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Android RSS Feed Reader

The RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. It is used to read the latest update made on the content of a blog or website. RSS feed is mostly used for reading the summary of a blog (newsletter). The content for RSS feed is provided in XML format.

The XML format for RSS reader contains the following tags.

In this tutorial, we will read the content of the website ( and using Android RSS Feed reader. The contents are displayed in ListView of Android and clicking on these items will load their respective URL.

Android RSS Feed Reader Example

Create an activity with the following code. Clicking on the button of this activity redirect to class and load the content of a given URL.


Create a layout rss_item_list_row.xml which contains the fields of a newsletter (page URL, title, publishing date) which are displayed in RSS Feed.


Create class, in this class; we will use the instance of DocumentBuilderFactory class to parse the XML document.

Now, create an activity with the following code. This class uses AsyncTask class to load the items of RSS Feed from the URL in the background.


Create an activity containing WebView, that load the content of the link clicked in the previous activity.


Permission Required

Add the INTERNET permission in AndroidMenifest.xml file.


Android RSS Feed Reader Android RSS Feed Reader Android RSS Feed Reader
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