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Android File Manager

Android allows every user to access their device's file system using a file manager. They can access Android files and transfer them between a computer and a smartphone or tablet. This is performed by simply plug in a USB cable in an Android device and fire up your desktop file manager. Android's file manager app reacts as an important part of the software on a device. It provides facility to browse files, manage storage space, downloads, move files around, and a lot of other activities. However, several Android device manufacturers provide a pre-install Android file manager app on their devices. The pre-install file manager contains fewer features as compared to other third-party file managers.

Here, we will discuss some of the best Android file managers.

Note: The below given list is not in the order of their performance; it is only a compilation of the best file explorer. You can choose according to your needs.

Some of the best Android File Managers:

  1. Files Go (free)
  2. Mixplorer Silver ($4.79)
  3. Astro Cloud & File Manager (free)
  4. Solid Explorer ($1.99 after free trial)
  5. DiskUsage (free)
  6. File Commander (free, in-app purchase)
  7. OI File Manager
  8. Moto File Manager
  9. FolderSync (free)
  10. File Expert (free)
  11. Ghost Commander (free)
  12. File Manager (free)
  13. Amaze File Manager (free)
  14. Tetra Filer (free)
  15. File Manager + (free)
  16. Root Explorer ($3.99)
  17. Total Commander (free)
  18. ASUS File Manager (free)
  19. X-plore File Manager (free)
  20. File Explorer (free)

Files Go

Files Go file manager is a product of Google, which behaves less like a file manager app and more as a device assistant. This file manager helps you to manage your device's storage space by deleting rarely used applications, files, documents, large size media, and folders. It also facilitates a cache clearing functionality and allows you to view files based on their categories. The Files Go supports local encrypted file sharing and backup features that provide a facility to send files to the cloud.

Android File Manager

MiXplorer Silver

MiXplorer Silver has a strong file manager in this era now, but it is now recently placed in the Google Play store in a premium version. This version bunches together MiXplorer with several premium add-ons like Mix archive, tagger, and metadata. It supports multiple archive formats, including RAR and ZIP. The MiXplorer Silver contains a built-in media player and image viewer. It supports for both networked and cloud-based storage device.

Android File Manager

Astro Cloud & File Manager

ASTRO file manager is another important and popular choice for Android file management. This file manager contains both cloud and local storage management components in a single package. It offers you to manage your internal and SD card storage space. Using Astro Cloud file manager, you can move your files and media to and from cloud services like One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Its left side drawer contains convenient shortcuts such as cloud service and network storage, bookmarked locations, and shortcuts to media files. Other than file management functionality, this app also contains an app manager, quick viewer to SD card usage space, and a task killer.

Android File Manager

Solid Explorer

This is an attractive file manager app which provides two-pane user interface over the Android phones and tablets. It also supports for archive files like TAR, RAR, and ZIP, and indexed search function. Other than an impressive feature, Solid Explorer supports a wide range of plugins that add new features such as FTP server plugin, USB OTG support, and lots more. It has two separate explorer panes, which are combined with drag-and-drop support, which offers copying and moving files from one location to another.

Android File Manager


DiskUsage is not a really complete file manager app; however, it is still an attractive tool that helps you to manage your file system. This helps you to instantly find the files and folders that occupy more storage space in the device. It performs as a separate tool to view and delete folders.

Android File Manager

File Commander

File Commander is an excellent file manager that provides extra features and utilities in-app purchases. Instead of opening a file and directory view, the app's home screen gives users a series of classified "libraries" such as document, audio, and video. This file manager also supports remote access, file sharing, and cloud storage. It contains additions tools in-app purchases.

Android File Manager

OI File Manager

OI File Manager is an open-source file manager that allows you to browse your external device storage, create directories, rename, and more. This app gives a wide range of basics functionality for file management such as cut, copy, and paste operations. It provides easy access to the folders using bookmarks, and ZIP compression. It also offers you to send files via email service.

Android File Manager

Moto File Manager

The Moto File Manager app comes with Motorola's phones, and it can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It offers both the classical folder navigation, which offers an easy-to-use experience as well as give separate views of pictures, audio, documents, and other popular file types. This file manager provides the essential file management functionalities such as cut, copy, and paste, as well as compress and extracts ZIP files. It also contains some additional features like a one-tap transfer of all device's photos and media files to external storage SD card. The Moto File Manager offers remote control features using which you can manage your Android device files remotely from your personal computer.

