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Best Equalizer Apps for Android

Today's modern smartphone is not just used for making calls and sending messages; it comes with several built-in functionalities that users can use. One such feature is in-built equalizers, but only some Android smartphones contain these features. Music or audiophile users mostly love to use an equalizer function for a better sound and music experience. But the in-built or default equalizer app that comes with a phone doesn't give a great experience to listening to music. So it suggested using some best equalizer apps for Android to get a better music experience on your phone.

Several full-featured equalizer apps are available for Android smartphones on the internet that you can download and install to enjoy. Here, we have listed some of the popular equalizer apps for Android. It helps you quickly find a full-featured equalizer app for your device. Before exploring for best equalizer apps for smartphones and tablets, let's first see what it is.

What Is an Equalizer App?

An equalizer app is a tool used to adjust to different frequencies of sound and audio signals on your phone. In simple terms, the Equalizer app facilitates optimizing sound based on your hearing taste.

Most Android phones come with pre-installed or in-built equalizers, but such equalizers only offer a few features to adjust sound quality. Some other smartphones do not even contain equalizer settings unless you use a third-party application. Using a full-featured standalone equalizer app on your Android device is suitable for enjoying sound quality.

Best Equalizer apps for Android Phones

Here, we have listed some best equalizer apps for Android phones that you may prefer to use on your device.

  • Equalizer FX
  • Bass Boost & Equalizer
  • Equalizer Music Player Booster
  • Music Volume EQ + Equalizer
  • Equalizer & Bass Booster
  • Neutralizer
  • Equalizer Music Player and Video Player
  • Boom: Bass Booster &Equalizer

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX is a popular equalizer app for Android with a clean user interface. It is easy to use, containing three different sections: Equalizer, Effects, and Profiles (at the time of writing the article). It offers a five-band equalizer, bass boost, loudness enhancement, virtualization, and even equalizer enabled. These settings enhance the sound quality and boost the volume of your phone.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

You can customize sound effects by changing balance settings and enabling the bass boots and their other features. For best results, use headphones after enabling virtualization; otherwise, you can't feel more different. The publisher also commits that the Equalizer FX app works with other music players and streaming services like TuneIn Radio, Pandora, Spotify, etc.

Download Equalizer FX

Bass Boost & Equalizer

Bass Boost & Equalizer has a five-band equalizer app for Android that lets you boost the base and adjust the 3D sound effect for your music. As its name implies, its base booster function effectively punches your phone's audio sound. The app includes 16 presets suited to manually adjust the equalizer to customize the sound output of music.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

In addition, the Bass Boost & Equalizer includes a widget, using which you can quickly access the sound control from an Android device's home screen. Its menu options contain a button that enables the "10-band equalizer" function. This app is compatible with most music players and streaming apps available for Android.

The app is free to use, but its free version contains ads. To remove ads from it, you have to watch videos to collect virtual coins. You will get ten virtual coins for watching a single video, and you need 50 coins to remove ads from the app.

Download Bass Boost & Equalizer

Equalizer Music Player Booster

This equalizer app is an all-in-one application that also works in the background and allows you to run other apps while listening to your favorite music. The "Equalizer Music Player Booster" has a built-in music player to play and listen to songs on the app easily. While most standard equalizer apps offer five-band frequencies, this equalizer app provides seven bands.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

As the name indicates, "Equalizer Music Player Booster" also includes a base booster function, which hikes your listening experience on your phone. The app lets you choose ten presets, including classical, acoustic, R&B, and rock. There are also features to save personalized presets if a user wants.

Download the Equalizer Music Player Booster

Music Volume EQ + Equalizer

Music Volume EQ + Equalizer is a popular equalizer app for Android smartphones. It contains the standard five-band EQ, nine presets loudness booster, and many other functions. Along with these functions, it also offers volume control that works well and produces standard sound quality. You can get better sound and base experience with the help of headphones. This "Music Volume EQ + Equalizer" supports almost all audio and video players.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

The app user interface looks well-organized and easy to use. It lets you navigate and move between the home page and the equalizers function by tapping on the menu and the Equalizer option. The app is free to use, but you will find banner ads there, and you can remove ads displaying by paying around $4.

Download Music Volume EQ + Equalizer

Equalizer & Bass Booster

To be more precise, this equalizer app includes a five-band equalizer, ten different equalizer presets, and a bass booster to set different levels of bass and sound effects. The publisher claims that the app works with most music players, video players, and even FM radio stations. It is one of the simple equalizer apps for Android that works on almost every device. The only drawback of an app we found is sometimes it gets close when left to run in the background and sometimes doesn't.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

Equalizer & Bass Booster contains features such as a volume slider, live music stereo led meter, media volume control, virtualizer effects, and lots more. The app allows adjusting sound effects to various levels to enjoy the best music or audio of your choice. It gives the best result with headphones device.

Download Equalizer & Bass Booster


The Neutralizer equalizer app is slightly different from others Android equalizer apps we have found. The first time you get this app on your Android device, you will not see any columns of band frequencies. You will ask to create an account before doing anything on it (your data are fully personalized).

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

Instead of offering users to adjust the equalizer, the Neutralizer itself adjusts it from scratch based on your hearing. You can customize and turn them up/down based on how well you hear them. When you are done, the app automatically generates a unique equalizer based on your hearing test. The free version of the app allows you to create only a single preset, and if you want more upgrades to its pro version.

Download Neutralizer

Equalizer Music Player and Video

Equalizer Music Player and Video Player have a high-quality equalizer app containing a bass booster and a 3D virtualizer. This equalizer app includes several preset equalizers and bass boosters to choose from. It has been specially designed to work with YouTube Music, and you have installed that app on your Android phone to get this feature. The Equalizer Music and Video Player app plays almost all audio and video files.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

One of its advantages is that the app also runs in the background, which means you can use another app while using this app. It also features a music cutter that helps you create ringtones by cutting music files.

Download Equalizer Music Player and Video

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Boom Equalizer app is a quality music player and bass booster with 3D surround sound. Its 3D sound technology has the most realistic, giving an excellent music experience on any handset. The app can offer powerful base sound and includes several advanced equalizer features.

Best Equalizer Apps for Android

It also provides the quality to stream music from Spotify and TIDAL with all Boom effects in its premium subscription. The Boom equalizer app for Android has an easy-to-use interface. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Allows playing music from your local storage or cloud (Google Drive and Dropbox).
  • Offer a 3D sound experience.
  • Offers features to use over 20,000 radio channels and podcasts.
  • It lets you enjoy a quality sound experience on any headphones device.
  • Allows creating own equalizer settings using its 16-band or 8-band equalizer.

Download Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

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