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Podcasts are becoming the primary source of gathering information in the age of the Internet. It is a fantastic way to hear about the experts you care about, and it is relatively easy to find good podcasts. The demand of podcasts is repeatedly growing up. More people are thinking about the best podcast app for Android.

Podcasts play an important role in filling up your time with the latest news, in-depth storytelling, comedy shows, and many more. There are several podcasts app available in the market, but we will discuss some of the best only.

Best Podcast App for Android

Note: The below ordering of podcast apps are not based on their performance; it is only a compilation.

The list of best podcasts app for Android is mentioned below:

  1. Pocket Casts
  2. Anchor
  3. Podcast Addict
  4. Player FM
  5. Google Podcasts
  6. Stitcher
  7. Podbean
  8. AntennaPod
  9. DoggCatcher
  10. Podcast Republic
  11. Spotify
  12. BeyondPod
  13. Castbox
  14. Podcast Go
  15. TuneIn Radio

Pocket Casts

Android Podcast App

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular podcast apps for Android devices. The app has an audio podcast that you want. It includes features like cross-device syncing, a bunch of playback functionality, and more. It comes in both free and optional subscription price. It does a regular update to keep the service better.

It has an ability to schedule downloads while you sleep, audio effects, streaming support, automatic syncing between Android, web, and iOS apps. One of its important facilities is that, all your subscriptions are stored in the cloud so that if there any miss-happened to your Android device; you don't lose your library it keeps as safe. Download the Pocket Casts from Google play store.


Android Podcast App

The Anchor podcast offers ultimate hosting. This app provides facility to record audio and publish it to various places such as Google Podcasts and iTunes. It also imports audio from other devices to upload. Anchor podcast is a clean business model to get success so that both you and the anchor can make money. Download the Anchor app from Google play store.

Podcast Addict

Android Podcast App

In order to letting you download and arrange your podcasts. The Podcast Addict app also facilitates you to control and manage audiobooks, SoundCloud, YouTube channels, RSS feeds, and live radio.

The Podcast Addict app also performs as a separate MP3 player and it is suitable with Android Auto, Android Wear, and Chromecast.

Most of the podcast app has not cloud support, which means content will not sync between your devices. Download the Podcast Addict app from Google play store.

Player FM

Android Podcast App

Player FM podcast is slightly different from its competitor due to the availability of content discovery tools. It revolves around the trending topics; you have to tell only the app about your interest, and it will perform the rest of task. It has a neat and clean user interface and doesn't display ads. It also facilitates automatic syncing between other web app and Android devices.

It includes features like highly customizable themes, importable and exportable OPML data (in case you want to migrate to the different podcast), and offline storage. Download the Player FM app from Google play store.

Google Podcasts

Android Podcast App

Google offers its podcast currently from three different platforms. The first platform is known as Google Podcasts app. This podcast app includes playback speed controls. The current music streaming service from Google is "Google Play Music", which also supports the podcast. Many people upload daily or weekly podcasts, shows, and same stuff to YouTube. Download the Google Podcasts app from Google play store.


Android Podcast App

The Stitcher app is popular as an on-demand internet radio service. Stitcher podcast app is one of the best podcast apps for Android device. Even the app lets you real radio content, such as your favorite shows and breaking news. This podcast app has a discovery engine that recommend a new theme based on your favorite topics and listening tastes. Download the Stitcher app from Google play store.


Android Podcast App

Podbean is one of the most popular podcast apps which works pleasant well. By using this app, you can download, stream, listen to your choice, and subscribe. This app also offers several audio effects, lock screen controls, Android Auto support, Chromecast support, and integration with Amazon Alexa. Download the Podbean app from Google play store.


Android Podcast App

It is an open-source podcast. It is used for iTunes and directories, an advance sleep timer, adjustable playback speed, and has the ability to access password-protected episodes and feeds. It also has excellent memory management tools. You have the probability to decide when and how to download new content, set up smart deletion, and control cached episodes. Download AntennaPod app from Google play store.


Android Podcast App

DoggCatcher is one of the long-time favorite podcast listeners. It includes features like Android Auto support, Chromecast, auto-cleanup of media files, a dark theme, and podcast categorization. It also contains one of the leading podcast delivery tools. It can browse the top 100 DoggCatcher podcasts and a way to search news directories and podcasts. This app even comes in the Material Design user interface. Download the DoggCatcher app from Google play store.

Podcast Republic

Android Podcast App

Podcast Republic app integrates live radio and podcasts into a single interface. It can be used to manage your YouTube channels, audiobooks, RSS feed, and SoundCloud subscriptions. It also offers important features, including silence skipper, volume booster, and variable playback speeds. Users can also do podcasts to start playing at a set time every day. Download Podcast Republic app from Google play store.


Android Podcast App

Spotify is one of the world's most popular and best streaming apps. It started working on the podcast in early 2016. You can download Spotify podcast and use its services for free. However, its free version can give an audio advert. You can also go for a premium (paid) version for the full and ad-free experience. If you are interested in listening to music, this app is a bunch of everything in one spot. Download the Spotify podcast app from Google play store.


Android Podcast App

BeyondPod is another app that sincerely claims that as it is the best podcast app for Android devices. BeyondPod app is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers a common setting like sleep timers, volume boost, and playback speed, with podcast search tools, and it contains ads.

The paid version adds support for customized playback speeds, casting to Chromecasts and other devices, multi-device synchronization, and the ability to download various new episodes at the same time.

BeyondPod can create a list of new topic based on your previous listening and offers smart playlists. Download the BeyondPod free app and paid app.


Android Podcast App

Castbox is a free podcast app. It has extensive collection of over one million podcasts. It offers support for language learning podcasts, 70 languages, Amazon Echo support, Chromecast support, and more. It also has a cloud synching for various device support. Castbox app is available in both free and paid versions. The free version contains everything and no ads. The in-app purchase is optional. Download the Castbox from Google play store.

Podcast Go

Android Podcast App

Podcast Go contains features like variable speed playback, downloading podcast episodes, sleep timers, and more. It has a great user interface with Material Design. Its free app contains ads, and to remove these ads, you need to pay $2.99. Download the Podcast Go app from Google play store.

TuneIn Radio

Android Podcast App

The TuneIn Radio podcast app mostly focuses on live talk radio. This app consists of audiobooks, podcasts, radio stations (both FM and AM), and even live sports activities. The TuneIn Radio app is available in both free and premium versions. The premium subscription of this podcast app offers you to access live NFL, MLB and other sports games along with other features. Those who want to listen a radio show from other platforms can go for this podcast. Download the TuneIn Radio app from Google play store.

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