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Best Keylogger for Android

Keylogger or Keystroke logger is a special application used to gather information on keystrokes on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Keylogger tool monitors and keeps records of every keystroke registered on a keyboard in special log files without the knowledge of the device user. Such applications are available for devices like computers, phones, and tablets.

Companies are using keylogger software on their computer to track the activities of their employee who are not supposed to know about it. You can also use the keylogger app on your Android phone and tablet to monitor and know the activities of other people who use your device. Such applications offer the easiest way to monitor children, employee members, and other people's activities.

Most parents install the keystroke logger app on their children's phones to track their kids' internet activities. Based on keystrokes monitored results, they can instantly alert if their kids are looking at something inappropriate for them. Features similar to the keylogger are also found in most Android spy applications.

How to use Keylogger apps on Android phone

It is a myth that people require computer science knowledge to run the keylogger app on an Android device. Running keylogger apps on Android devices is simple and does not require any technical knowledge. Some keylogger apps require signing up for the user to use it, and some don't. You can use this software easily by following three basic steps:

  1. Download and install the Keylogger app from the Play store.
  2. Sign up for the app using your email and password.
  3. Finally, start monitoring the device keystroke.

Here, we have selected some top Keyloggers apps for Android and illustrated their features, pros, and cons.

Best Keyloggers for Android

  • mSpy
  • eyeZy
  • Snoopza
  • Spyera
  • FlexiSPY
  • uMobix
  • Hoverwatch
  • SpyBubble
  • iKeyMonitor


Best Keylogger for Android

mSpy is a keylogger app that is easy to use and works effectively on Android and iPhone devices. It is a spy app that stores all passwords, messages, and notes typed on the phone where it is installed. Once installed, it works on auto-pilot mode and instantly alerts authorized users of all keystrokes made remotely. You can see all the words they type without sitting behind them.

Other than keylogging, the mSpy application gave a full-featured phone spyware experience. Some of its top monitoring features include Call logs, Contacts, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, GPS location, Geo-fencing, installed apps, etc., in real-time.


  • The app works in the background without knowing the device's user.
  • It gave activities updates to the target device every 5 minutes.
  • This application helps you to read all incoming/outgoing text messages.
  • It monitors activities done over web pages.
  • It allows you to view videos and images remotely.


  • It locates the live location of the device on which it has been installed.
  • It monitors all internet activity.
  • It works without getting detected.


  • It could be pricy.

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Best Keylogger for Android

The "eyeZy" is one of the preferred keylogging apps that allows you to track every keyword typed on a target device user. It lets you view pictures & videos captured and new apps installed and deleted existing without notifying the targeted phone user. It also allows setting up specific keywords for alerts, and you get instant alerts when these keywords are typed on a targeted device. It makes it easy to find what your kids typed or watched on social media or other apps.

Besides keylogging, the eyeZy keylogger app also facilitates Geo location tracking, messages monitoring, website blocking, internet activity monitoring, etc.


  • Track keywords they typed.
  • Track GPS location and Geo-fencing.
  • You can see and control how they can use websites.
  • Monitoring social media activities on a targeted device.


  • You can exactly locate the device on a map.
  • It offers easy Wi-Fi network analysis.
  • Allows monitoring online activities and checking which website they bookmarked.


  • It gets slightly costly for multiple devices.

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Best Keylogger for Android

Snoopza is a rare keylogger app for Android devices that is free to use. You need to sign up and install the application to use it. It keeps a detailed record of call data and internet history and monitors text and other messages typed on the targeted device. The app also facilitates tracking the phone's geolocation.

The Snoopza keylogger app was developed by keeping the requirement of special agencies, people in business, parents, and spouses. It is mainly used to keep teens safe and know about bad employees. This application allows five devices to include in a single account to monitor simultaneously, including phones and tablets.


  • Constantly monitor the location of the target device.
  • Monitor the chats of all applications.
  • It also allows tracking photos, videos, and voice messages.
  • 24/7 Location Tracker.
  • It also works if a user decides to change SIM card.

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Best Keylogger for Android

Spyera is an undetectable Android keylogger that does its task as a hidden app. It helps to monitor android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices remotely. The Spyera application works in the background without the knowledge of the device user. With this app, you can find various social media app passwords typed, including Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Skype, and lots more.

Using the Spyera app, you can monitor real-time keystrokes of social applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype, etc. This app also facilitates live call recording, live call listening, surround recording, hangout call recording, etc. There has a feature to track all browsing history.


  • It helps to monitor the activities of the target phone user.
  • If you are using it for business purposes, you can track your employee's activities to protect your business data.
  • It offers a user-friendly web control panel.


