, it is recommended to use the Pro version to get advanced features that are not available in the free version (such as accessing notes online).

Features of Bundled Notes app

  • Design to organize notes, lists, and data.
  • Allows cross-device notes access by syncing the app.
  • Synch your notes between Android and Chromebook.
  • Offer different themes like light, dark and OLED.
  • Set one-time reminders (in the free version) and recurring reminders (in the pro version).
  • You can pin your notes to notifications.
  • By syncing the app, access your notes at (pro version).

Download Bundled Notes app from Play Store.

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