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How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android

Spotify is a popular online music streaming app that Android and other users love to listen to music. Spotify service is available for both free and premium service. But its free service doesn't provide many features as compared to premium. If you are a Spotify premium user, there might be a time when you want to cancel your subscription plan. There may be any reason for it, whether you have selected any other service or you will be no longer able to justify the cost.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android

The steps to cancel Spotify Premium are straightforward, which doesn't take more time. But remember that you can't cancel its services from Spotify mobile app or desktop application.

This article will discuss how you can cancel the Spotify Premium service from its website on any web browser or using your Apple ID subscriptions.

How to cancel Spotify Premium on an Android device

Spotify app secretly hides the functionality to cancel its premium subscription service. Or you may say that it doesn't offer any way to cancel the premium service from the Spotify app itself. But it doesn't mean you can't cancel its premium service from Android. You have to follow some alternative way to cancel your Spotify Premium service on an Android phone or tablet.

  1. On your Android phone, launch the web browser app and go to "".
  2. Login to the account page using your email and password associated with Spotify. You can also choose to log in through your Facebook account.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  3. Scroll down the account page up to Your plan and tap on the Change plan.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  4. Here, you will see the available plans; scroll down up to the Spotify Free section and tap on the Cancel Premium.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  5. Now, on the next page, tap on the Continue to cancel.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  6. Finally, tap on the "Yes, cancel" button to cancel your Spotify premium service on the Cancel premium page.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android

How to cancel Spotify Premium service on desktop web browser

You may also use a mobile and desktop browser to cancel your Spotify Premium plan. You have to visit Spotify's website to cancel your premium service. The mobile or desktop version of the Spotify application doesn't offer a feature to cancel their services.

To cancel Spotify Premium from a desktop web browser or web player, login to your Spotify account and follow the below-given steps:

  1. Visit "" on your device (desktop, Android, or iPhone) and log in to your account.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  2. On a desktop web browser, you will find a login option at the top-right corner of the screen. On the mobile browser, tap on the menu option (three-horizontal lines) icon, and select the login option.
  3. Once you have logged in to your Spotify account:
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
    • Go to your account page, on mobile tap on the hamburger icon and choose the account from available options.
    • On your PC web browser, click on the profile icon and select the account option.
  4. Choose your plan option and tap or click on the Change plan.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  5. Scroll down up to the Spotify Free section and click on the Cancel Premium button on next screen.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  6. You will see what you lose if you cancel your Spotify Premium subscription on the next screen. Look at the bottom screen; you will see your remaining subscription plans. Click on the Continue to cancel button to proceed.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android
  7. It will take you to the final screen called Cancel Premium. Click on the Yes cancel button to confirm your cancel action on this screen.
  8. Finally, click on Yes, cancel to confirm your cancellation steps. Now your account will revert to Spotify Free account.
    How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android

How to cancel Spotify Premium via Apple ID

Alternatively, if you are an iPhone user and subscribed to Spotify plans via Apple App Store, you can cancel it through your iPhone's Apple ID settings.

  1. Open the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the Settings screen.
  3. On the Apple ID page, tap on the Subscriptions option.
  4. From the list of your subscriptions plan, find and select Spotify.
  5. Finally, select the Cancel Subscription option on the Spotify page.

What does Spotify's premium service do?

If you are using the free service of the Spotify app on your Android (or other devices), you are probably familiar that how its service works. Free service offers limited songs to pick and listen to albums. You will see ads while playing music, and also, you can play them in repeat mode.

If you have preferred to sign up with Spotify's premium service, you will get even more features to access. Some features of premium subscription are listed here:

  • No advertisement pop-ups
  • Unlimited music and skips
  • Choose music on any device you are using
  • Create your music collection
  • Download music to play offline

How to delete a Spotify account?

Once you cancel Spotify's premium subscription, you may not want to maintain your account here. You might be thinking about deleting your Spotify account permanently.

Note: You can renew your canceling Spotify premium subscription whenever you want. But permanently deleting your account cannot allow you to recreate (or reactivate) your account with the same user id (or email).

Following are the steps to delete your Spotify account (using a desktop browser):

  1. Log in to your Spotify account and tap o the Support option.
  2. Click on the Account Help option.
  3. Scroll down the screen and click on Close your account.
  4. Under the section, don't have premium click on the Close your account section.
  5. Next, click on the Account section and then select "I want to close my account".
  6. Click on the Close Account at the bottom left.
  7. The next screen asks you are sure to close your account; click again on Close Account.
  8. Spotify reminds you of some points about the closing account. Checkmark the I Understand and click Continue.
  9. Spotify sends you a confirmation message to your email id linked to it. You have 24 hours to click on the link sent by Spotify so that they can proceed to close your account.
  10. Finally, click on Close My Account.

Alternative to Spotify

If you are looking for an alternative option to Spotify music service, you have numerous options for music streaming apps. Every music streaming service has key points that make it different from one another.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music app is the product of Google that everyone can trust. It connects you to world music with millions of official songs. It offers music content such as live performances, remixes, music content, etc. You can create your personalized playlist with song suggestions. Some features of the YouTube Music service are:

  • Stay on top of the trend and discover new music
  • It enhances your music listening experience with its unique features
  • Offers personalized songs based on every moment
  • Offers premium services to enjoy ad-free listening

Apple Music

Apple Music app is another music streaming service from Apple for Android users. Apple Music is one of the popular and best music streaming for Android users who love to collect music or someone who isn't interested in videos or social playlists. You can get millions of tracks and original content from your favorite artist.

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