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Best browsers for Android

Web browsers apps play an essential role in any Android device. The selection of the right browser app that contains excellent features which will give an excellent performance, and this can change your entire browsing experience. Selection of the right browser app for Android devices is slightly a difficult task because there are lots of applications available, and the face of the web is continuously changing.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best browsers for Android devices on the basis of their features and functionalities. This makes you to choose the best browser according to your requirement for your Android device.

Depending upon the user's review and app testing, the Google Chrome browser comes out as an excellent browser for Android devices. However, the mobile version of Opera and Firefox also deliver an excellent service to their user.

List of best browsers for Android

Here, we are providing some best browsers for Android devices. The orders of below mentioned browsers apps are not on the basis of their performance. You can choose according to need.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Opera's browser
  3. Firefox browser
  4. Kiwi browser
  5. Dolphin browser
  6. DuckDuckGo browser
  7. Brave browser
  8. Ecosia browser
  9. Microsoft Edge
  10. Lightning browser
  11. Samsung Internet Browser
  12. Surfy browser
  13. Vivaldi Browser
  14. Firefox Focus
  15. Tor Browser

Google Chrome

Best browsers for Android

Google Chrome browser is a popular app and an excellent choice for mobile browsing. In most of the Android device, it comes in a pre-install. Chromebrowser syncs between the mobile and desktop editions browsers. It provides huge additional features like data-saver mode, secure storage for payment methods, abuse ad-blocker. Google Chrome also offers deeper integration with Android and unlimited browsing tabs. It also gives "Incognito browsing" for secure browsing. There are other versions of Google Chrome available; these are Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Canary.

Download the Chrome browser from Google Play Store.

Opera's browser

Best browsers for Android

The Opera browser is also one of the favorite mobile browsers for users. It provides two different browsers for Android. The first one is the known standard Opera browser and the second one is Opera Mini. The classic Opera browser comes with partial ad blocking, video compression to save data, and dashboard features. These features make it to load pages faster. Opera Mini browser is a lightweight option and smaller in size. Opera Mini provides a Facebook notification bar, partial ad blocking, and many other features. Opera's latest browserOpera Touch, provides desktop syncing and other powerful features. Opera also gives a built-in free VPN that gives you a virtual IP address that protects your location tracking.

Download the Opera browser form Google Play Store.

Firefox browser

Best browsers for Android

The Firefox browser is fabulously fast and safe. It allows you to block add-ons by customizing the browser. The app protects your privacy with build-up tracking protection. Firefox provides two different browsers, which are known as standard Firefox Browser and Firefox Focus. The standard and commonly used Firefox Browser contains cross-platform syncing, tracking protection, built-in password manager, and lots more features. Firefox Focus is also called as a privacy browser which comes with security and privacy significance.

Download the Firefox browser from Google Play Store.

Kiwi browser

Best browsers for Android

Kiwi browser is a newer Android browser that loads web pages very well. It includes features such as night mode with 100% contrast, a pop-up blocker, native ad blocking, and cryptojacking protection. Kiwi Browser is based on Chromium and WebKit. It claims to display web pages very fast. This app blocks slow and aggressive trackers to protect your privacy. This app can definitely become one of the best choices.

Download theKiwi browser from Google Play Store.

Dolphin browser

Best browsers for Android

The Dolphin browser is becoming very successful on Android devices. It contains excellent features like ad-block, theming, incognito mode for privacy protection, flash support, and gesture controls multiple tabs bar, personalized search, fast download. The app provides high-speed page loading, HTML5 video player, flash player, etc.

Download the Dolphin browser from Google Play Store.

Ecosia browser

Best browsers for Android

Ecosia browser is a user-friendly mobile web app with lots of features. It contains features such as multiple tabs, bookmarks, downloads, and private browsing mode. Ecosia browser drags from Chromium's open-source project. The appdonates up to 80% of its profit to plant trees, so it is also environmentally friendly.

Download theEcosia browser from Google Play Store.

DuckDuckGo browser

Best browsers for Android

DuckDuckGo browser provides full privacy to its users. It offers you to control your personal information while browsing on the web. While searching and browsing the web, the DuckDuckGo browser shows you a privacy grade. This privacy grade lets you know how much you are protected.

The app gives you the standard browsing functionality that includes tabs, autocomplete, and bookmarks. The app blocks ad tracking. In addition to privacy protection discussed above, it also gives a Fire Button, which allows you to clear all your data and tabs on one tap.

Download the DuckDuckGo browser from Google Play Store.

Brave browser

Best browsers for Android

Brave browser is one of the latest Android browsers that come in 2016 and provides a variety of features. It contains a built-in ad-blocker. It also blocks third-party cookies, block script. It boasts up the browsing speed and improves battery life of device. The app is highly functional and fun to use. It also comes with fundamental features such as history, bookmarks, incognito (privacy) mode.

