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Best Android Cleaner Apps

The routine maintenance of Android smartphones or tablets is not necessary, but it is an excellent practice to brush and clean up your Android device from time to time. The Android device cleaning activity is easily performed by using Android cleaner apps. The Android cleaner app removes junk files, boost your device performance, and even enhance device battery life.

But the question arises whether these Android cleaner apps work? In some cases, they perform well. The cache files present from a long time need to be cleaned. Also, there may be junks file present from ads, and image thumbnails occupy lots of device space. The Android cleaner apps help to find out unnecessary files in the device and help you to delete them.

List of some best Android cleaner apps

  • SD Maid
  • Norton Clean
  • CCleaner
  • Ancleaner: Android cleaner
  • Phone Cleaner
  • All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager
  • File by Google
  • Droid Optimizer
  • Go Speed
  • Avast Cleanup & Boost

SD Maid

Best Android Cleaner Apps

SD Maid provides different tools to users, which help to free additional disk space and manage your apps. The SD Maid app reads your file system and storage to find files that can be deleted without affecting apps. Simultaneously, the "Corpse Finder" of SD Maid searches for files left behind after uninstalling apps. However, the app also offers an app manager and built-in file manager.

Users can also schedule their device cleaning process using this app in Android. However, this scheduling feature is only available for SD Maid Pro users. The user interface of SM Maid Pro app is clean and well structured.

Download the SD Maid from Google Play Store.

Norton Clean

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Norton claims that, they analyzed junk file characteristics from thousands of apps, and therefore Norton Clean app removes junk files with high accuracy. Norton Clean app also cleans the files left by deleted or uninstalled apps, cache files, junks and lots more. Users can also remove pre-installed apps using this app. Other than cache and junk files deletion, it also suggests deleting apps that are no longer used from a long time.

The Manage Apps section displays all the apps in a list with their details such as installation date, short according to their last use, and the storage space they occupy. Norton Clean is one of the most modern-looking, brightest, and cleanest user-interface. This app doesn't contain many features; it only offers file cleaner and app delete features and promotes other Norton apps.

Download the Norton Clean from Google Play Store.


Best Android Cleaner Apps

CCleaner application is an excellent PC maintenance tool for the Windows machine and it swift towards the Android app. This app deletes cache, junks files from your device and clean device's RAM. The CCleaner app provides multi-purpose features such as empty download folders, browser history, and delete other temp files. It also facilitates to clean your call and SMS log one-by-one or by bulk at once.

The CCleaner app has an App Manager section that allows picking several apps for uninstallation. Its System Info page monitors the device's resources such as RAM, CPU, etc. so that you can see what's going in your phone. This app is a multifunctional that helps to analyze and clean unnecessary files and free up your device's precious space.

Download the CCleaner app from Google Play Store.

Ancleaner: Android cleaner

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Ancleaner is an Android cleaner app that cleans device junks files, caches files and lots more smartly. This app offers tons of features such as RAM memory cleaner, boost Android device, cache cleaner, booster app, WhatsApp tools and many more. The Ancleaner act as a junk file cleaner, speed up your device and enhance battery performance.

Features of Ancleaner cleaner app

  • Phone Cleaner: This app cleans device junk & cache files and clean RAM memory to enhance your device performance.
  • RAM memory cleaner: The app clean RAM memory and boost device performance.
  • App Manager: It allows uninstalling apps in a single click.
  • Basic explorer: It also organizes your files based on different categories like videos, images, music, documents.
  • Ancleaner tech: This feature suggests what to delete and what not from the device. It keeps the files that are required by apps and devices.

Download the Ancleaner Android cleaner from Google Play Store.

Phone Cleaner: Cache Clean, Android Booster Master

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Phone Cleaner is an excellent device cleaner app for Android device that cleans phone's junks files, cache files and boost device and memory performance. This app optimizes your phone and makes CPU cooler, that helps in battery saving. The app also cleans junk notification that contributes to device optimization. It is an all-in-one package for Android device cleaning. Phone Cleaner app performs the following cleaning activities:

  • Cache clean: it cleans unwanted device cache files.
  • Junk cleaner: it acts as a powerful junk cleaner and cleans all available junk files.
  • Battery saver: it kills the background execution of apps and saves battery life.
  • RAM cleaner and speed booster: it cleans RAM and boosts up device performance.
  • Space Cleaner: cleans the cache and junk files and optimize phone space.
  • Junk notification cleaner: it cleans and mutes unwanted notification if required.
  • CPU cooler: it cools down the device CPU temperature.
  • 1 tap boost: allows boosting device by a single tap.
  • And many more.

Download the Phone Cleaner from Google Play Store.

All-In-One Toolbox

Best Android Cleaner Apps

As the name suggest, All-In-One Toolbox is a multi-feature cleaner app for Android device. This app performs more than just cleaning junks and cache files of your device. The All-In-One Toolbox cleaner app works on a single tap and cleans background apps, cleans cache, and memory. The app includes more than 30 different tools which increase device productivity. It also contains a file manager, app manager (allows uninstalling and installing apps), and CPU cooler, which reduced device load. This app's target is to provide a fast, clean, and smart mobile experience on Android.

Other features of All-In-One Toolbox

  • It contains a device hardware info checker.
  • Include image compressor to reduce device space occupied by higher-resolution photos.
  • Detect larger files size files on your phone.

Download the All-in-One Toolbox from Google Play Store.

File by Google

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Files by Google is one of the trusted apps that track down and remove junk and cache files and boost your Android phone. Along with cleaning your device, it also allows quick access to your photos, documents, and videos stored on your phone. This app also suggests deleting unused apps, photos, old memos, and many more. Users can free up device space after a few taps.

One of the attractive features of this app is its excellent file manager and quick offline file-transfer service. These features make it a perfect all-around Android app. It also checks the available storage space of your phone and any microSD card if present. It also provides ultimate control over files and folder which gets saved and deleted.

Download the Files by Google from Google Play Store.

Droid Optimizer

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Droid Optimizer is another excellent Android cleaner and booster app that act as an all-in-one device optimizer. The app is easy to use. With a single touch, user will clean cache, junks files and stop background executing applications. Its App Manager allows you to bulk uninstallation of apps. Users can also set regular and automated cleaning activities. The auto-cleaning process cleans the device cache, deletes any unwanted files, and stops background apps. It has auto disabling features such as Wi-Fi when it is not active.

Download the Droid Optimizer from Google Play Store.

Go Speed

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Go Speed is an Android cleaner app that cleans junks files, cache files from memory and device storage. The app also stops background processes, disable auto-start apps and reduces RAM load. It cleans junk files, cache files and other unwanted files that occupy device space. It also contains extra tools like a game booster, battery saver, duplicate photo finder, CPU cooler, and notification cleaner.

Other features of the Go Speed cleaner app

  • It offers a floating widget for checking memory status in real-time.
  • It includes an app manager to manage your app that suggests removing rarely used apps.
  • It does deep clean of device storage by removing junk files, cache files and other temporary files.

Download the Go Speed cleaner app from Google Play Store.

Avast Cleanup & Boost

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Avast Cleanup and Boost is an antivirus app that also cleans junk and cache files from Android device. This app is much more similar to the AVG cleaner app in terms of features. This app provides a unique feature, like the integration of cloud storage and self-cleaning. However, in its paid version, users can control and optimize the size of images under the photo optimizer section.

Other features of the Avast Cleanup & Boost app

  • Battery profiles.
  • It has a cleaning adviser.
  • It facilitates a photo optimizer.

Download the Avast Cleanup & Boost from Google Play Store.

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