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Wireless Charger for Android

If you regularly lose your phone's (Android or iPhone) charging cable or find a mess to use them. Try to invest in a wireless phone charging pad. You can charge Android and iPhone devices over a wireless charging pad. In addition to using a universal charger that supports both your device, Android and iPhone, a wireless charger is an excellent choice. A wireless universal phone charger reduces carry of cable clutter and is hard to break or lose.

While charging phones with wireless chargers, picking up phone call, answering them, and charging it back without handling cable makes life more convenient. Happily, you will find various wireless phone chargers and charging accessories for iPhone and Android phones. This article illustrates some of the best wireless chargers for Android phones.

Keep some points before buying a wireless phone charger

Whenever people buy any accessories, they keep some essential points in mind. Similarly, when you buy a wireless phone charger, keep some points regarding it in your mind. Below we have illustrated some points that you should consider before buying a wireless charger for your phone:

  • What type of charger you are looking for?
  • How fast does it charge?
  • How many different devices can it charge?

What type of charger you are looking for?

There are two most frequently used wireless chargers available now a day, i.e., pads or stands. People find that the pad-type wireless charger is a better option for a nightstand, while a stand wireless charger is suitable for a work desk.

How fast does the charger charge the device?

The first-party wireless charger charges the phone fast, which is the best choice. On the other hand, a standard quality charging pad may take some time to charge your phone fully. Also, many third-party fast chargers are available, but they come for Samsung flagships and iPhones. The fast wireless phone chargers range between 15W to 50W or more, depending on your device and charger.

How many different devices can it charge?

Smartphones are not only gadgets you can charge universally using a wireless charger. Wireless chargers charge accessories such as earbuds and smartwatches by placing them over the charging pod. Rather than buying multiple charging pads, choosing dual or trio pads that charge two or three devices simultaneously is good.

OEM vs. third-party wireless chargers

It is generally found that third-party phone accessories offer better product features and price deals. Here the cases get reversed while talking about wireless chargers. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wireless charger gives the best experience for phone charging. It applies to a device that supports fast wireless charging. For instance, you can use the latest version of Pixel Stand for your Pixel 7 series handsets.

Third-party wireless chargers are also spreading in the market, and you will find more options in no longer days. Some third-party accessories makers already released chargers that support Samsung's fast wireless charging feature, and some support Pixels and iPhones. Even it is suggested to be extra careful when you buy charging accessories.

Things to look for when buying third-party accessories

Before you buy a wireless charger or an accessory from such a brand, you need to familiarize yourself with it. Make sure to check the followings points:

  • Check product reviews online where it has available, just like sites Amazon and others. However, many brands and sellers promote paid or sponsored review submissions. If they are poorly written and vague, be careful about it.
  • Sometimes product reviews are different from the actual accessory you are looking for.
  • Check the product's return policy. Many products offer a return policy for a specific period. However, some don't; they only provide a replacement policy, in which you can't get a cash refund.

Best wireless charger for Android and iPhone

Samsung SmartThings Station

Wireless Charger for Android

Samsung released SmartThings Station, a wireless charger that charges Samsung (supported) devices at 15W. It takes no time to charge the compatible phone. This wireless charger has an integrated cooling fan that keeps your devices from getting heat. It also connects to your smart home appliances, such as lights, nearby SmartTags, etc., and allows you to control them. You can use a small button to program smart home actions. Set different actions on this single button, like single or double presses, and hold the button to perform different actions.

Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo

Wireless Charger for Android

This Samsung 15W wireless charger Duo is a superfast wireless charger that can quickly charge even two devices simultaneously. It charges supported Samsung phones and wireless earbuds at up to 15W. Its two-pad charging slots allow users to charge two devices (two phones or earbuds, or a smartwatch) at the same time. The charger has equipped with a cooling fan to keep the device cool. If you use more devices (say three) and sometimes need to charge simultaneously, go for the Samsung Pad Trio, which only gives a 9W charging rate.

OnePlus Warp Charge 50W wireless charger

Wireless Charger for Android

The first phone that the OnePlus launched that could be charged wirelessly was OnePlus 8 Pro, and later all came with this feature (except with OnePlus 11). Warp Charge 50 is a wireless charger from OnePlus that allow 50W charging. It fully charges supported OnePlus phones in approx. 50 minutes. However, this charger generates some heat. The stand is integrated with an excellent built-in fan to reduce and minimize its heating effect. Instead of using any third-party wireless charger for OnePlus smartphones, use Warp Charge 50.