Download the Brave browser from Google Play Store.

Microsoft Edge

Best browsers for Android

Microsoft Edge is honestly a decent web browser for a mobile device. It contains features like QR code reader, Hub feature, voice search, and a private browsing mode. This app works perfectly with Microsoft Launcher and Windows 10. Microsoft Edge contains extension based apps such as password manager, ad blocker, translation services. The app effectively syncs with your desktop version.

Download the Microsoft Edge from Google Play Store.

Lightning browser

Best browsers for Android

The Lightning browser is the best and popular Android browser. It has a simple design and lightweight experience to use. This app offers several features like theming, block, privacy protection, reading mode, and lots more. It offers an incognito mode for browsing so that you can protect your location and privacy.

The Lightning browser is available in both free and paid versions. The free version offers unlimited open tabs as well as custom ad blocking and more. Blocking the custom ads improve the speed and secure your browsing activities. The paid version provides various other features, including full-screen, ad-block, bookmarks, history, reading mode, search suggestions, etc.

Download theLightning browser from Google Play Store.

Samsung Internet Browser

Best browsers for Android

Samsung Internet Browser is an amazingly good browser for Android devices, especially for Samsung. This browser offers a quick menu, swipe gestures, plug-ins, and some Material design elements. Some of its plug-ins facilitate for ad-blocking. It also gives other features like Amazon's web assistant for online shopping, support for 360-degree video. The app provides a built-in download manager that allows downloading video, music, etc. This app is coming as a beta version; however, it is more stable than other non-beta browsers.

Download the Samsung Internet Browser from Google Play Store.

Surfy browser

Best browsers for Android

The Surfy browser is another excellent browser for Android devices. It provides basic features like history, bookmarks, and multiple search providers. It also offers some advanced features such as theming, ad-blocker, text-to-speech, fun toolbar customizations, and lots more. The Surfy browser claims that it offers text-to-speech features in it, which reads the website pages for you if you want. The browser is protected by fingerprint and passcode. It provides an incognito mode to prevent your location and privacy. The Surfy browser offers you to instant change its background by selecting color or by your favorite photo. This app prevents websites to track you.

Download the Surfy browser from Google Play Store.

13. Vivaldi Browser

Best browsers for Android

Vivaldi is a fast, lightweight, and ultra-customizable web browser for Android devices that prioritizes your privacy. It has several built-in smart features, including an Ad blocker, desktop-style tabs, dark mode, a QR code scanner, taking notes while browsing, and sync support. Vivaldi browser strictly protects its user from tracking their activities with the "do not track" feature. This browser is fully customizable as per user needs, like translating websites.

You can use this browser to browse your web page faster compared to other browser apps. Its private mode option allows surfing web pages privately. When you finish your task and close the window, all cache and history automatically get deleted.


  • Easy to manage its browser tabs.
  • It securely syncs your passwords, notes, and bookmarks across all devices you use.
  • It allows scanning QR codes to share web links between devices.
  • It captures the full length of a screenshot of any website.
  • It allows the translation of the website privately.

Download the Vivaldi Browser from Google Play Store.

14. Firefox Focus

Best browsers for Android

As Firefox already provides several standard web browsers (including desktop and mobile), Firefox Focus is one of them. Firefox Focus Android browser offers only essential features to browse straightforwardly and maintain privacy, and it automatically blocks online trackers and ads.

Firefox Focus contains a feature to choose different search engines and doesn't allows anyone to track your browsing history. It is because of the incognito (private) mode all the time. The main target of this app is "making privacy a habit", and you can destroy browsing history and cookies in one tap. Focus provides a bin icon at the bottom right of the page, and when you are done with your job, tap on it to erase your complete browsing session history.

Other features:

  • It has a clean and distraction-less user interface.
  • Its unique settings option focus on improving web page loading speed.
  • It blocks the ads tracker.

Download the Firefox Focus from Google Play Store.

15. Tor Browser

Best browsers for Android

The Tor Browser is a free browser offering total freedom to access online activity with complete user privacy. This browser isolates its users while they visit any website so that no third party and ads can follow them. One of the interesting facts is that it automatically clears all cookies from its browser when the user completes their task and closes the browser. Other than Android, Tor Browser is also available for other operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Tor Browser protects its users against surveillance, tracking across websites, and censorship. Using the Tor browser, you can even visit blocked websites. Tor browser suggests not using plugins to protect and keep your browsing safe, and it blocks browser plugins such as QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flash, and others.


  • It allows access to blocked websites by your Internet Service Provider.
  • It protects your data with multi-layered encryption.
  • It protects and defends your online activities against surveillance.
  • It also blocks trackers.

Download the Tor Browser from Google Play Store.

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