  • It is an undetectable keylogger app.
  • It offers different features for Android and iOS.


  • You can purchase this application only with a Credit card.

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Best Keylogger for Android

FlexiSPY keylogger application allows you to see everything typed on the device on which it is installed. You can see all the activities performed on the target device remotely. The application keeps the complete history of keystrokes pressed on a device. One of its best features that make it a good keylogger app is that it instantly alerts you to certain keywords that are widely considered unfit for a child.

You can also customize its alerts by adding specific keywords. If any keyword gets typed that you mentioned, you get an alert notification instantly. It facilitates viewing the applications-wise keystrokes with actual date and time. The keystrokes information can be viewed anytime via a dedicated web account or its mobile viewer app for on-the-go access. This application is available for operating system devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac devices.


  • It included parental control features to monitor and restrict children's activity.
  • Provides problem-free remote installation of service, which runs in hidden mode.
  • It allows you to track the online activities of your child, employees, and partners.
  • It allows tracking users' log-on/off activities.
  • Track keystrokes on the most popular instant messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Facebook, iMessage, etc.


  • It provides real-time alerts and helps monitor your kids, employees, and partner.
  • It also allows the creation of dynamic workflows of the app with if/then logic.


  • It requires a jailbreak to run on the target device.

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Best Keylogger for Android

uMobix is another good keylogger app for Android and iOS that stores logs of all keystrokes, even including passwords. With this app, you can monitor various activities of the target device, like call logs, activities on social media apps, internet history, SMS, photos, videos, real-time location, and lots more. It also helps to remotely block Wi-Fi connection and delete or block apps on the target device.

uMobix app generates real-time alerts to authorized users about every inappropriate activity of the target device. The app automatically updates without physical interaction with the device or the app. It also offers some parental control features to monitor kids' phone activity.


  • It tracks live phone calls.
  • It monitors all activities of instant messaging apps.
  • Track live-location of the target device.
  • Track web browsing history.
  • Allows remotely restricting, deleting, or blocking apps.
  • You can see all incoming and outgoing call logs.


  • It also finds any other Android spy apps present on the phone.
  • Enable and disable incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • Regulate mobile data.
  • It allows tracking of the real-time location along with visited places' history by the device user.


  • One subscription is limited to one device.

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Best Keylogger for Android

Hoverwatch is another great keylogger app for Android that helps to monitor the activities of kids, spouses, or employees. With this app, you can view all the calls and messages received and sent by the device user. This app runs in the background and monitors SMS from instant messaging apps, internet activities, camera use, geolocation, and much more. It keeps a log file of all activities with date and time.

Even the Hoverwatch app runs in the background all the time. Thanks to its energy-saving technology, it doesn't drain the device's battery much more. The basic purpose of keylogger apps is to monitor keystrokes on the device, and this app also monitors whenever the phone is unlocked and apps are opened.


  • Generate a notification when the SIM card changes.
  • It allows recording all calls and data.
  • It keeps the information about the website visited on the target device.
  • It offers a GPS feature to track real-time device location.


  • Allows to record on-time calls.
  • It will enable tracking five different devices with a single account.
  • You can root the target Android device.


  • It provides most of its features in rooted phones only.

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Best Keylogger for Android

SpyBubble is a spying keylogger app designed for parents to monitor their child's online/offline activities on their phones. This keylogger app keeps the log files of almost all keystrokes of the target device. With this app, authorized users also capture screenshots of the target phone. This app instantly alerts you if any inappropriate keyword gets typed in the browser or social media apps.

Along with keylogger, the SpyBubble app performs other tasks such as monitoring incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages on social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


  • It allows authorized users to block Wi-Fi remotely.
  • Its GPS feature helps to track the live geolocation of the device.
  • It monitors all sent and received messages from the instant messaging app, including the default device's message app.


  • It tracks all sent and received messages, including deleted messages.
  • It tracks all web activities and mobile apps used.
  • It detects any changes done in the contact list.


  • It does not offer a specific keyword alert function.

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What should we consider in a good Keylogger app?

Keep some points before downloading and installing a Keylogger app on your device. Following are few important factors are given below:

  • Easy-to-follow reports: A good keylogger app should be simple to use, offering detailed reports that a non-technical user can also understand.
  • Easy to install and undetected: If you are trying to install an Android keylogger application on your child's phone, install it so that it cannot be detected; otherwise, your purpose cannot get fulfilled.
  • Hard to discover: Once the app gets installed on your device, it should be hard to discover. So, the people you are monitoring need help finding the keylogger app there.
  • More than just a keylogger: An effective keylogger app is designed to record keystroke log files and be secure to feel confident to use it.

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