Android File Manager


FolderSync file manager comes with basic file management features. The main target of the FolderSync file manager is to make sure that user's frequently used files are in sync between their Android device and cloud storage options. User of FolderSync file manager easily backup and sync their files and folders from various storage providers such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This file manager also supports several file transfer protocols.

Android File Manager

File Expert

In addition to cover Android file management, basics functionality is to transfer and delete files and folders, File Expert has its own popular cloud storage services such as DropBox, Google Drive. It also includes network supports for FTP, WebDAV, SMB.

Android File Manager

Ghost Commander

Ghost Commander is a file management tool that is inspired by Total Commander. The Ghost Commander brings its clarification to the two-pane navigation system into Android smartphones and tablets. It allows you to fast access of various functions using physical buttons. This app includes FTP support; control is configured for left-handed users, and root features. It includes various plugins that add extra features, such as cloud storage and WebDAV support.

Android File Manager

File Manager

File Manager is another Android file management app that has the attractive style of Google's Material Design. The File Manager has a well all-around file manager features for Android smartphones and tablets. This file manager arrives in a clean single-pane view and a side folder. This file manager provides facility to bookmark your folders and shortcuts pictures, screenshot, music, and movie folders as well as your download files. Users can copy, delete, rename, share, and search their files. The File Manager contains a built-in media gallery and cloud storage that supports services such as OneDrive and Google Drive.

Android File Manager

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is an open-source app that has an attractive looks and gives the feel of Material Design. The Amaze File Manager behaves as an all-round local file manager. User can view their directory and files in a grid or the list view. The side drawer shows the frequently used folder like pictures, music, movies, and downloads. The users of this file manager are able to bookmark their folders, and view all media files loaded in their internal storage using side drawer shortcuts. This file manager app supports SMB and FTP connections. It includes extra features to support ZIP file and a root explorer.

Android File Manager

Tetra Filer

The Tetra Filer file manager display files and folders in a tight, gallery, or detailed view. The user of Tetra Filer file manager can bookmark their regularly used folders for easy access. It also includes a search feature to find mention files or folders instantly. It focuses on local storage management, so it doesn't contain cloud storage here. If you are looking for a unique and simple file manager that navigates your internal storage, this file manager performs the job for you nicely.

Android File Manager

File Manager +

File Manager + is a nice looking user interface where the various different categories of directories are uniformly distributed. This file manager is easy to use, and it gives all the necessary features that a file manager must have. It supports both local as well as cloud storage, including Network Attached Storage (NAS). File Manager + contains a built-in storage analyzer to analyze which files and folders are occupying more storage space in the memory.

Android File Manager

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a trusted Android file manager. It gives access to lower-level file management, which includes the app data folder. It also covers the basic file management features like a copy, cut, paste, and delete. Root Explorer has built-in support for many archive formats such as RAR, TAR, and ZIP files. This file manager also facilitates app management, cloud storage management, a text editor, and SQL database viewer functionality.

Android File Manager

Total Commander

Total Commander provides all the essential features that a user might want in a file manager. It provides advanced control over the folder and change permissions. It contains extra plugins for SFTP and FTP client, LAN, WebDAV access, and lots more. Total Commander file manager supports a two-panel mode window to manage files easily. This app supports various types of files, network and cloud storage, and a plugin for LAN and FTP support, root functions, bookmarking, and lots more.

Android File Manager

ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager is available in the Google Play Store for all Android phones. It is a default file manager of a Zen UI Android Asus phone. It is free but contains ads. It has a simple user interface, due to which it becomes easy to use, and the files categories are perfectly displayed. It comes with a built-in recycle bin, which helps you to recover the deleted file. The ASUS File Manager access the cloud storage, search option, compressing and extracting files, and lots more. This file manager offers you to hide any of your private files and directories within its Hidden Cabinet.

Android File Manager

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager gives a dual-pane file explorer interface. It is divided by buttons displayed in a column of the mid of the screen. User can manage the two windows at the same time. It offers copy and paste files and folders functionality which is easily accessible. The app is free, and it is free from ads. This app contains additional features like network storage, cloud storage, root support, PDF viewer, app manager, ZIP unpacker, Auto-ZIP file creator, video player with subtitle, and lots more. X-plore File Manager provides additional support for Web storage and LAN.

Android File Manager

File Explorer

File Explorer is also named as FX file manager, which offers a good browsing user interface. It starts with a single-window that displays the files, bookmarks, and additional resources. The new windows can be explored in a split view style. It offers several functionalities to users such as text editor, thumbnail viewing, Wi-Fi SMB sharing, recycle bin and optional Root Explorer plugin.

Android File Manager
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