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Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Virtual Reality (VR) is trending in most industries and some specific sectors. It may be in the field of entertainment or education; people find it interesting to use VR devices to enjoy their activities. However, it is also observed that VR is not that futuristic anymore, but it is still in its early age. Also, most VR development is swiftly taking off from mobile platforms towards standalone units such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Many mobile VR platforms have been closed and are very near to it.

Don't worry. You can even enjoy Virtual Reality on your mobile; VR technology is implemented in smartphones using VR apps. Google, Facebook, Samsung, and other brands are developing VR for mobile and PC users.

We all know that Android devices are more affordable than iPhones, even we find in the case of VR headsets. Android is a much more robust platform for experiencing virtual reality than iPhone.

This article briefly illustrated the best Virtual Reality (VR) apps for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Popular VR apps for Android and iPhone

Here, we have illustrated some of the popular and best VR apps that you can love to use on your Android or iPhone device:

  1. Google Cardboard
  2. Fulldive VR
  3. YouTube VR
  4. Netflix VR
  5. Jaunt VR
  6. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360
  7. Titans of Space
  8. InCell VR
  9. Google Earth VR
  10. Sisters
  11. Rec Room

Google Cardboard

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Google offers two official Android VR apps, one of which is the Cardboard app. It is designed to help users correctly set up their Cardboard VR headset and provides basic tutorials about VR features. Using Cardboard's information, download the supported VR apps to take its experience. Load the virtual reality videos and watch them in 3D view.

Download and check your VR experience with the Cardboard VR app on your Android. Keep in mind, never use this app (VR apps) while you are walking, driving, or performing any real-world activity, as it can distract you from safety laws.

Download Google Cardboard from Play Store.

Fulldive VR

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Fulldive VR is one of the best Android and iPhone VR apps that offers everything, including VR videos, photo storage, games, and web browsing. It facilitates quick access to thousands of video content on your smartphone. The app's VR camera lets you take 360-degree photo shoots and video records. Fulldive VR app also integrates YouTube to check out its videos in the 3D VR experience. There has also a feature where users can create custom videos and games and record their other VR experiences. Sign up for the app and start watching and playing content to earn cryptocurrencies. This app supports Android-supported VR headsets like Oculus, Daydream, and Cardboard.

Download Fulldive VR from Play Store.

YouTube VR

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

No one needs an introduction to YouTube and its services. But you may need to become more familiar with using the YouTube VR app and enjoy the virtual reality playback. YouTube is primarily known for its 180 and 360-degree videos that look excellent. You can use it with your regular YouTube account and YouTube Premium. One of the good things about YouTube VR is that there has a growing video catalogue that you can watch on this app.

Switch to "Watch in VR" mode or tune in to YouTube's virtual reality channel to get the cinematic experience of your favourite YouTube videos. It is designed by keeping in mind to work with Cardboard and Google Daydream headsets, but it also supports all popular Android-supported VR headsets. This VR app offers an option to download videos you like and play them later on your preferred RV headset.

Download YouTube VR from Play Store.

Netflix VR

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Netflix VR is one of the earliest adopters of virtual reality for Android. But it would help if you had a Netflix subscriber to use it. Netflix subscribers can use its VR app with major VR headsets like Cardboard and Daydream. With this VR, you can enjoy all you want, including movies, award-winning series, TV shows, and documentaries. There is also the septate section for kids with family-friends shows and films. However, there is no VR-specific content on Netflix; you can watch the entire catalogue (without 3D).

Download Netflix VR from Play Store.

Jaunt VR

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Jaunt is another engaging VR app for Android that merges major short films and entertaining videos for users. In this virtual reality app, users also find plenty of other things to enjoy, such as live concerts of Jack White and including Paul McCartney. Some other things that you love here are 360-degree shoots with personalities, various virtual reality videos & movies, and military ceremonies in place of Korea.

Jaunt VR app offers users to create custom videos, games and record their own VR experience. The app also hosts horror shoots to enjoy.

Download Jaunt VR AKP from

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

If you are planning to ride a Roller Coaster outside in the park, don't worry. You can now take the experience of this adventure on your phone with VR headsets. This game gives you the ultimate VR roller coaster experience in 360-degree virtual reality. In this app, you will also get pre-recorded real-life 360-degree roller coasters to view.

Additionally, there has a multiplayer mode to compete with other roller coasters. Now in the new release of this app, users to create their rollercoaster features and view them along with other players in 360 VR. The VR Thrills Roller Coaster doesn't provide a limited type of Coaster ride; you can customize the game in different ways for more fun and take its experience without any cost. Enjoy this game with your friends.

Download the VR Thrills Roller Coaster from Play Store.

Titans of Space

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Titans of Space is an educational VR app that contains a short guided tour of our solar system and some stars in virtual reality. It works with Oculus, Google Cardboard, and Stream headsets. Titans of Space takes you into the world of the universe and lets you explore all eight planets of our solar system, the moon, and nearby stars. It is perfect for kids and students to use it as an educational perspective.

Additionally, there is the option to control the speed and level and the background music used. You can take a better experience with the modern phone for the best result.

Download the Titans of Space from the Play Store.

InCell VR

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

InCell VR is an action and racing game that added the strategy of bio-science by mixing the rare micro world of recreated human cells. This game requires total concentration of your brain and body active. InCell VR game takes you to a strange micro world where you must survive and complete tasks to stop the virus from spreading.

One of the unique points of this app and its game is that it lets you understand cell structure and organelle function. The app and game are mainly designed for iPad to focus on VR; even you can play it without using a VR set (Cardboard or any other equipment).

Download InCell VR for iPad from App Store.

Google Earth VR

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Google Earth VR enables you to visit impressive landmarks in the world or virtual reality. Using this Earth VR app, you can explore and experience different cities, landmarks, and lots more around the Earth in 3D just by sitting at home. Choose a landing site, and once you reach it, explore the place by moving your head left and right to change direction. Moving head up and down changes the altitude of the site. This VR app starts you from space, and you can zoom in at any location on Earth, just like a bird's eye view of the location. The app is suitable for students aged above 12 for geography and history excavations.

The developer suggested taking preventive measures before use, like preventing pets, children, or other obstacles from entering an area you are using.

Download Google Earth VR from Play Store.


Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

The Sisters VR app is a horror entertaining virtual reality app that contains games, adventure, and horror genres. So, if you love to experience ghost videos and stories, the Sisters app suits your need. You can watch impressive 360-degree videos and background audio. If you have this misconception that a game can never scare you, this app can dispel your misconception. This horror game is the story of two interactive sisters from another world. However, many users recommend not playing it late at night.

Download the Sisters form Play Store.

Rec Room

Best VR apps for Android/iPhone

Rec Room is an excellent place where you and your friends can meet to play games together. Join a party with friends worldwide and chat, hang out, explore numerous player-created rooms, and create something unique to share with your friends. Rec Room is a multiplayer, free-to-use, and cross-play that can be played over phone, console, and VR headsets.

Rec Room lets you customize your player to a unique style, like a video game. Use the maker Pen and tools in Rec Room and show your skill to create everything. Create your game, play with your friends, and connect and communicate with them with text and voice.

Download Rec Room from Play Store.

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