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Movie Apps for Android

Are you interested in watching movies online? If so, you can do with your smartphone and internet connection. You will find thousands of movies and TV shows over the web, but most of them contain fake advertisements, fake links, and even paid subscriptions. The best option to watch movies is by downloading free movies apps for your smartphone. In these movie apps, you will find and watch your favorite movies whenever you want.

There are several free movie apps available in the market that allows us to watch and download movies. All of them are free and legal. The few best and free movies apps for Android are listed below.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android

Note: The order of the below-mentioned movie apps are not based on their performance. It is only compliance. You can select and install any of them according to your requirement and device supported.

Tubi TV

Movie Apps for Android

Tubi TV app is a free movie app that provides a facility for watching movies online on our smartphone. It sorted different categories of movies like romance, comedy, and horror. We can search for movies based on their features and popularity. We can download the Tubi TV movie app from Google Play Store and Apple Store and watch movies in high quality smoothly. The app offers different categories of horror, comedy, action, family, documentary, drama, kids movies, etc. for free and without signing up.

All the movies present on this app are available in subtitles. We can also screencast movies on supported Smart TVs.

Download the Tubi TV for Android.

Download the Tubi TV for iOS.


Movie Apps for Android

Vudu is one of the best free movie apps which has a great collection of ad-supported movies. This app provides free movies and TV shows to watch without any charge. The app also regularly adds new release movies in it. Users of this app also download the purchased movies to watch them later whenever they want. We can select different quality to watch movies. We need to sign in to the app before watching movies online. The app offers movies in 4K HD to enjoy.

The app also gives different sections such as "Free", "Free with Ads" for easily spot movies. You can also stream movies online anytime on this app. This app supports Google Chromecast, which makes you to cast your favorite movies on Smart TV.

Download the Vudu for Android.

Download the Vudu for iOS.

Sony Crackle

Movie Apps for Android

The Sony Picture is a popular name in the film industry. When we talk about watching free movies on app online, Sony's Sony Crackle app stands on its standard. This app contains significant free movie collections combined with both old classics and the latest hit movies. This app categorizes movies and TV shows based on different genres; It does an easy search for the content that you are looking for.

Sony Crackle app is easy to use, and it works smoothly. You can watch movies with or without subtitles, and even you can change the audio setting, usually from English to Spanish. The app contains an ad that you may see while using. It offers you to watch free TV shows and serials online. This app also supports Google Chromecast for a better experience over Smart TV.

Download the Sony Crackle for Android.

Download the Sony Crackle for iOS.


Movie Apps for Android

Popconflix is a free movie app that has a great collection of movies and web series. The app frequently adds new movies when release. According to shorted categories, it keeps the movies, including international films and, new arrivals, shown at the top-right. The app has a user-friendly user-interface and works well. The app contains movies of good qualities, and streaming works smoothly.

The app included a search tool to search for movies based on genres without signing in or paying for a subscription. You can preview the content of the movie's story and cast them which you want to watch. You can also stream TV series of different categories such as family, kids, drama, reality show, action, adventure and more absolutely free.

Download the Popcornflix for Android.

Download the Popcornflix for iOS.


Movie Apps for Android

Yidio is not a real app that streams video content. It is slightly different from other movies app. Yidio will allow you to search for another app such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtime, Netflix, and other services to find movies online for free. The app arranges movie content from different free movie apps. The downside of this app is that it mostly contains paid movies and subscription movie apps. Using this app, we can enjoy thousands of free movies.

Download the Yidio for Android.

Download the Yidio from Apple Store for iOS.


Movie Apps for Android

Plex is such a free movie app that supports almost all media devices. It offers free movies and TV shows, along with news and web shows. We can find over 1000 movie titles to choose from, including Hollywood blockbusters, independent films, and many more. To start watching movies, we need to create an account on it. The app includes a search tool to search for other movies that we want to watch. Plex is also planning to provide more free and premium movies. It also offers to Chromecast and stream movies on your smart TV.

Download the Plex movie app from Google Play Store for Android.

Download the Plex movie app from Apple Store for iOS.


Movie Apps for Android

SnagFilms is an excellent movie app, which contains both movies and documentaries. Users can find movies of different types, including refugees and immigrants, climate change and environment, veterans and military. SnagFilms has a simple user-interface, and most of the movies are available in high quality. We can also find award-winning movies on it. The app contains Latino, LGBT, and African features movies. However, the app contains ads in it, but the ads do not appears frequently. We can mostly find classics and indie films on it.

Download the SnagFilms apk for Android.

Download the SnagFilms from Apple Store for iOS.

Pluto TV

Movie Apps for Android

Pluto TV is another popular and full-featured free movie app for Android. It contains 100s of TV channels and offers 1000s of the movie and TV shows on-demand. The app has a simple user-interface containing many features. It mostly works similarly to other movie apps. The app contains a separate tab for TV shows and free movies; The Pluto TV app provides 17 different movie stations such as romance, horror, comedy and lots more. However, the app contains ads, but they aren't annoying and work pretty well. We can also find live channels for watching free movies and other TV content when they play. The movie player works well, and most of the free movies are available in subtitles.

Download the Pluto TV from APKPure for Android.

Download the Pluto TV from Apple Store for iOS.


