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Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

Wine differs greatly from other alcoholic drinking products in taste and availability in the region. The best wine app for Android or iOS app helps you to pick the best wine brand and displays other information like user feedback and reviews about the wine they have used. Using the best wine app greatly enhances your drinking experience by suggesting popular brands and pairing food.

While there are tons of apps available for food and restaurants to provide their services, the thing that needs to be added is to deliver the best wine information. Downloading the best wine app for Android or iOS helps wine lovers pair wine with food, compare wine and their prices, read reviews posted by others, etc. This article illustrates the top 10 and best wine apps for Android and iOS.

List of popular wine apps for Android and iOS

  • Delectable
  • Vivino
  • Wine Events
  • CellarTracker
  • Wine Searcher
  • VinoCell
  • Drizly
  • Banquet
  • Hello Vino


Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

Delectable is one of the popular mobile apps to scan wine bottles to get their information, including ratings, user reviews, and lots more. Wine lovers and experts use it to post and share their thoughts and opinions about new, exciting discoveries. Open the app and use the camera functionality. The Delectable app takes only a few seconds to scan the wine bottle and display data on it. There is an additional list of wine brands, winemakers, and wine pros.

Wine lovers can also add locations where they get particularly good wine and suggest to others. Most popular wine brands are registered here, and it works as the best wine discovery platform for people who wish to get quality drinks. Additionally, there is an option to track wine they have had and add notes on whether they liked it or not and why. Delectable also provides a feature for buying wine using it and getting it delivered to your doorstep.


  • Free to download and use
  • Quickly scans wine and spirits and works most of the time
  • User-friendly design with easy navigation
  • Email customer support


  • Some popular wine brands need to be added to Delectable Wine's list
  • Buying wine redirects you out of the app to the website

Download Delectable for Android and iOS


Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

Vivino is probably among the best social media platform apps for wine lovers. It offers features similar to the discussed Delectable Wine app. It lets wine enthusiasts create their taste profile and compare it with other Vivino users. Also, you can post photos of your wine and write reviews whether you like it.

Choose the best wine brand you love, and the Vivino app help its user to buy wine via the app and from a physical retail store, too. It's very easy to use and takes advantage of huge sets of user-generated data to send personalized recommendations based on what you've liked in the past. Vivino is one of the world's largest wine communities, with over 50 million downloads.


  • Provides an entire wine list to select from
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Reviews of other users read about wine and other brands
  • Globally, the largest community
  • Provide help support


  • Some brands are not included
  • Detailed wine product pages can be intimidating

Download Vivino

Wine Events

Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

As the name indicates, the Wine Events app is for discovering events-based wine and food. Add your all-upcoming events to the app's calendar and share them with your friends. Also, you can find a list of events by location. If you love to travel and enjoy drinks & food vacations with friends, it lets you plan your trip according to events.

Use Wine Events to get the suggested best wine fairs and tastings when you travel. It also provides recommended food pair ideas to you. If wine is a part of your traveling experience, Wine Events helps you to enjoy locally and globally, such as France, Italy, Argentina, and others. If you are a wine lover and prefer traveling, this app could be a must-have app on your smartphone.


  • Provides wine events and food ideas information
  • It is globally available in most regions
  • Users can add their wine events for promotion


  • Suggest majority of events from U.S., Canada, France based
  • Several link redirects to the web browser instead of opening in the app

Download Wine Events


Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

CellarTracker app is mostly a wine collector that lets wine lovers track their wine cellars. It has a feature of barcode scanning to display information about your product, such as reviews and tasting notes by others. CellarTracker's database contains lists of over 4.3 million wine brands, and the list is continuously increasing.

The user interface of the app is complicated but does its task perfectly. It takes very few moments to read a barcode and display the result. It also lets you add your wine collection by easily scanning the label or barcode.


  • There is no need to create an account to access the app's features
  • Quick scanning barcode to display information


  • No manual way to enter or request wine registration
  • The app's user interface is not simple

Download CellarTracker


Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

Using the Wine-Searcher app for mobile, find the brand, compare it with others, and then buy. This wine app brings the world's wine and its price together on your phone. Like the other wine apps, you can find bottles based on your preferred brand. Wine-Searcher helps you find wine stores closer to you, allowing you to buy wine online from several retailers. Also, you can keep notes and track which brands and flavors you like and those you don't. This note helps you to buy next time.


  • Find a wine store near you
  • Facilitates online buying of wine and shipping them to doorstep
  • Allows comparing with other wines, beers, and spirits


  • In-app purchase is comparably high

Download Wine Searcher


Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

VinoCell is a wine app for iOS devices containing an extensive collection of wine lists. Use the search bar to find the wine you want from its huge collection easily. Also, it allows the addition of labels by scanning the bottle's barcode and displays the graphical representation of the cellar. Additionally, it manages the dish pairing for each wine.


  • Huge wine list to select from
  • FAQ and email support available
  • No subscription needed


  • No free version is available
  • Not available for Android device
  • No label scanner

Download VinoCell iOS app


Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

The Drizly wine app makes buying wine from local liquor stores easy. Wine lovers can also buy wine and other liquor like beer online from the app and get it delivered to your mentioned address (in supported cities). You can also schedule the delivery time that suits you. Using this app, compare the price of wine online and local shops and ensure you are paying only what you should. Choose your favorite wine and beer from the store, and send a gift pack to others.


  • Offer a huge list of wines and beer to select from
  • Easy price comparison between stores in your area
  • Online delivery on supported area


  • It may not be available where you live

Download Drizly


Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

Banquet is the best wine source, containing thousands of wine lists from boutique retailers. The app is created by the popular developer Delectable, which lets you connect with wine merchants and sellers. Using Banquet, wine lovers can search by filtering with label, price, grape, or region where the bottle is available. Order your favorite product online and get home delivery in the supported region (US states). However, the Banquet Wine app is only available for iOS devices.


  • A huge collection of more than 20+ thousand types of wine
  • Freely available for iOS


  • Unavailable for Android device

Download Banquet from the Apps Store

Hello Vino

Best Wine Apps for Android and iPhone

The Hello Vino can become your virtual wine assistant, making buying wine easy and fun. You will get a recommendation to pair your wine with food. Also, personalized wine picking is based on your meal and any special occasion (dinner, party gift, etc.). Scan the bottle label or barcode to get information about the wine, like taste others added, ratings, and notes.

Enter your taste in the search bar, such as fruity, cherry flavors, and red wine, to get results to make selection easy. Write your query in the question-and-answer section to get help from a wine expert to select the perfect bottle from thousands of lists. The Hello Vino app is available for iOS devices.


  • Recommends the best combination of your wine and food pairings
  • Quick scan wine to get its information and user feedback
  • Huge collections of bottles, brand


  • Several disturbing pop-ups
  • Lack of basic red and white wine browsing for newcomers

Download Hello Vino

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