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Android smartwatch for women

These days, accessories like smartwatches are coming in an attractive and stylish design for every modern lady. Smartwatch provides all your valuable information at your wrist. Most of the top smartwatches are designed for both men and women in different sizes and custom-make features, which make them great for women.

But there are some key factors that women want from a smartwatch. A different size watch is essential for a smaller wrist. The smartwatch that comes in large size and thick can look bulky and feel uncomfortable.

Some smartwatches are designed for women that contain a built-in feature for menstrual cycle tracking. They also include other features like emails and notification, health apps to monitor heartbeat rate, calorie monitor, etc.

Best Android smartwatches for Women

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Android smartwatch for women

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a top trend smartwatch for women when we talk about its fit and looks. It comes in two different sizes, that is 40mm and 44mm. Both have an AMOLED screen display and waterproof. The Active 2 smartwatch uses sensors to track and monitor your heart rates. Its battery duration has also improved as compared to the Samsung first Active watch. This smartwatch is compatible with Samsung smartphones, Non-Samsung Android OS 5.0 or above, and iOS 9.0 and above. Samsung promises to add new features like ECG and fall detection modes in the future.

Withings/Nokia Steel

Android smartwatch for women

There is something special in Withings/Nokia Steel about activity and sleep watch. It has a simple design display, which makes its looks excellent. The smartwatch comes with a stainless steel case, silicone sport strap, chrome hands, and premium coating. This smartwatch is excellent for a woman who wants to take care of her health. The smartwatch contains features to track your activities, calories burnt during activity performance. You can use it as sleep monitoring so that you can wake up at the right time. Its battery goes up to 8-months with a single charge.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Android smartwatch for women

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch has a pretty attractive design, but looks and design are not everything for a smartwatch. The smartwatch includes many features such as tracking your daily activity, sleep stages, and includes heart rate tracking. Depending upon your planning, you can change its mode like swim or run, connect to smartphone GPS, and record workouts. Other than these features, it also allows to play songs, smartphone notification, and receive texts and calls. It uses a Fitbit app that tracks female health periods and symptoms. The battery life is also good that goes up to 4 plus days.

Fossil Gen 4 Venture

Android smartwatch for women

Those who don't want to compromise with a good deal about smartwatch can go for Fossil Gen 4 Venture. It is impressive for ladies. The smartwatch comes with built-in activity tracking features, control your music, and notification for calls, social messages, texts, emails, and many more. It also provides features like Google Pay, GPS, Google Assistant, and heart rate tracking. However, it doesn't have an external speaker and less storage space as compared to new Gen 5 model. This smartwatch comes for feminine design with multiple color combinations such as gold, rose gold, and silver variants.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Android smartwatch for women

Motorola Moto 360 Sport smartwatch is specially designed for women. Its second-generation gives a stylish round design, news, notification for messages, weather, and more others. This smartwatch also monitors your steps, tracks your activity, GPS, calculates your calories, and heart rate all at your wrist. Moto 360 Sport comes with LCD Touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 3, voice control. This watch gets charged wirelessly, and it has a water-resistant to 3-ft. It supports Android Wear's phone, which runs Android 4.3 or higher and iOS (iPhone) phone 5 and later.

Kate Spade Sport Smartwatch

Android smartwatch for women

Kate Spade smartwatch gives a sporty look. It includes built-in activity and fitness tracking features. Its straps are now available in silicone, which means it is more sweat and gym friendly. This smartwatch is available in three different colors. The first one is a deep green strap and bronzed finish, second is a pink strap with the same bronzed finish, and the third comes in all black with light purple accents.

Kate Spade smartwatch provides to set targets, and monitor your heart rate, track your range of activities. It also contains NFC for Google Play, built-in Google Assistant, and notifications.

Fossil Sport

Android smartwatch for women

Fossil Sport is the right combination of value and features in a lightweight. It is comfortable to wear in day-to-day or when you are working out. The battery life goes up to two days, and it can access all of the latest Wear OS apps too. Fossil Sport provides a heart-rate monitor, swim-proof along with GPS tracking.

Fossil Sport is an excellent smartwatch that includes email, notification, NFC for Google Pay, and app alerts. This smartwatch is available in two different case sizes 41mm and 43mm. The 41mm case size looks good on ladies.

LG Watch Style

Android smartwatch for women

LG's Watch Style is lightweight and slim, which makes it ideal for ladies' wrists. It supports Android Wear 2.0 along with Android 4.3 or later and iOS 9 or later. The smartwatch provides facility to track your fitness, alerts, and messages. It comes with a built-in Google Assistant, which gets started by saying "Ok Google" and Smart Reply for easy to send messages. The smartwatch has a water and dust resistant frame and app that record your every move.

Huawei Watch

Android smartwatch for women

Huawei Watch has an attractive design and cutting-edge technology, which makes it a useful accessory. Its look is surprising, this good design watch looks like a piece of jewelry for your wrist other than a smartwatch. Huawei smartwatch has 1.4" full circle AMOLED display with a scratch-resistant along with stainless steel body. The smartwatch supports Android Wear and includes features like notifications and alerts of calls, allows making calls, monitoring heart rate, and tracks your activities.

Michael Kors Access Runway

Android smartwatch for women

The Access Runway of Michael Kors is a lovely looking smartwatch for women. This smartwatch has a high-resolution display and a polished design. This smartwatch gives you Google Pay, apps, and alerts. It also contains a built-in GPS, heart rate tracking, you can also play games, work out with it. Access Runway has a 41mm watch with an AMOLED touchscreen display. It comes in both leather and stainless steel straps. The smartwatch contains features such as heart rate tracking, smartphone notifications, GPS, Google Assistant, and lots more. It is compatible with Android OS 4.4 or later and iOS 9.3 or later.

Skagen Falster 3

Android smartwatch for women

If you are wondering for a slim and stylish design Android smartwatch, then go for new Skagen Falster 3. The smartwatch comes with high-quality straps, including steel mesh, silicone, and leather. It is an ideal choice for those who want a smartwatch that looks like a traditional watch, which provides many new features. Skagen Falster 3 upgrades its RAM and storage space for ultra-smooth performance, better battery life, and includes a speaker for receiving and making calls. It has a built-in GPS for distance tracking, monitors heart rate, activity tracking, and Google Assistant.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Android smartwatch for women

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro smartwatch is mostly for those ladies who live their life on the go. This extraordinary watch can automatically monitor your steps and detect your activity, distance, calories, and more. It is also enabled with built-in GPS, which is ideal for mapping runs. This smartwatch comes with integrated smart technology that allows you to receive and respond to the notification from your wrist smartwatch. It is compatible with Android OS 4.4 and later and iOS 9.0 or later. It gives an accurate view of your all-day calorie burn with a continuous heart rate.

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