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Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

In this digital era, people mostly share their details on various digital platforms, including social media and other web portals. It makes it easier for companies to reach consumers to sell their products and services. Companies extract your data quickly from the Internet and place several calls simultaneously.

Not only the companies but spammers and fraud callers also extract your data from the Internet or buy from other sources. Such companies and spammers place robocalls on people to sell their policies. Many people are annoyed and claim they receive more spam calls than actual ones.

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Spam calls are annoying for Android and iPhone users, especially when you are in the middle of an important meeting or busy with some other work. A spam call is a spontaneous call that intends to deceive or cheat the recipient. To deal with such spam calls, various spam call blocker apps are available that filter spam calls and robocalls.

One of the popular apps for Android devices is Google's Phone app which can filter out calls that it detects as spam, and Google's Phone app send such spam call directly to voicemail.

This article illustrates the best spam call blocker for Android that you can use on your phone to protect yourself.

Best Spam Call Blocker apps for Android

Several spam call blocker apps are available for Android on the Internet (play store); you can download and use them on your device. But you might be filling challenging to choose a full-featured and good spam call blocker for your device. We have listed some of the best spam call blockers for Android smartphones that you can try.

  • Phone (Google Phone app)
  • Truecaller: Caller ID & Block
  • Hiya - Caller ID & Block
  • Call Blocklist - Call Blocker
  • Call App
  • Call Control
  • Should I Answer?
  • Number- Caller ID & spam
  • Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
  • Call Blocker - Blacklist

Google's Phone app

Google's Phone app is a phone app that you can also use as a spam call blocker on your Android. By default, the app enabled the caller ID and spam protection feature. Users can choose to turn off this feature on their phones. However, you have to activate the feature that filters suspicious spam calls and sends them directly to voicemail. Following are the steps, how you can do this:

  1. Launch the Google's Phone app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap on the More menu (three dots) icon from the screen's upper-right.
    Best Spam Call Blocker for Android
  3. Now, select the Settings
    Best Spam Call Blocker for Android
  4. From the list of various options, tap on the Caller ID and spam.
    Best Spam Call Blocker for Android
  5. Now, enable the See caller ID and spam
  6. Enable the Filter spam calls.
    Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

You can be safe from getting spam calls or voicemail notifications using the above features and settings. Google's Phone app will handle all these things for you. Besides, you can even see the filtered calls in your call history.

Manually put the specific number as a spam call in Google's Phone app

Besides filtering spam calls, Android users can also mark a particular number and report them as spammer from their call history. It will stop calls to come in your number. Here are the steps to manually put the specific number as spam on Google's Phone app:

  1. Launch the Phone app from Google on your Android phone.
  2. Select the Recent calls tab.
    Best Spam Call Blocker for Android
  3. Please tap on the phone number (call) you want to report as a spam number.
  4. Now, tap on the Block/Report spam option, and it will ask that you wish to block that number.
    Best Spam Call Blocker for Android
  5. Confirm it by tapping on Report call as spam and tap block.

If you decide to unblock a number from the spam caller list, you can also remove that number from the block list.

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Truecaller is an excellent app that makes your communication safe and efficient by identifying unknown callers. It is one of the trusted apps among users that blocks spam calls and messages. It offers a feature to block all spam calls listed under the Truecaller database. Other than the filtering spams call, it also gives several features for the user. It lets you see the name of an unknown number under the history section and also facilitates knowing more about each number.

Truecaller even identifies the person who is calling even before the call appears to you and displays the Caller ID on your screen so that you can easily decide whether to receive their call. The app blocks spam and telemarketing calls, and SMS. But most of its advanced features like call recording and ad removal are locked under premium service. However, its free version is even suitable for average users offering features like call blocking, caller id, backup history, contacts, etc., to Google drive.

Download Truecaller from Play Store


Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Hiya is another famous spam and call blocker app for Android phone that identify and block calls you want to avoid. Besides the call and SMS blocking from spammers, it also includes reverse phone number lookup functionality and Caller ID security protection to examine whether it is a fraudulent or a legitimate caller.

Hiya spam call blocking app mainly focused on the first six digits of a phone number contained in a spam number. It filters out and blocks calls and SMS from such numbers. The app offers a feature to enable automatic alerts to warn you if the incoming call is unwanted. The Hiya app also allows one to make a phone call within the app.

Features of the Hiya app

  • It blocks calls and messages from spammers, telemarketers, and robocalls and sends them to your voicemail.
  • Its automatic call blocker feature blocks unwanted numbers.
  • It also facilitates reporting fraudulent numbers.
  • Enabling an automatic alert feature warns you about incoming spam calls.

Download the Hiya app from the Play Store

Call Blocklist - Call Blocker

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Call Blocklist is a powerful app that acts as an Android spam calls and messages blocker. It blocks unwanted calls such as robocalls, spam, and inappropriate and harassment calls from reaching you. Call Blocklist app also allows you to block specific numbers, hidden numbers, or any other numbers that are not saved in your contacts.

