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Weather Underground app

Weather Underground is a weather forecasts app for Android devices. The developers of this app commit that it provides the most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts such as satellite maps, weather radar, and severe other weather alerts. This app collects and displays the live data from 270,000+ personal weather stations. Using this, you can get an accurate weather report of your current location.

The app generates data from 270,000+ personal weather stations for more accurate weather information. The app collects weather report from a personal weather station that eliminates the gaps between airport weather stations and other weather stations that relay weather forecasts.

Weather Underground app

Interactive radar maps and severe weather

Users can get the most interactive weather map on their smartphones from different weather overlays. It includes animated live radar, weather conditions, weather webcams, satellite, and severe weather alerts. Users can also customize their map by selecting various presets map or by choosing specific weather data layers.

The app gives you a facility to tell them about what you are observing in the sky and what the app is displaying. You can also report the current weather condition of your location so that the other users also get the benefit from it. It also allows you to report the hazardous road condition of your local area to help other people.

Check current & future weather conditions.

  • You can instantly view the current temperature and other weather forecasts in the notification bar.
  • In this app, you can get the current weather information from your local weather station. It includes wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, visibility, dew point, etc.
  • You can track the Hurricane cyclone maps accordingly.
  • The weather map shows all the personal weather stations near your location, including satellite, animated radar, and may more information.
  • You can plan your weekly activity according to weather forecasts.
  • The app allows you to save your recent searches and favorite locations.
  • You can search for real-time weather information in the world using webcams.
  • Get the detailed weather data such as sunrise & sunset, moonrise & moonset, air quality, UV index, and many more.
  • You can also set your favorite weather condition for your outdoor activity and the app alerts when you have to go.
  • You can also select different colors, sizes, and update interval by customizing the weather widgets.
  • Customize your theme with light & dark modes, selecting different map types, and units.


Download the Weather Underground app from Google Play Store.

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