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How to Block YouTube Ads on Android

Ads are always annoying for all kinds of users, whether they are movie lovers or song listeners. Users of each sort always try to avoid ads in between their entertainment source, whether it has television, YouTube, or any other online video platforms. It is always disturbing if you love watching movies or videos on a popular streaming platform like YouTube and getting ads in between. The YouTube platform selected its video ads by encouraging top bloggers to monetize their efforts uncontrollably.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android

End users mostly feel annoyed watching ads between videos or might prefer to skip such ads. If you want to block YouTube ads on your Android or looking for how to block YouTube ads on their official Android app or web browser, this article is for you. Here we will discuss free and paid methods to block YouTube ads on Android apps and browsers.

Reasons to block ads or use an ad blocker for YouTube

Some of the common causes are listed here why people want to block ads on YouTube:

  • Too many ads
  • Annoying
  • Too Intrusive ads
  • It takes up too much
  • Contains virus
  • Slow down page loading
  • Avoid ads before
  • Compromises online
  • Uses up data

The Best Ways to Block YouTube Ads on Android

With no further other discussions, below we have listed some of the best solutions for ad blocking on YouTube:

  1. Get the Premium subscription. It is one of the easiest ways to block ads on YouTube.
  2. Use ad-free browsers. Use an ad-free web browser, which also makes you free to join Google's ecosystem. This technique is suitable for those users who only need some of their links and favorites to be in one place.
  3. Use VPN. Use a VPN service to access YouTube. It is a creative way to access services privately.
  4. Use third-party tools: You can even use third-party tools and applications to watch YouTube videos.
  5. Use YouTube ad blocker apps.

Upgrade Your YouTube Account to Premium

Showing more and more ads to users is a game plan that YouTube uses for another significant reason. Apart from earning cash by selling ads to viewers, YouTube's free services with ads push its users towards its Premium subscription. Previously this service was known as YouTube Red, a paid plan that gave bunches of features. Upgrade your YouTube account to its premium service, where you can enjoy ads free experience. YouTube premium service offers the following features to you:

  • Get ads free experience of viewing YouTube;
  • Get offline mode to watch pre-downloaded videos;
  • It offers to enjoy a free YouTube music subscription;
  • Access to YouTube Originals shows etc.

Use an Ad-free Browser for Android

We have illustrated another method to watch ads-free YouTube on Android if you want to avoid paying for YouTube's premium service. For this, you have to use an ads-free web browser to watch YouTube.

The ads-free browsers redirect the complete YouTube traffic through their servers and prevent marketers from targeting users. Many such apps are available on both Play Store and third-party app sources on the web. Among the most trusted and widely used browsers, some are:

  • Brave Browser
  • AVG Browser
  • Tor Browser
  • Ghostery Privacy Browser

These browsers contain features sufficient for blocking ads while accessing YouTube content. The ads-free browser includes features such as Incognito mode, ad blocker, built-in VPN, etc.

Use a VPN to Block YouTube Ads

As we know, a VPN app's primary job is redirecting web traffic through other servers worldwide. However, it also blocks ads. But it is not enough to install a VPN app on your Android phone; sit back and relax watching ad-less YouTube videos. You have to set up a VPN on your Android.

Besides, only some VPN apps include a feature to block ads as complementary. Blocking ads is not the primary purpose of the VPN service, so that you might see some ads. VPN service is used for redirection traffic through another server and advised to use some reliable method to block YouTube ads on Android phones and tablets.

Block YouTube ads on Android without using an ad blocker

Blocking ads and watching YouTube videos on Android phones and tablets are also possible by adopting below listed two options:

  1. Using third-party tools;
  2. Using modded YouTube apps.

There are some third-party YouTube tools for Android are available, and they offer the following advantages:

  • Work as efficient ads removal;
  • Compatibility with most Android devices;
  • They work without additional tools like ad blockers;
  • To use such apps, you don't need to ROOT your device.

On the other hand, such apps and tools have potential downsides of using them, including:

  • Unstable performance;
  • Personal data leak;
  • Such apps could track your activities;
  • Support issues or no support at all.

Block ads on YouTube with AdLock

AdLock provides a unique solution to block YouTube ads on your Android phone. It blocks ads, pop-ups, flash banners, and all sorts of ads effectively on the Android system. This app runs in the background; you won't notice it's working and will enjoy its working result. Along with blocking ads on YouTube, the app also works on games, messengers, and other apps on Android devices. You can use its extension for Chrome to block ads, malware, and internet bugs while accessing other sites.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android

Features of AdLock

  • Blocks ads, pop-ups, flash banners
  • Filters malware and harmful links
  • Hide and secure data and personal information
  • Blocks spyware and bugs
  • Saves battery and mobile data
  • Disable malware-infected ads
  • Works without ROOT

How easy is AdLock to use

  1. Launch the native YouTube app on your device.
  2. Select the video you want to play.
  3. Tap on the "Share" option below the video.
    How to Block YouTube Ads on Android
  4. Now, choose the AdLock app you installed from the list of options.
    How to Block YouTube Ads on Android
  5. Finally, an ad-free video will start in the AdLock player, and also you can select your desired quality.

AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard is a popular ad-blocker and parental control available for all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. AdGuard effectively works to block ads on YouTube on Android. The work to block ads on YouTube is based on subscription, and AdGuard ad-blocker blocks YouTube ads throughout the internet. It also contains the feature of parental control that restricts adult content from appearing on Android while accessing any web source.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android

Some of its features are listed below:


  • It effectively blocks all kinds of ads
  • It protects and secures your privacy
  • It ensures your browser activity
  • It also works as a parental control
  • Powerful encryption
  • Works for browsers and apps

Adblocker for YouTube

Other than blocking ads on the YouTube app, other tools block YouTube ads on web browsers on PCs. One such YouTube ad blocker for the web browser is the "Adblocker for YouTube" extension. It is a Chrome extension that blocks all kinds of YouTube ads, pop-ups, flash banners, malware, etc. You need to install it as an extension on your web browser. This ad blocker extension improves the browser's speed and page loading by blocking malware and ads on YouTube on Chrome. If you are a Chrome browser user, the "Adblocker for YouTube" extension enhances your video-watching experience.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android


  • No need to configure it.
  • It blocks all kinds of YouTube ads
  • It is a lightweight extension.
  • It improves browsing and page loading speed.

Adblock Plus

Like other ad blocker tools, Adblock Plus is also one of the widespread malware and ad-blocking application that lets you have a safer and better browsing experience. AdBlock Plus is specially designed for Firefox YouTube ad blockers that also successfully works on other popular web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc. You can install the Adblock Plus extension on your web browser or download its "Adblock Browser" app on your Android phone.

It blocks ads on YouTube and works on any site to filter malware and make your browsing safe and secure. You can also filter sites where it can block ads.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android


  • It is compatible with all major browsers.
  • Customizable settings.
  • Filters malware.
  • It is safe and secure to access the web.
  • It is free to use.

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