The Call Blocklist app lets you create and select numbers as a blacklist and a whitelist within the app. You can turn the blacklist on/off whenever you want. Besides these features, you can also schedule and assign a particular time to block calls and messages. The app is free to download from play stand use, but its free version contains ads.

Features of Call Blocklist

  • It blocks calls and SMS using its Blacklist feature.
  • You can also block private and hidden numbers using it.
  • There is also a feature of whitelisting to set specific numbers never get blocked.
  • It also lets you block calls and messages at the scheduled time.

Download the Calls Blocklist app


Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

CallApp app mainly works similarly to Truecaller, displaying Caller ID and recording calls. You can imagine its popularity by seeing how much the app has been downloaded over the play store. It not only displays Caller ID but also identifies and blocks all spam and telemarketing calls. It also allows customizing your incoming caller screen with videos.

One of the best features CallApp spam call blocker app is its social media coverage. It updates your contacts list from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., so it can't block calls and messages from known people.

Features of CallApp

  • It identifies Caller ID and blocks call from spammers, telemarketing, and unwanted numbers.
  • You can create a blacklisted number that can't call and message you.
  • It updates your contacts list from your social media contacts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Download CallApp from Play Store

Call Control

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Call Control is an efficient call blocker (or spam call blocker) Android app that prevents annoying calls and messages from robocalls, spammers, and telemarketers from reaching you. Other than spam calls, if someone is bothering you with calls and messages, you can specifically block such numbers by adding them to your blacklist. The app also offers an option to schedule a time during which you will not receive any calls and messages.

Other than blocking spam calls, it also supports an advanced dialer and Caller ID feature that lets you know who is calling. Call Control app analyzes over 12 million members in the community to give more accurate results in a short time. The user of this app can use their feature like text message blocker, do not disturb (DND) mode, backup contacts, etc.

Download Call Control (Call Blocker) from the play store.

Should I Answer?

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

The "Should I Answer" app protects you from unsolicited calls and messages disturbing you. Suppose any unknown number calls you; the app checks that number instantly from its updated database without using the Internet. Suppose the app finds any user who reported that number as a source of annoyance; it will warn you against that number. If you want, you can block it directly, and the caller can't be able to contact you.

The app Should I Answer categories the spammers and unwanted callers like telemarketers under different sections with assigned ratings. The app displays a phone number with a rating when you receive a call from an unknown number. Also, there is an option to choose and set a level of protection based on your need. Other than all these features, the app also acts as a fully functional dialer app.

Download Should I Answer from the Play store

Mr. Number - Caller ID & spam

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Mr. Number is another popular spam call blocker app for Android that blocks annoying calls and even identifies and stop spam and scam. It lets you block calls from any people, businesses, and hidden numbers, and you can even select and put numbers manually to block them. Besides the telemarketers and spammer's calls, the app also facilitates blocking numbers based on area code or even entire country. If you wish, you can report spam calls that help another user to get an alert. Mr. Number protects users from fraud callers accessing their phones.

Download the Mr. Number app from the Play store

Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Whoscall is another dedicated call blocker app for Android users that identify and blocks calls and messages from spammer, telemarketer's calls, robocalls, etc. It saves your time from attending to unnecessary calls and includes identifying Caller ID that lets you know who is calling. It is a full-feature dialer phone app to manage your calls, messages, and anti-spam callers. Whoscall premium version automatically updates the database of spam numbers that prevents you from newly added spammers.

Download Whoscall from the Play Store

Call Blocker - Blacklist

Best Spam Call Blocker for Android

Call Blocker is another spam call blocker app for Android that block annoying calls from spammers, telemarketers, robocalls, etc. The app lets you maintain phone calls using it; you can put contact numbers (known or unknown) under a blacklist and a whitelist. The phone number you select and placed under the blacklist will be unable to call and message you. But there is a feature to configure the app to notify about all incoming calls from a blocked number. The app is lightweight with easy to use user interface.

Features of Call Blocker app:

  • It stops unnecessary calls and messages from reaching you.
  • There have multiple modes of blocking based on user choice.
  • It lets users choose a phone number as an allowlist and blocklist.
  • It detects and prevents one-ring phone scams.

Download Call Blocker Free from the Play store

Block spam calls by only allowing calls from your contacts

Another way to win the fight against spammers and their rings is by blocking all the numbers, excluding those in your contacts list. You can block spam calls by only allowing calls and messages from the number stored on your phone. When anyone tries to contact you, which is not saved in your contacts, your phone can't ring.

But using this method to block spam calls has a significant drawback. You will miss calls from family members, friends, colleagues, and co-workers who changed their number or trying to call from another phone. So try this method only if you are unsatisfied with the above-discussed way or if all other methods fail.

Block spam calls one-by-one

If you don't want to install and use any third-party spam call blocker on your phone to block spam calls, then you can block them one by one. If you get harassed calls from just a few numbers (companies or individuals), block them from your phone's in-built settings. To do so, launch your phone app on your Android phone. Now tap-and-hold on the number you want to block, and from the pop-up options, select "Block".

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