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Best clocks for Android

There are several clock apps available on the Google Play Store, but choosingbest one from them is quite difficult. However, we have discussed some popular and widely used clocks for Android. You can select anyone for your Android device.

Some of the best clocks for Android device are given below:

Digital Clock Widget Xperia

Best clocks for Android

Digital Clock Widget Xperia is a minimal digital clock that contains a large number of settings, widgets, and functionality. The user interface of this app is styled by Sony Xperia. It allows customizing its font color, size, date and time display, and the background. Most of its operating system is Android 4.2 or higher version. Its full version contains automatic location detection of the device,most accurate weather forecasting, including the extra 9 font style, and adjustment of the background.

Download the Digital Clock Widget Xperia app from Google Play Store.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Best clocks for Android

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is an app for those people who take a deep sleep. The app gives the option to set multiple alarms in it. Each alarm has its own separate customizable settings. It also supports location-specific alarms, Android Wear, and lots more. It also offers a feature known as snooze challenge puzzles. In reality, you get wake up and solve a puzzle before an alarm turns off. The app is free to download from Google Play Store.

Download the Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers app from Google Play Store.

Alarm Clock for Me

Best clocks for Android

Alarm Clock for Me is another popular and better clock app for Android devices. The app allows setting an unlimited number of alarms in it. It provides basics features such as sleep timer, a flashlight toggle, and more. It also offers some additional features like themes, a brightness slider, and weather information. Some unique features include nightstand mode so that you can use your phone as a digital clock. It canbe used as acustomizable clock widget on your home screen. It also offers a Perfect Bedtime Reminder functionality that suggests you to go sleep at the right time in the evening.

Download the Alarm Clock for Me app from Google Play Store.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Best clocks for Android

Alarm Clock Xtream is another popular alarm clock app for Android devices. It offers different types of alarms, which include crescendo alarm, music, online radio, and others. The app also contains a built-in timer, simple sleep tracking, and stopwatch. It gives an additional snooze button if you are not ready to wake up yet. You can minimize the snooze interval time and set the maximum number of alarm snoozes.Download the Alarm Clock Xtreme app from Google Play Store.

Big Digital Clock

Best clocks for Android

Big Digital Clock is a digital, big, and self-explanatory clock. This app is excellent for those who want a digital clock on their coffee table and nightstand.It offers a theme to change its looks using a color that you want. The app is fit for both portrait and landscape mode very well. The app displays the time using the complete screen width. You can read the AM/PM mode from system settings. It provides the option to move the clock around the screen to prevent burn-in. Download the Big Digital Clock app from Google Play Store.

Google Clock

Best clocks for Android

Google Clock is possibly the most reliable clock app for Android. It gives all the basic features that you expect for a clock app. The app comes with a timer, clock, stopwatch, and alarm. It is easy to set up the alarms in it. Stopwatch and timer clock is easy to use. Google Clock comes with Material Design, which makes it look nice and work gracefully. The app supports Android Wear as well as the World Clock feature. It is lightweight and preferable for those who want a simple clock app. Download the Googe Clock app from Google Play Store.


Best clocks for Android

KWGT and KLWP is a custom widget app. It is a nice clock and widget app for Android devices. It offers you to customize your app. The app includes different tools, themes, and functions to customize it as you desire. This app is favorite in theme lovers because they get their desire looks immediately. Users can customize clocks such as digital and analog, weather widget, battery and memory meter, etc. KLWP also launch by the same developer. It offers live wallpaper, which can be added to the clock to your home screen. Download the KWGT clock app from Google Play Store.


Best clocks for Android

Timely is one of the popular clocks for Android device ever. This app goes viral as soon as it was launched in the market. Google finally purchased a Timely clock app and made it free for the user. It provides an attractive user-interface. Timely offers three screens, and the clock appears in the center. The right screen gives the timer and left screen gives alarms. The app comes with themes to configure it. The app gives design-tool to create your all-new look. Download the Timely clock app from Google Play Store.

Beautiful Widgets

Best clocks for Android

Beautiful Widgets is popular on those users who like widgets. It gives a variety of clock widgets in different colors and styles. The app contains a bundle of themes, which you are able to download and use in the app. The app provides other features like weather widgets, clock combo widgets, and lots more. The theme present in it is not great, but it offers some latest designs which you can choose from the app. The app is quite older, so it may be possible that it may not work perfectly with some latest versions of the Android device.Download the Beautiful Widgets clock app from Google Play Store.

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