Movie Apps for Android

Hotstar is one of the most popular free movie and TV show apps that streams live sports and TV shows. However, you may not get access right to everything without a membership plan. The app offers unlimited access to TV shows and movies across India and the world. Users can also get the best stories from Star Wars, Disney, Pixar and Marvel Studios; The app company dubbed these stories in Indian languages such as Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Hotstar also telecasts significant sports events such as the T20 World Cup and IPL (Indian Premium League).

Hotstar offers popular Star TV shows, Indian Movies, News, and Previews & Highlights of cricket and other sport games. Users can enjoy content from Live TV & News channels, Hindi Shows, Kids content, Stories from Disney, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, and Sports.

Download the Hotstar app.

OneBox HD

Movie Apps for Android

OneBox HD app also provides free movies and TV shows to watch with your family and kids. It provides all the different entertainment stuff. We can choose different movies, such as comedy, action, documentary, horror, family, adventure, and history. Once we install and use this app on our Android device, and we will never feel bored. We can also search and download movies and watch anywhere anytime when we want without a subscription. If you want to get this app on your smartphone, you can download its apk from oneboxhd.hd. OneBox HD also supports Google Chromecast, using which you can watch movies on your Smart TV.

Download the OneBox HD apk from oneboxhd.hd.


Movie Apps for Android

Kodi is an open-source media player app for Android that allows users to stream online movies and TV shows. The app works by storing the repository files in Kodi, and you have to download and install this add-on to watch movies, live tv, shows, and lots more. Installing the repository file takes a minute; once done, you can be ready. Due to its huge content for users to entertain, it is also called an entertainment powerhouse.

This app lets you enjoy watching movies, sports, music, live TV, local content, kids' show, etc. If you are looking at Kodi as your movie app, ensure to use some VPN for your privacy, we can't condone its privacy.

Features of the Kodi movie app

  • You don't need to sign up to use it.
  • Allows to install several apps in this single app.
  • Offer endless content to get entertained.
  • Large customization options.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Easy to navigate interface and use.
  • The app is available in multi-language such as English, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese.

Download the Kodi app from Play Store.

Tubi TV

Movie Apps for Android

Tubi TV is another entertaining app that offers thousands of movies and TV shows that are difficult to find on other sites and apps. This app provides entertaining content for all age groups without a subscription plan. Using Tubi TV, enjoy movies, adventure, drama, horror, science & fiction, classics, romance, and kids' content. You can find content from a variety of places around the world.

Also, there has a feature to stream movies and other programs on other platforms, such as smart TV, Fire TV Sticks, Android devices, and iOS devices. The app lets you filter out movies based on ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Features of the Tubi TV movie app

  • Most important, it is legal and free to use.
  • Offers thousands of movies for all age groups.
  • Support to cast on different platforms such as smart TV, Roku, Xbox, and Chromecast.
  • It is available in multi-language including English, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • Allows free streaming in high quality.
  • Different categories and options to filter movies.

Download Tubi TV from Play Store.


Movie Apps for Android

Crunchyroll is mostly popular for its animation streaming content in wide places in the world. However, it mainly focuses on East-Asian content, including anime, movies, manga series, tv shows, and music. The app is legal and simple to use and watch content. If you are a fan of anime, the app will become a one-stop for streaming popular content like Dragon Ball, Titan, Naruto, etc.

Crunchyroll app added ads to make it free for users. Use its paid subscription if you don't want ads to pop up while streaming content. Using its premium service, you will access the latest anime episodes immediately just after their upload.

Features of Crunchyroll

  • A number of anime episodes to watch.
  • Available free to use.
  • Allows you to create your view list.
  • It included all popular animes.
  • Simple to use and navigate.

Download Crunchyroll from Play Store


Movie Apps for Android

BeeTV is a free video content streaming app that contains huge collections of movies and tv shows, which are categories for all age groups. The app is simple to use and lets you watch trailers before downloading and watching a complete movie. You can stream movies with or without subtitles. You can choose and play videos on an external media player if you want to use something other than BeeTV's internal player.

All the shows and movies are available to watch in HD quality. The app frequently updates by adding new content. You can either watch movies by streaming or downloading for later. Its user interface is easy to use and clean without annoying ads.

Features of BeeTV

  • Offers unlimited movies and series.
  • Movies can be seen with subtitles.
  • A simple user interface to navigate easily.
  • Contents are available in HD quality.
  • Option available to request movies if you can't find them.

Download the BeeTV from Play Store.


Movie Apps for Android

The popularity of Netflix video streaming is so viral that some people also say if anyone doesn't hear about it, he is living in the stone age. Netflix is one of the most talkative movie and TV shows contents provider in the entire world. Over the Netflix app, you can watch highly rated programs and movies along with TV shows. This video-streaming mobile app provides content of different categories, including stand-up specials, animations, movies, series, and documentaries. If you are searching for good-quality movies, TV shows, and dramas, Netflix could be one of your choices.

Features of Netflix

  • Netflix frequently and regularly adds movies and TV shows.
  • Browse for newly added or search for your favorite video to stream them on your smartphone.
  • It recommends content as per your watched TV shown and movies.
  • Allows to preview movies quickly.

Download Netflix from Play Store.

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