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How to Download Music from Youtube on Android

It is easy to download YouTube videos straight to your Android device using some tools and apps. But what about if you want to download the YouTube videos and save them into MP3 music format without paying money to third-party softwares and applications.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques to download YouTube videos (music) on our Android phone and convert and save them into MP3 format.

As we all know, YouTube is one of the largest video hosting and sharing platforms, allowing us to watch videos on our Android phones and PC. However, if you want to download music from YouTube to your Android smartphone, you may not get an option. And also, on Android phones, YouTube doesn't allow playing video and music in the background.

Note: If you wish to download videos or audios files from the YouTube channels. It is suggested to read the copyright policy and term to use such videos from original copyright holders. Downloading videos from YouTube is illegal, and it is also a violation of the terms and services of YouTube.

You will find several apps and software over the internet that allow downloading YouTube videos and music directly to your Android phone. Some of the best apps and tools are listed below:


YouMP34 app fulfills your need to download YouTube videos or music into MP3 or MP4 format. It is a free app for Android phones that lets you easily download YouTube videos and music to MP3 music files.

How to Download Music from Youtube on Android

Some of the major features of the YouMP34 app:

  1. The app is simple and has an easy-to-use interface.
  2. It allows downloading videos and music in just three simple steps.
  3. It stores the downloaded music directly to the folder created by the app.

Follow the following steps to download videos/music to your Android phone using the YouMP34 app:

  1. First of all, search for the video that you want to download using the official YouTube API.
  2. Now, click on your search video to select it and download it.
  3. Finally, download the video in MP3 or MP4 format, listen to your music and share it with others.

YTD Video Downloader for Android:

YTD Video Downloader application allows downloading videos and music straight from YouTube to your Android phone. Download the YTD video downloader APK file and install it on your Android. Once the installation gets successful, launch the app and click on the download tab.

Now, open YouTube either on the browser or its app and search for your preferred video. Copy and paste the YouTube video's URL link into the YTD Video Downloader's search bar. Now, click on the "download" option, and it will start converting your file into MP3 format.

How to Download Music from Youtube on Android

Features of the YTD Video Downloader app include:

  • Allows downloading unlimited videos from video streaming sites.
  • Offers features to create own video and music collection and protect them using a password.
  • Sort your downloaded files as you want and play them anywhere, anytime.
  • Allow protecting your privacy by setting the password for this app.

Download videos/music from YouTube to Android using FLVTO?

FLVTO is a website that converts streaming videos online and allows them downloading. Users can convert videos from more than 1000 different websites, including popular sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

To download video/music from YouTube using FLVTO to your Android phone, follow the below-mentioned steps:

How to Download Music from Youtube on Android
  1. Visit the website without having any ad-blocker installed on your browser. If you have any ad-blocker on your browser, it will fail to download MP3 music files.
  2. Now, visit YouTube (or any other video streaming website) and copy the URL of the video you want to convert and download into your phone.
  3. Paste the video's URL link in the FLVTO website and add the "fl" before the "youtube" in the link.
  4. Select the format (MP3, MP4, etc.) in which you want to download your video or audio and click on the "CONVERT TO" button.
  5. It will take some time to convert your video based on your internet connection speed and server load. Once it gets converted, you will see a "Download" option.
  6. Finally, click on the "Download" button, and it will get started downloading music from YouTube to your Android phone.

VidPaw App

VidPaw App is another ad-free and fast app for Android phones that allows downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3 format files.

Features provided by VidPaw App

  • VipPaw app lets you download unlimited online (YouTube) videos and audios into MP3 format.
  • Using this app, you can convert audio into different quality, including 320kbps, 256kbps, 198kbps, and 128kbps.
  • It allows downloading online videos and audios from more than 1000 websites.

Download music from YouTube on Android using VidPaw:

Using the VipPaw app, it is easy to download YouTube videos into audio format on your Android. Follow the below steps to download music from YouTube to your Android phone.

Before downloading and installing the VidPaw app on your Android phone, make sure your phone's setting is enabled to install the app from a third-party source (other than Google Play Store). To know more about how to enable installation app from a third-party, look at the article on how to install APK on Android.

How to Download Music from Youtube on Android
  1. Download the VidPaw app, install and launch it on your phone.
  2. Enter the name of the video or audio you want to download in the search tool and click on the search button.
  3. From the search result, find your appropriate video/audio and click on the download button. If you want to play downloaded audio, click to open it.
  4. Now, on the next tab, select the audio/video format you want to convert and choose its quality. Click on the download option.
  5. Finally, your audio will start downloading that can be found in the "Download" section.

Download music from YouTube on your PC using VidPaw:

You can also download music from YouTube to your personal computer easily. It doesn't require installing any third-party tools or applications to your PC. Navigate to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 converter and follow the below steps:

How to Download Music from Youtube on Android
  1. Copy the link of your preferred video/audio from YouTube.
  2. Open the link and paste your URL in the input converter box.
  3. Choose the quality that you preferred from the drop-down option and click on the CONVERT.
  4. After reading your URL, VidPaw opens another screen that offers a download link to download your video/audio file.
  5. Click on the "Download" option, and your converted MP3 music will start downloading.

Download music from YouTube on iPhone/iPad using VidPaw:

If you are using an iPhone or iPad instead of an Android phone, you can download an audio file from YouTube similar to downloading audio from YouTube on a PC. However, it is slightly complex as compared to downloading audio/video from YouTube to PC. Follow the below steps:

How to Download Music from Youtube on Android
  1. First of all, download a file manager app "Documents" in the App Store so that VidPaw can be used strictly.
  2. Copy your preferred YouTube audio/video URL to download and launch the "Documents."
  3. Visit using inbuilt browser "Documents" and paste the copied YouTube URL in the box. Now, select the quality of your audio/video by scrolling the screen and click on the Convert.
  4. The app detects your URL, and it automatically moves to a new tab that provides links to download. Click on the Download button, and it store YouTube audio in selected file format in "Documents" on your iPhone or iPad.


SnapTube is a simple and convenient app to download YouTube videos to MP3 on an Android phone. You can play your downloaded music anytime, anywhere later, without an internet connection. The videos are categorized into different sections in this app, including popular videos, most viewed, and daily recommendations. Download and install the SnapTube app (APK) from here.

Features of SnapTube app:

  • The SnapTube is simple, fast, and convenient to use.
  • Downloads directly to your device to play it later offline.
  • It offers various search options.
  • Allows choosing different download quality to save memory storage on your Android.
  • Allows saving the audio option.

You can search your video by entering the name of the song or artist in the search bar to search for them. Once you find your resultant video, you can play it or download it straight to your Android phone. There is also an option to select the different quality of your download video and music file.

How to Download Music from Youtube on Android

Download videos/music from YouTube to PC using Syncios Video Downloader

With the help of Syncios YouTube Downloader, you can download all your preferred videos anytime, straight to your Android phone or tablet. The application's excellent features are that it contains an intelligent searching mode that helps to find videos and music you want.

Using this platform, downloading YouTube videos is simple with only a few clicks. You can store any video from YouTube to your Android phone for offline viewing. It also allows converting videos to MP3 files that you can save on your playlist.

  1. Download and install the Syncios YouTube Downloader on your computer.
  2. Go to YouTube and find your preferred video, which you want to convert into music MP3 and download.
  3. Copy and paste the YouTube video link into the Syncios YouTube Downloader interface to download. Click on the search icon to search and load a video in it.
  4. The tool automatically analyzes and loads your preferred video, including other relevant videos in the list. You will also see the different file formats and sizes to download. Now, tap on the download icon to start downloading.

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