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Drudge report Android apps

Drudge Report is a popular website in the USA, which publishes different kinds of news from various sources. Due to its simple design, user-interface and its controversial content, this website becomes more popular. The Drudge Report website places updated news content on it.

In fact, due to various sources of information on the internet, it becomes difficult to categorize the reliable and unreliable sources. In this article, we will discuss some Drudge report apps so that you will get information from reliable sources. Whether you are interested in politics or other, you will find the apps below, which will be useful for you. We will also discuss other alternative apps to Drug report (official) here.

  • The Report
  • Flipboard
  • Drudgely
  • Drudge Report (official)
  • Conservative News
  • Daily Report
  • Google News
  • FoxNews
  • Feedly
  • SmartNews

The Report

Drudge report Android apps

The Report is a general news app that offers a most comfortable way to read Drudge Reader news. This app displays the content very well on your smartphone, including articles, images, and videos. It has a simple design containing almost plain text and a few images.

The best part of this app is that you will find reliable and real information on it. This app collects the news from various sources such as Drudge Report, Fox News, The Liberty Daily, Breitbart, Bongino Report, Citizen Free Press, etc. You will find the most important news on the main page, which is placed nicely. Quick scroll the app, and you will see the title of an article and its description. The content of this app goes updated each day. You can also share your thoughts and post your comments with fellow readers.

Download The Report app from Google Play Store.


Drudge report Android apps

Flipboard is a popular app that covers news from all topics. It includes useful information for reading news, allows reviewing on popular topics and discussions. Users will find information about their interests in one place. Due to its wide variety of contents, user will find the popular scientific topic or inspiring article.

The Flipboard app has a simple user-interface and easy to use. All the latest news is placed on the main page. By opening the app's menu, you will categorize the news according to the topic you are interested in. The app claims that trusted sources provide their content of news. After downloading, when you launch this application for the first time, tick marks the entire topic you are interested in. Using a tab called "Main for the day," you will never miss any interesting topic of the world.

Download the Flipboard app from Google Play Store.


Drudge report Android apps

Drudgely is a simple app but provides excellent services for Drudge Report news on Android smartphones or tablets. It offers several useful features like reader mode, offline reading, summarization, text to speech and translation. This app is preferred by those users who like to read rather than watch because the amount of text is high as compared to images or videos. The contents are beautifully organized on your Android smartphone, and each article has a summary of 100 words for overview. When you launch the Drudgely app, you will see all the essential news and articles on the home page. When you click on any article, it goes loads quickly, and you can now start your reading. The app also provides a feature to filter out your read articles.

Download the Drudgely app from Google Play Store.

Drudge Report (official)

Drudge report Android apps

Drudge Report is an official app published by the website itself. The target of this app is to deliver high-quality articles and headlines at timely to your smartphone. When you launch this app for the first time, it will ask you to allow notifications. Once you allow the notification permission, it will send an alert whenever new content is uploaded. Users can also customize the types of alerts they want to receive on their device by tapping on the settings icon.

The Drudge Report app has a simple user-interface, fast navigation and fully optimized for mobile screen.


  • Tap on the reload button for scrolling to top.
  • Tap on the columns icon once will take you to the top of the first column; you may repeat as required.

Download the Drudge Report from Google Play Store.

Conservative News

Drudge report Android apps

Conservative News provides excellent service to display content on your Android device easily. This app extract news from different sources such as Drudge Report, Townhall, The Weekly Standard, Fox News and more. It is famous for its perfect design and straightforward user-interface. Using this application, you can access all the news magazines, trending topics, and political articles.

If you want to view actual source page of content, click on the article's headline. The app loads information very fast, and it is absolutely free. You will also get notifications and aware of the new hot headline posted if you want. 8960936373

Download the Conservative News from Google Play Store.

Daily Report

Drudge report Android apps

Daily Report is one of the best apps to read famous and trending news from conservative news websites. This app extracts information from various trusted sources such as Fox News, Gateway Pundit, Drudge Report, Bangino Report, Daily Wire and many others. The app is simple, fast, and light that shows the latest headlines. It also facilitates you to comment and view other's comments on news articles. Columns of news articles are separated into tabs, and pages are well organized for mobile devices. If you want to view the actual content source from where it gets published, click on the article headline. You can also be able to share articles over Facebook, email, Twitter and other sharing platforms.

Other features

  • You can also customize the font size to make the reading experience satisfactory.
  • Receive a notification when breaking news posted.
  • The app allows saving article to favorite for later reading.
  • The app offers a dark theme (night mode) for comfort reading.

Download the Daily Report app from Google Play Store.

Google News

Drudge report Android apps

Google News app is designed to meet the requirement of each user in different smartphones and connection types. It organizes and highlights the news that happens in the world so that you can keep yourself updated. Its "For You" tab contains top news and articles from your favorite topics in one place. It provides in-depth information about fashion, science, sports, entertainment, finance and other topics in which you are interested. You can also find different sources that you want to follow and get daily brief content on them.

In the Headlines tab, you will see the unfiltered top and breaking news articles from the world. The other section offers business news, technology articles, travel news, health, national and international news and more. You can also quickly discover new trusted sources and topics as well as browse in the Newsstand tab.

Download Google News from Google Play Store.


Drudge report Android apps

FoxNews app offers you to watch the news on demand anytime and anywhere. It is one of the popular sources of information in the USA according to the number of its viewers. This app contains different types of information such as trending articles, breaking news, US and World news, and entertainment from favorite news personalities.

You will get alerts on exclusive news and live headlines 24/7. FoxNews also covers live events and exclusive programs with video streaming. Download this app and keep yourself up to date from various news and get entertained.

Download the FoxNews from Google Play Store.


Drudge report Android apps

Feedly is an app that allows you to organize, read, and share information. This app is for all kinds of readers such as republicans, democrats, right and left. Millions of people use this app to read news, magazines, blogs, etc. on their phones and tablets. The app is easy to use. Using Feedly, you can easily organize your publications, hot stories, and lots more in a single place.

The app works interestingly; first of all, you need to select the source and hashtags you want to follow. After that, it creates a unique feed for you according to your choice, which you can read piece by piece. This app loads news and other information very quickly. Feedly is connected to more than 40 million feeds; you will get deep and niche content. You can also search and browse popular topics. Feedly is available in free and paid versions both; however, its free version contains ads, whereas paid version is ads-free.

Download the Feedly app from Google Play Store.


Drudge report Android apps

SmartNews is an excellent alternative to Google News and Feedy that provides breaking news headlines. This app collects news from most trusted sources over the internet. It has a clean and simple user-interface, and its information is divided into different categories, making navigation simple. The sports lovers directly dive into the sports section and other news lovers (politics and economics) find news in other sections.

SmartNews app has enjoyed by millions of users over the world. You will find your local news, politics news, world news, and lots more. The app also provides convenient settings features for quick viewing of headlines, receiving notifications, read content offline, etc. It keeps you up to date about what is going over the world.

Download the SmartNews from Google Play Store.

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