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Android One

Android One is a Google-devised program for hardware builders making smartphones. It was originally designed for smartphone users in emerging markets. It was started at Google's I/O conference in 2014. It originally focuses on the entry-level device for the emerging market.

Android One comes without any equipment that manufacturers like to bundle in - no skins, no additional services, and no duplicate apps. That means no pre-loaded apps like Microsoft Office or Facebook app, no additional news apps are present.

The biggest supporter of Android One is Nokia, which has a full portfolio of the device using the software.

Android One

Phone that runs Android One

The HTC U11 Life was the first Android One mobile phone. After that, Nokia made a huge commitment to Android One.

LG also joined the Android One list with the LG G7 One while Xiaomi Mi A2 also executes on Android One, and Motorola One also supports Android One.

Android One gives you a pure Android experience free from bloat, and some devices are fast to update to a new version of Android. One example is Nokia which has made the fastest update to its portfolio.

Android One

What does Android One feature?

According to Google, Android One is the "purest form of Android", and you can get the best version of Android, right from the box.

Google apps

You get Google software like YouTube, Maps, and Google Duo - in fact, the full suite of Google services. The Android One phones also come with built-in Google Play Protect, which helps to ensure that your apps are secure.

Google Assistant

Android One phone is optimized for Google Assistant so that you can use Google's helper to hail a ride, text a friend, and you can perform all that things with Assistant on other devices.

Google support

Using Android One, your device will receive up to two years of upgrades to the latest version of Android. It means, if you bought an Android One phone on "Oreo", you should end up with "Android 10".

Manufacturer hardware support

Android One also provides support for hardware elements of a manufacturer's device. For example, the HTC U11 Life added a squeezable frame, so there is a software support for that. You will also get the manufacturer's own camera apps.

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