Google Pixel Stand Wireless Charger (2nd gen)

Wireless Charger for Android

Pixel Stand could be your best option if you are looking for a wireless charger for your Pixel smartphone. It charges different devices with different charging watt rates. It is found that Pixel Stand wireless charger (2nd gen) charges Pixel 7 Pro with up to 23W or Pixel 7 with up to 20W. But other handset gets charged with up to 10W only. It has plenty of speedy to-charge devices once placed on the stand.

Its built-in fan keeps your phone and charger cool while charging or when you are streaming. Instead of Pixel devices, the Pixel Stand (2nd gen) charges a wide range of other handsets quickly. Using this wireless charger, you can charge other supported devices like iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Nexus, OnePlus, Sony Xperia, and many other brands' phones.

Xiaomi 50W Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless Charger for Android

Xiaomi 50W Wireless Charger Stand gives full power and fast charging of supported devices like the Xiaomi 13 series. Its beautiful design is one of the best designs we find. The black and golden combination provides an excellent contrasting look. Its built-in cooling fan with minimal noise keeps your phone cool as possible while charging. It comes with 12 layers of smart protection to avoid handling damage. Besides Xiaomi and Mi devices, it also charges wireless electronic devices supporting the Qi standard (a wireless power transfer standard).

Third-party wireless chargers for Android device

In addition to first-party wireless chargers, there are lots of third-party wireless chargers available for Android devices. These chargers also support various smartphones and other gadgets like smartwatches and earbuds. Below we have illustrated a few best third-party wireless chargers for Android and iPhone devices.

Anker 313 Wireless Charger (Stand)

Wireless Charger for Android

Anker 313 Wireless Charger contains a high-efficiency chipset that provides 10W of charging speed to compatible phones. It is affordable in price, like other wireless charging pads. Placing the phone on its pad for charging makes an angle that lets you view the device's display while charging them. Anker 313 Wireless Charger (Stand) / PowerWave Stand charges devices in both orientations, portrait or landscape. This wireless charger is compatible with several phone brands (models), including iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Sony, etc.

Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger for Android

MagSafe Wireless Charger is specially designed for iPhone users that charges up to 15W on most iPhones, such as iPhone 14, iPhone 13, or iPhone 12 models using a 20W charging plug. If you use it to charge a device, iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 12 mini, the charges limit to 12W. User can even use their phone while charging. Its magnetic feature is instantly attached to the back of the iPhone and charged. MagSafe Wireless Charger also charges AirPods devices wirelessly. The charger is Qi certified and contains all the necessary safety measures.

Belkin Quick Charge 15W Fast Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless Charger for Android

The Belkin Quick Charge Wireless charger is Qi certified, providing 15W of fast charging. It is a simple-to-use charging pad with a solid design. It lets you access your phone (streaming video, listening to music, accessing messages) while charging them. Integrated LED light blinks, indicating the phone's charging status. It is compatible with phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Note 10, Pixel, etc.

VersionTECH Wireless Charger with Cooling Fan

Wireless Charger for Android

We have seen that many chargers make phones hot even with a 10W charging capacity, so using a charger with a cooling fan is a good idea to keep accessories healthy (charger or phone). The cooling fan helps to keep the device cool. VerisionTECH 15W wireless charger comes with a cooling fan, and it is also Qi-certified. You should use a fast charger to charge your devices. The charger supports various models of phones with different charging watt rates, including iPhone (7.5W) and Samsung Galaxy (10W). It is designed to place the phone horizontally and watch movies and TV shows while charging.

Anker 533 Wireless Power Bank

Wireless Charger for Android

Anker 533 wireless phone charger is a portable power bank known as Anker PowerCore III portable wireless charger. It is Qi-certified and comes with a 10,000mAh power battery that provides 10W of wireless charging to phones, earbuds, and other devices. If you use this device with a plug-in, either USB-C or USB-A port, it gives up to 18W charging speed.

Croma 30W Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger for Android

The Croma 30W wireless charger has a dual charging pad to charge two phones simultaneously. It is compatible with various devices, and the charging speed rates depend on your device. It charges different devices with different wattages to make charging safe and prevent battery damage. This Croma 30W wireless charger also has built-in temperature control and voltage regulation. One of the best features is that it can detect foreign objects on the pad, so you can be sure that the charging is safe.

Ambrane 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger for Android

If you use more than two devices (say smartphone, smartwatch, earbuds) and want to charge all of them together, Ambrane 3-in-1 wireless charger could be one of your choices. It is a 20W charger but charges different devices with different output watts 15W for phones, 2.5W for smartwatches, and 4W for earbuds to avoid device damage. It has a compact and lightweight design; the users can fold it to carry it conveniently. It has multilayered protection to ensure your phone and other devices are protected and safely charged.

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