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Omegle Video Chat on Android

Omegle ( is one of the most popular chat websites in the world that allows us to chat online with strangers. It was initially developed for text chat only, but Omegle added a video chat feature later on. It allows us to chat with random users of this platform based on our interest. We may be chatting them with text, or we can use a webcam to talk face to face. One of the best parts for users on this platform is that they do not need to register.

Chatting on Omegle is very easy because we have to visit Omegle's website from our desktop or phone browser. Type interest in which we want to chat and then press the "Start a Chat" button. Omegle automatically finds strangers based on interest without disclosing our real identity.

Omegle Video Chat on Android

Features of Omegle

Some key features of Omegle are as following:

  • Chatting on it is completely anonymous unless we disclose our real identity to the user we are talking about.
  • Omegle service is entirely free, and there is no hidden charge.
  • Not require any registration or login, visit at their website and start text or video chat.
  • Allows free live video chat with unknown persons without identifying yourself.
  • Instantly pair with anyone from the thousands of users at any time.
  • Its video and audio quality is even better.

How to use Omegle video chat on Android

Trying to do video chat on the Omegle website directly using Chrome, Internet Explorer, UC browser, or other normal browser doesn't allow the browser's device camera. But it doesn't mean we cannot do that. Here, we will discuss an alternate way to make a video chat on Android through Omegle.

To make a video chat through Omegle on our Android phone, we have to use a different browser called Puffin browser. The Puffin browser allows us to enable the Android phone's camera while browsing. Download the Puffin browser's APK file rather than downloading its app from Google Play Store. Play Store apps are designed in such a way that restricts to doing this kind of tricks.

Why should we use the Puffin browser?

You must be thinking that when there are several popular browsers available on the Play Store, then why we should use only the Puffin browser. There are so many reasons for using the Puffin browser to chat via Omegle on Android devices. These reasons are as following:

  • The puffin browser supports all-flash files online.
  • It allows us to enable a theater mode for flash videos and games.
  • We can enable websites on desktop view.
  • It supports social webcam such as Skype, Chatroulette, Omegle, etc.
  • It has cloud protection.
  • Contains a data saving feature that is helpful for video streaming.
  • Load web page at high speed.
  • It also includes a private tab option.

Follow the below steps to do Omegle video chat on Android.

1. Download the Puffin browser from Google Play Store:

Omegle Video Chat on Android

2. Install the browser and open it:

Omegle Video Chat on Android

3. Type com and press enter, and you will be inside the Omegle website:

Omegle Video Chat on Android

4. Tap on the three vertical dots present at the right top part of the browser:

Omegle Video Chat on Android

5. Now, enable the toggle button "Request desktop site":

Omegle Video Chat on Android

6. Reload the website once again.

7. Click on the video chat option. On the next screen, zoom the screen as per required:

Omegle Video Chat on Android

8. Permit Omegle to access your phone microphone and camera by clicking allow:

Omegle Video Chat on Android

9. Wait for some time, and the Puffin browser shows the "I'm Not A Robot" captcha. Solve the question correctly:

Omegle Video Chat on Android

The setting steps completed here, and now we are ready to chat with a stranger over Omegle.

Note: We are not promoting or restrict you from using Omegle. All the above-given information are for informational purpose only.

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