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iMessage for Android: How is it?

iMessage is a product of Apple (iPhone device), and Android devices cannot use it. However, if you have the right computer, appropriate software, some technical knowledge, and crazy about some experiment, then it may be possible to set up iMessage to your Android device.

Why iMessage can't usually use on Android

You are usually not able to use iMessage application on an Android phone because Apple uses a unique end-to-end encryption technique in iMessage. This encryption technology helps to secure the message sent from a device through Apple servers for the device that receives them. Since the sent messages are in encrypted form, the iMessage network is accessible on only those devices which know how to decrypt it.

There is one alternative way to use Apple's iMessage over Android using a program known as weMessage.

What are the requirements to use weMessage app

To use the weMessage application, you require the following setups:

  • It requires an iMessage account, which is your current Apple ID.
  • A Mac operating system running on MacOS 10.10 or higher.
  • Java 7 or higher installed on your Mac.
  • An Android phone that runs on Android operating system 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.
  • An installed weMessage app on your Android phone.

Working process of weMessage to send or receive a message to or from iMessage on Android device.

When you send a message to iMessage, first of all, it goes to weMessage and then passed to iMessage of iOS, macOS, and Android devices. This process also uses Apple's encryption technique.

Setup weMessage to use iMessage for Android

There are lots of complex steps that require to configure weMessage to get iMessage on Android.

  1. You need Java software installed on your Mac system to use weMessage application. You can check the availability of Java software in your Mac system easily. Navigate to Applications > Utilities, and launch the Terminal app, which is pre-installed on your Mac system. Now, type java on it, and then click on return.
  2. If you don't get an error, java is installed on your Mac. If you receive an error, you haven't java on your Mac. Download and install java from
  3. Download the weMessage program from
  4. In the downloaded folder of the weMessage program, you will find a command file. Double-click on it to launch the weMessage. If you receive an error displaying the application cannot run because it's from an unidentified developer. Then open your System Preferences available in the Apple menu at the top left corner of the screen. Click on Security & Privacy > General tab, and click Open Anyway.
  5. Now, you need to enable the Accessibility features of your Mac. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy screen, click on the Privacy tab, and then click Accessibility.
  6. Click the lock icon present at the bottom-left to unlock your settings. It prompts you to enter the password you use to login to your Mac.
  7. Click + icon, using hard drive navigate to Applications > Utilities.
  8. Click Terminal and then click Open.
  9. Double-click the commandagain to launch the program. It will launch the Terminal window.
  10. Enter an email address that you use to login iMessage.
  11. Enter the password.

Now, setup weMessage application on Android phone

  1. Using your Android phone, go to Google Play Store and download and install the weMessage application.
  2. Launch the weMessage app on your Android phone.
  3. Click to Continue. It will pop-up a window, which asks for permission to access your texts, allow it. Now, you may require to modify the slider to Allow modify system settings to turn On.
  4. Next, in order to communicate with the weMessage of your Mac system from Android app, you need the Mac's IP address. To get the IP address of your Mac system, navigate to System Preferences > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP. The IP address of your Mac system is available in the IPv4 address field.
  5. Enter the IP address into the weMessage Android app.
  6. Now, enter the email address and password of your iMessage you added in step 11 of the last section (Setup weMessage to use iMessage for Android).
  7. Tap Sign In.
  8. If everything configured well, you will see the Conversations
    iMessage for Android
  9. From this conversations screen, you are able to text messages in normal way. To check this, send some messages to an iPhone holder. If they receive and see your send message in the iMessage bubble, then it is working fine.
    iMessage for Android

Other best alternative of iMessage for Android

Apple's iMessage app is not available for Android devices. There are several other best alternative of iMessage for Android device is available from Google. You may use these apps in place of iMessage to send and receive a test from an Android phone. Some of the best alternatives of iMessage for Android phone are mentioned below:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the best alternatives to iMessage on Android devices. It is the maximum reach to the user now a day. It contains all the features you look in iMessage, such as free video calls, group chats, and messaging to individuals over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi networks. Since Facebook Messenger is a product of Facebook, it is a possibility that your friends are already using it. You can download it free from Google Play Store.

iMessage for Android


WhatsApp application is a solid alternative to Apple's iMessage. It is widely used in most countries of the world. It contains several features that the Facebook Messenger provides, such as video calls, audio calls, group chats, high quality of image sending and receiving facilities, and many more. This application is tied to your phone number. You can download it free from Google Play Store.

iMessage for Android

Google Messages

Google Messages is also known as Android Messages which is technically a normal texting application from the Google "Chat". If you have a phone that supports Rich Communication Services (RCS), this app provides lots of popular features similar to iMessage. The app includes group chats, read receipts, share pictures, emoji, messaging over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi networks, and more. You can download this application free from Google Play Store.

iMessage for Android

Signal Private Messenger

We live in a modern era where digital privacy plays an important role. It is necessary to choose the right app that protects your data. Signal Private Messenger app is one of them, which is safe and secures your chats. It is open-source, and its messages are end-to-end encrypted. You can communicate in such a way that your conversations automatically deleted after some time. You can download it free from Google Play Store.

iMessage for Android
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