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How to Set up Android Auto

Automobile technology has made some biggest changes in the recent past few years. They have integrated an Android Auto in the car in the same consent. Android Auto is a technology, or we can say that it is an interface that mirrors and display your Android phone to your car display system.

How to Set up Android Auto

After the success of the Android Auto setup, you can receive and check your important phone's notifications on the car's display system, make and receive phone calls, and reply to messages using voice commands with Google Assistant. You can also command destination to navigate any place you would like to drive. Android Auto connects your phone to the car infotainment display and makes your drive easy.

This guide illustrates the complete details about how to set up Android Auto on your car. Knowing how to set up Android Auto means you can display your smartphone's app, music, and contacts to the car entertainment display even while driving. To access all these features, you need to download and install the Android Auto app on your smartphone and complete the setup process.

Pre-Requisites for Android Auto

Before setting up Android Auto, make sure that your Android device is running on Android 6.0 and later versions. Google suggests using the latest Android OS for a better user experience. If your Android phone has OS version 9.0 or below, you need to download the Android Auto app for Play Store. But on smartphones running on Android 10 and above, it comes pre-installed.

Following are the steps to connect Android Auto to your phone

As mentioned above, ensure that your phone is running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above version, then follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit Play Store and download and install the Android Auto app on your Android device.
  2. It is good to have a strong and high-speed internet connection.
  3. Launch the Android Auto, and if it suggests downloading any other apps such as Google Maps, download and install it.
  4. Go through its Safety Notice and Terms & Conditions and agree to them.
  5. Permit the app to access your phone's features and apps related to Android Auto. Also, enable the notifications for your best experience.
  6. There are different methods to connect the Android Auto app with your car entertainment display. You can connect the car's Android Auto feature to your phone with a USB cable or device Bluetooth feature. Select the right device on the phone Bluetooth list and enable auto-launch for Android Auto to connect Android Auto with Bluetooth.

Connect to Android Auto on Your Car Display with a USB

Again, ensure that your Android phone has 6.0 (Marshmallow) and up before going through these instructions:

  1. Visit Play Store and download and install the Android Auto app on your Android device.
  2. Also, you can plug your phone into the car display with a USB cable and download the app when prompted.
  3. Start your car and ensure it has in the park.
  4. Unlock your phone's screen and connect it using a USB cable.
  5. Allow permission for the app to access your phone's features and related apps to Android Auto. Also, enable the notifications for your best experience.

Connect Android Auto to Car's Infotainment screen (Wirelessly)

The step to connect and set up Android Auto to a car infotainment screen wirelessly is mostly similar to connecting it with a USB cable. However, if you are connecting the car display system for the first time, you need to use a USB cable in the setup process.

To connect Android Auto with the car display, follow the earlier steps mentioned above. The next time when you try to connect, it will automatically connect wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. Also, it might be possible that wireless connections might take a few moments to start the first time.

Why do you enable and set up Android Auto?

Android Auto helps to integrate your smartphone with the car infotainment display, which also syncs your Android phone with your car and allows you to access key features. Earlier, Android Auto connected your phone to a car display through wired, but now you can connect it with a wireless connective for easy convenience.

Here is a list of important features and benefits you get after enabling Android Auto between phone and car display:

  • Phone-Based Interface: Android Auto works from your phone, and you can intertwine all your music, contacts, map data, and more between Android Auto and your vehicle information screen system.
  • Simple to Enable: Enabling Android Auto is easy; instead, you may find some complexity the first time. Once the initial setup is done between the phone and car display, it becomes easy to enable Android Auto on your vehicle next time. But most vehicles automatically get connected to Android Auto after initial setup.
  • Multiple Screen Options: Android Auto offers several essential screens to display that is needed while driving, such as a map and navigation screen, phone screen, music system, etc.
  • Seamless Integration: Android Auto helps you receive and send text messages via your voice command, get directions, locate places like fuel pumps, a restaurant near the roadside, etc.

How to Use Android Auto

There are lots of functionality that you can use with your car and Android Auto. Android Auto facilitates to use of full-feature by integrating it with a smartphone. You can perform the entire task on the car infotainment screen that you can do while using a normal phone. Following are the most basic and widely used feature that people use to mirror Android Auto on car display:

  • Navigation: You can connect your phone to the car infotainment system to display the "Map" on the navigation app and enter your location using the phone's keypad. You can also use the vehicle's voice recognition feature and voice command to set a destination location. Other than destination location, it helps find gas fuel, restaurants, and other retail locations using navigation apps.
  • Audio System: Android Auto lets you listen to music and play music streaming apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube music, and podcast app through your car display system by connecting your phone. You need to open your favorite music streaming app on your phone and connect and set it up with your infotainment system.
  • Digital Google Assistant: Google Assistant respond to voice commands that you can use to control your audio system, navigate through voice commands, and respond to phone calls and text messages without diverting your concentration on the road. You can activate Google Assistant by saying "Hey Google" and then your command, like "find a restaurant on the way."
  • Make and Receive Calls or Texts: Android Auto lets you connect with your friend, family, or business colleague, while you are on the road. Android Auto lets you make and receive calls and text messages on the car infotainment system without taking your attention off the road.

If your car show is not compatible with Android Auto on its display, then follow the below steps:

Step 1: Prepare your phone

  1. We ensure that your Android phone runs on version 6.0 (Marshmallow) or above. For the best experience and performance, it is recommended to use the latest Android version.
  2. If your Android device is running on OS version 9 or below, download the Android Auto app on your Android device from the Play store. If your Android phone is running on OS version 10, it may already be installed on your phone.
  3. Also, ensure that your phone has a stable and high-speed internet connection. It is recommended to use Android Auto within the Wi-Fi range for the fastest installation for the first time.

Step 2: Start Android Auto

  1. On Android devices running on version 9 or below, open the Android Auto. For the Android phone running on OS version 10 or 11, open Android Auto for Phone Screens.
  2. Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Android Auto setup.
  3. If your Android phone has already paired with your car or mount's Bluetooth, choose the device to enable auto-launch for Android Auto.

If your phone is running on Android 12, you will need to switch to Google Assistant's driving mode, which is a new integration for a better driving experience.

Google also advises the following related to Android auto.

The first time when you try to connect your smartphone to the car's infotainment system, you will require pairing your phone and car via Bluetooth connection. During Android Auto setup, keep the device Bluetooth, Wi-FI connection, and location service turned on. Also, ensure that your car is in parking (p) and allows time to set up Android Auto before you start your car.

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