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Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Music has always been a representation of every human's lifestyle. But as the new musical instruments and mediums increased, the popularity of music also increased. One of the important reasons for its popularity is that listening to music brings peace to our mind. It has the power to lighten the surrounding even in the worst of times. From the past to the present, music has not only remained connected to the human lifestyle but also plays a vital role.

If you want to download the free music on your Android device, it's not a difficult task these days. Android marketplace offering many different types of best free mp3 music downloader for Android. Some of the best free music downloader app for Android is given below:


SoundCloud is another well popular audio and music streaming platform that contains 150 million tracks. Its app is one of the best sources to download free MP3 songs on an Android device. The app contains contemporary songs from different genres and also includes features like playlists, stations and discovery. It also allows playing, pausing or skipping songs from the device lock screen itself. People also upload their MP3 recordings to SoundCloud for their friend s and others. The pros are-

  • Users will find different categories of music, like rock, hip-hop, Jazz, etc.
  • Its discovery feature shows the contemporary music uploaded on SoundCloud.
  • Customize music according to your love daily, depending on your mood.
  • It also suggests the songs as per your likes and regular listening habits.
  • Allows a feature to download music tracts and save them to listen offline.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download the SoundCloud app from Google Play Store.


Spotify is one of the world's most popular and best streaming apps. It started working on the podcast in early 2016. You can use Spotify's services for free. You can find the top playlist of different categories like genre, seasonal, mood, artist-specific stations, etc. Spotify also creates a unique list of "World top 50" playlists with new music. The app is available at a subscription cost of $9.99, which offers additional features with ads-free music. You will get a bunch of features at a single spot.

Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download the Spotify podcast from Google Play Store.


SuperCloud is another excellent MP3 downloader app that allows free MP3 music streaming and songs download. The app has an attractive and responsive user-interface as well as gives fast music download speed. It contains a huge collection of lawful music without any annoying ads. It is a fully-featured music app that allows users to download, save, and transfer their liked songs quickly and easily.

SoundCloud MP3 music downloader is a meta music engine that allows you to find the music you like and download. You can use the app to listen to a different audio recording type, from songs to audiobooks. This app is lightweight and has a fast performance.

Features of SuperCloud music app

  • It facilitates sharing your playlist music with your friends.
  • Numerous new releases and old classic songs are available to stream online and download.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download SuperCloud app for Android phone.


MP3Skulls is another app that allows you to download and play MP3 music files. The app includes a built-in fast search engine, which allows searching your favorite music easily. The app acts as a search engine that helps to find music that is in your mind. When you search for an MP3 music file, it gives results from multiple web-based platforms.

Features of MP3Skulls app

  • It acts as a default music player on your device.
  • Allows downloading free music using this app.
  • Your search result for an MP3 music file will bring from several sources at once.
  • It also allows setting any track as a ringtone using the ringtone feature.
  • It is one of the power sources for MP3 music.
  • You can search for music based on artist, song title, and album in which the song is available.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download MP3Skulls music app from Google Play Store.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music offers free and ad-supported radio stations to hear whatever you like. It has a great collection of music, over 3 million. The app also acts as an MP3 downloader, and you can download your favorite songs from here. Along with downloading, its users can also upload songs up to 50,000. Subscribe to this app to get millions of songs on-demand to listen to even when the device is offline. Google publishes the Google Play Music app, and it comes as pre-installed on many Android smartphones. It includes a recommendation section to find songs similar to music genres based on your daily listening.

Features of Google Play Music app

  • It contains a recommendations section where you will find songs similar to songs you listen to daily.
  • The app allows its users to upload songs up to 50,000.
  • You will also find podcasts on this app.
  • Listen to track on Android, iOS, and the web.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download the Google Play Music app for Android.

Gaana Music

Gaana Music is one of the music apps that offer non-stop radio service. It is well known for downloading and listening to Indian songs. In this app, you can find regional songs of Bollywood and songs related to other languages. The app supports nine different languages; you can switch to an interface of any language you feel comfortable with. The app has different sections for different types of music. It also facilitates downloading lyrics while your song is playing. You can also download the complete album and playlist from it.

Features of Gaana Music app

  • You can access non-stop radio stations to listen to Indian and regional songs.
  • You will find a radio station on it.
  • It supports multiple languages, and you can switch the app interface to any language.
  • It offers lyrics of your favorite songs.
  • You can save the songs of your favorite playlist, artists, albums, etc.
  • The app allows sharing music to your contact list.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download the Gaana Music app for Android.


RockMyRun music app is famous as a fitness app best for a workout or sports lovers. The app contains the world's best playlists and DJs mix collections. It also supports searching and downloading MP3 music on an Android device. You love to do your physical exercise by listening to music on it. All the song collections are specially designed for workout and sports lovers. The app contains a different music genre where you can find various songs according to your taste.

Features of the RockMyRun app

  • The app allows for saving songs offline.
  • Offers mix DJ taps of different songs to keep you energetic in your workout session.
  • You can even create your playlist according to your workout style.
  • It is one of the proven apps to increase enjoyment and motivation.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download the RockMyRun app for Android.

Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is an advanced search engine and downloader for MP3 music, short clips, ringtones, etc. You can search for music of your choice as well as stream it before downloading. In this way, you can also know what you are downloading and whether you want to save it for offline use. It saves music in Android device memory. Music Paradise Pro is available for different platforms, including Android, Apple smartphones, and PC users.

Best Features

  • It contains an inbuilt music player that allows playing music straight from the app.
  • Allows online streaming or downloading on the go.
  • It is a lightweight app and doesn't occupy much space on your Android device.
  • Provide a feature to edit the music to create your ringtone.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to use for everyone.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download Music Paradise Pro for Android

Mi Music (MIUI Music Player)

Mi Music is one of the awesome music players from Xiaomi. The app allows streaming free music as well as playing songs that you have on your device. It has tons of rich features and a clean and clear interface. One of its interesting features is that it incorporates FM radio. You can access dozens of radio stations from the FM tab to listen to music 24 hours a day. It offers different categories of music.

Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download Mi Music from Google Play Store.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music player app is another excellent and finest music app for Android devices. Every type of music lover will find the music of their choice to stream online and download to listen to offline. It has a vast collection of music, more than 6 million songs. Users will easily find the music of different categories and genres of their choice in the Wynk Music player app. The app contains new release music, old classic songs, festival songs, workout music, etc.

Features of Wynk Music app

  • Allows setting your favorite music as a hello tune free of cost.
  • Offers to stream live music concerts.
  • Offers thousands of music playlists of everyone's choice.
  • Allows you to create your playlists and share them with contacts.
  • It allows free download and manages all your music in one single place.
Free Music Downloader mp3 for Android

Download the Wynk Music app for Android.

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