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Stock market apps for Android

The stock market is a vast market place that produces a lot of information about the current market every day. Several industries track and analyze the stock market results. There are only a few mobile apps available for stock market activity. Some stock market apps give you to manage your portfolio, and some provide news and analysis on market trends. However, some app performs a combination of both. Now a day, the cryptocurrency is making its own way into the world of stock market.

We are providing bunches of apps that can helps you to know and analyze the stock market.

Best Stock Market Apps for Android

  1. JStock
  2. com News
  3. MSN Money
  4. My Stocks Portfolio
  5. Robinhood
  6. StockTwits
  7. Feedly
  8. Webull
  9. Yahoo Finance
  10. Acorns


JStock is a big stock market app that provides numerous of information about the stock market. This app is a combo of both stock market news and a personal portfolio tracker apps. This app gives the data of 10 years of stock charts history, 28 world stock market news, and several other features for the U.S. stock market. It also offers you to manage your dividends and portfolio. JStock is mostly for beginners or weekend traders. The app provides collections of the stock market and business news all the time.

Download the JStock app from Google Play Store. News is a great source of stock market news, information, and stock price. It gives real-time data over 100,000 financial institutions across 70 global markets. It includes information about stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies, global indices, futures, and options.

You can manage your personal holding portfolio, check the cryptocurrency prices, and receives an immediate alert about price changes by volume or percentage. It gives an economic calendar that helps to stay ahead of a large and important event and earnings reports. The app has a simple user interface, free to download, but contains ads. Its paid version eliminates the ads displaying.

Download the app from Google Play Store.

MSN Money

MSN Money is a well designed financial app that gives perfect services about the stock market. It has a clean user interface, which allows switching between the stock sections and news easily. MSN Money has collections of tools, calculators, and information for traders. The app offers to customize the stock watch list only in few taps. This app collects information from various sources such as CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Market Watch, Forbes, and many others.

Download the MSN Money app from Google Play Store.

My Stocks Portfolio

My Stock Portfolio is a well featured real-time stock market trading app. It provides real-time quotes, detail charts, news, and unlimited portfolios. It also gives a full-screen chart that allows pinching and zooming to get detailed information. The app contains a news section along with articles from sites like Yahoo Finance and other financial publications. Click on its stock symbol to get news about the latest price and other data.

This app syncs your portfolios to other devices and keeps back up of your data to email or Google Drive. It also gives a facility to protect your information using a password lock.

Download the My Stock Portfolio app from Google Play Store.


Robinhood is an Android app that significantly the right place of purchase and sale of stock. Linking your bank account with your Robinhood account makes buying and selling of stocks simple. The app doesn't charge any commission on the transaction.


StockTwits is a newer excellent stock market app for Android devices. As the name despite, it has no connection to social network Twitter. The app includes a real-time feed to stock prices, earnings statement calendar, cryptocurrency information, and others. It also integrates a Robinhood stock market app's services, which allows users to buy and sell crypto and stocks directly from the app. The app is free to download from Google Play Store.

Download the StockTwits app from Google Play Store.


Feedly stock market app is an RSS reader that allows to follow business and market blog which you want. Feedly app is lightweight and simple. The app is excellent and offers a clean way to get news from various sources which provides stock market news. Using this app, you easily manage all your blogs, publications, YouTube channels, and more from a single place. This app is connected with more than 40 millions of feeds. You can go into deep and find nice content that is specific to your business.

Download the Feedly app from Google Play Store.


Webull is similar to the Robinhood stock market app. It allows users to buy and sell stock directly from their Android app. The app doesn't charge any commission from users, and it becomes a good alternative for those who are looking for a cheaper traditional stock market app. It contains portfolio management options, real-time stock prices. It also includes news feed for Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, and others.

Download the Webull app from Google Play Store.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a quite popular stock market app that provides three primary use cases. It allows you to view and keeps track of the various stock prices in your portfolio. It offers several financial and business news to read. The app also gives you the facility to track commodities, currencies, and all kinds of other information.

Using the Yahoo Finance app, users are able to read the latest news about money, users can follow stocks and cryptocurrencies, and gets an instant notification on stock price changes. The app facilitates to sync users to their Yahoo account so that when a user selects any watchlist preferences from their app, it will appear on the web version as well.

Download the Yahoo Finance app from Google Play Store.


Acorns is an excellent stock market app for beginners. The app allows connecting users bank account and credit card to it for tracking their purchases. The funds transferred to this app are invested in one of the five stock portfolios. Four portfolios are designed with different risk levels, and the fifth one is a collection of company stocks.

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