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GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

In today's modern era, where social media is viral among people, they use these platforms to share their thoughts and talents in society. If you want to show your talent in music and do something new, then the "GarageBand" app will benefit you.

GarageBand is a music creation and composer app that helps you to record, mix, and edit and allows you to play your song on your smartphone. The GarageBand app turns your Android or iPhone device into a touch instrument that can record music anywhere you go. The app has full features of musical tools, including equalizer, insert sound, edit pitch rate, and multitrack editing.

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

It also facilitates adding effects to your music, such as reverb and compression, vocal synthesizer, and lots more. There are multiple touch features to create different beats by playing with keyboards, guitars, bands, drums, bass, etc. This app makes it easy for everyone to have fun and enjoy the music of their taste, like a DJ.

Users can use this app to add different musical instrument sounds to their songs. You will add instrumental sounds to your songs, such as guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and lots more. The app also facilitates you to record different instruments at the same time. If you love to add other musical player instruments, look at how to use various tools to sound simultaneous.

Apple initially and officially launched the GarageBand app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), but you can also get it on your Android phone from various web sources. Instead of Google Play Store, you can download and install this app in the form APK file.

How to download the GarageBand app on an Android phone

As we know, the GarageBand app is an official product of the iOS platform, and it is not officially available on Google Play Store to download on Android devices. However, there are several places (web source) where you will find its APK file to download and install on your Android.

Best GarageBand Alternatives for Android

Other than the GarageBand app for Android, you might also prefer to use some alternative apps to GarageBand. Below we have listed some best GarageBand alternatives for Android devices:

  • FL Studio Mobile
  • Caustic 3
  • Music Maker JAM
  • n-Track Studio DAW
  • Walk Band
  • Song Maker
  • BandLab
  • Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio was initially designed by keeping the Windows machine in mind; later on, Image-Line offered a mobile version of this audio workstation termed FL Studio Mobile for Android. FL Studio Mobile is a multitrack audio recording tool that allows creating and saving of multitrack music on your Android device. It has high-quality virtual instrument features like drum kits, piano rolls, sliced-loop beats, etc., all with configurable settings. Using this tool, you can record, edit, mix, and render complete songs.

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

FL Studio Mobile is available in both free and in-app purchase versions. In its paid version, you will get more advanced features such as Drum Sampler, DirectWave sample player, Auto-pitch, parametric equalizer, Tuner, and many more to create your music.

FL Studio Mobile app facilitates importing and exporting midi and other files and allows sharing your songs via email or supported cloud storage. There has to undo and redo feature that you can use multiple times on your music editable screen. The FL Studio Mobile app gives us a high-quality, battery-friendly audio engine that drains the device's battery.

Download FL Studio Mobile from Play Store

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is a popular GarageBand alternative music and sound creation Android tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizers and samplers rigs. It allows creating your rack by adding up to 14 different machines, including Bassline, PCMSynth, Beatbox, Mixer desk, etc. You can create and compose music beats by sliding the sidebar up and down or choose one to play by launching the machine pad.

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

Remember that the default "Caustic 3" musical app is a demo version. To unlock its full feature version, you must purchase its "Caustic Unlock Key" separately.

Download Caustic 3 from Play Store

Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM is a music maker and beat maker app for Android devices. It is an ideal app for all music creators and producers, which allows for creating music by combining loops and musical chunks. Using this app, you can easily create a song and remix music beats from different genres, including Hip-Hop, Rock, Rap, Pop, and many more.

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

This beatmaker app contains up to 300 musical styles, eight mixer channels, and more than 500,000 loops to make music and create remix musical beats. Over its 8 mixer channels, you can perfectly mix and record your tracks, including its internally generated sound. The app also allows external recording of voices. Because of its external voice recording feature, you can record your singing and rapping and add other kinds of sounds to your recording. After creating and mixing your song, you can share them directly on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Download the Music Maker JAM app from the Play Store

n-Track Studio DAW

n-Track Studio DAW app promises to turn your Android phone into a complete recording studio and allows you to make music of your choice. With this music maker app, you can record virtually unlimited Audio, MIDI & Drum Tracks and mix and add effects during playback to enhance overall recording quality.

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

The app contains several virtual musical tools such as Guitar Amps, VocalTune & Reverb, and lots more to create and edit songs. It also allows unlimited recording tracks (the free version offers 11 tracks and 2 channels) with a built-in mic or an external audio source.

Some of the main features of the n-Track Studio DAW app are stereo & mono audio tracks, piano-roll MIDI editor, on-screen MIDI keyboard, step sequencer beat maker, guitar & bass amp plugins, import existing tracks, and lots of other advanced features.

This music maker app is available in different editions, including free edition, standard subscription, extended subscription, and suite subscription. Each edition offers different features, and you can choose anyone to use as per your need.

Download the n-Track Studio DAW app from the Play Store

Walk Band

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

Walk Band is a music studio app considered an excellent GarageBand alternative for Android devices. It contains a full-featured virtual musical instrument with several features, including a Piano, Drum pad, guitar, keyboard, multi-tracks synthesizer, and many more. You will get more than 50 virtual musical instruments in this app.

This app allows you to compose and record music like studio-quality sound for free. One of the best features that make it a complete alternative to Apple's GarageBand app is the USB and MIDI peripheral keyboard support. The Walk Band app also allows you to record your voice to make a song and mix it with a synthesizer to edit a track.

Download Walk Band from Google Play Store.

Song Maker

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

Song Maker is mainly for creating songs with its pre-recorded music, beats, and rhythms, rather than using a piano and connecting a USB guitar and MIDI keyboard. The app offers various sounds, rhythms, and beats to compose multiple songs. Using Song Maker is straightforward, which makes it ideal for music makers.

Song Maker lets you create unlimited combinations of free songs, loops, and beats to make any beat you have. Here, you will find various sound effects like rock, hip-hop, house, rap, garage, and EDM in its library to add to your tracks. Besides pre-recorded sounds, you can record your voice and mix them into music.

Download Song Maker from Google Play Store.


GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

BandLab music creator app is similar to GarageBand in features, and music editing, which allows users to mix music and collaborate with other tracks. It also provides recording, editing, and creating a multi-track song using its predefined creative effects. You can add beats, vocals, loops, and tons of sound effects like rock, hip-hop, house, rap, garage, and EDM.

BandLab is easy to use, and even non-musical skilled people can create music and share it on social networks. To create music, the BrandLab provides a feature to discover tracks you love from DJs and artists. BandLab runs a social network for musicians where you can collaborate with fellow beatmakers to discuss, learn and create unique tracks for your audience.

Download BrandLab from Google Play Store.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

GarageBand and its alternative apps for Android

Audio Evolution is a powerful tool for recording a song like a full-fledged music studio. With this app, you can record a track on your Android phone. There have tons of virtual musical instruments to add their effect to your voice and sound record. This app also supports external MIDI and USB ports to plug devices such as guitars and pianos.

You can change your pitch and tempo to create various sound effects using its variety of loops. Sound effects (or songs) you have created can be exported as high-quality audio, or you can compress it to make it a web-friendly version.

Download Audio Evolution Mobile Studio from Play Store.

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