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Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Getting healthy and keeping fit themselves is something that everyone wants in their life. Better health and fitness are precious things that keep people feeling better, lead to low or no hospital bills, and much more. But in today's run-of-the-mill life, people do not have enough time to consult a doctor about their health or be active about their health themselves.

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

In such a situation, thanks to modern technology, which has provided better health and fitness apps for Android and iOS through which, people can know about their health. By using fitness apps on smartphones, people can make themselves better. Health and fitness apps help you eat better, live better, and exercise more frequently as needed. Health and fitness apps suggest healthy habits such as exercise routines, meditation guides, and healthy eating, and record your daily progress.

These apps are either exercise apps, calorie counters, activity tracking apps, or a combination. This article illustrates the few best health and fitness apps for Android and iPhone.

Popular Health and Fitness Apps for Android phone and iPhone

  1. Google Fit
  2. MyFitnessPal
  3. Nike Run Club
  4. Strava
  5. JEFIT
  6. 7 Minute Workout
  7. Fooducate
  8. Headspace
  9. Lifesum
  10. mySugr
  11. myTherapy

Google Fit

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Google Fit health app (Android phone or Wear OS) allows users to manage their health and fitness through their smartphone. This app collaborates with WHO (World Health Organization) and AHA (American Heart Association) to bring an activity goal to improve your health. The app tracks entire body metrics and gives a clear picture of your complete health, such as blood oxygen, burn calories, heartbeat over time, track your walking/running distance activity, body weight, etc.

One of its features is "move minutes," which tracks how many complete minutes you are in motion throughout the day. In addition, the app also provides entire information about the user's current fitness routine and workout options. It includes the calories user needs to burn during each session. Users can also see what they have achieved in their fitness level through their workout sessions.

Download Google Fit for Android from Play Store

Download Google Fit for iPhone


Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular and widely used health apps that offers exciting features. We all know that proper eating habits are important to keep the body healthier and fit. Knowing how many calories you consume daily helps to set up your daily exercise routine. MyFitnessPal is such a calorie counter app that keeps your diet in check. It displays everything you do graphically on an Android screen, including calories you take, calories burned, distance traveled, your average speed, and time spent exercising.

The app also facilitates setting up notifications for daily reminders of your meals into the app. If your eating habits need to be improved, the app also suggests personalized tips for healthier meals. Using this app, you can directly speak to fitness experts whenever you need training or about your workout routine adjustments. MyFitnessPal community properly guides you about your health and fitness. However, the app's free version contains only basic calorie counting stuff; to take advance and complete the service, choose its subscription plan.

Download MyFitnessPal from Play Store

Download MyFitnessPal for iPhone

Nike Run Club

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Nike Run Club (NRC) is one of the best running apps for Android that tracks running activity and stats and facilitates customized user routines. This app supports the Wear OS device (smartwatch), provides audio-guided runs with Nike coaches, and sets challenges to keep running activity entertaining and interesting. Compared to other health and fitness apps, NRC provides fewer features, i.e., basic, but you don't have to pay for its services.

Other apps like Strava, Runtastic, and Runkeeper all have subscription services for the good stuff, but NRC is different and provides free services to use. As a result, many people prefer it because of its rank, which is an excellent and above-average app. This app provides information about your progress and gives coaching; you should try Nike Run Club.

Download Nike Run Club from Play Store

Download Nike Run Club for iPhone


Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Strava is a versatile fitness app that records everything, like running, riding, yoga, hiking, and several sports activities. The app also allows users to share their fitness activities and progress with other Strava users. The app also records real-time data during your activity performed, like distance covered, calories burned, etc.

The Strava fitness app also provides insight data to see your progress and plan how to improve to achieve weekly and annually set goals. It also contains a GPS tracking system to share your real-time outdoor location for your safety. On social platforms, the app users can connect to their friends and post content about their activities and monthly challenges to chase new goals.

Download Strava from Play Store

Download Strava for iPhone

JEFIT (Gym Workout Plan)

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

JEFIT is a workout trainer and fitness tracker app that helps you plan, track, and log your workout routine. The app also offers various tools such as a customizable rest timer, workout tracker, workout schedule planner, body analytics, interval timer, sharing your workout logs with your friends, etc.

This health app contains beginner and advanced workout routines that include strong lifts, starting strength, bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc. The JEFIT app helps you to achieve your health, strength, and weight goals, whether you are a beginner or an advanced lifter.

Some of its top features include track workouts in which you can choose your exercise, fitness tracker, and see your progress report. It offers more than one thousand exercises in video demos from professional workout planners. JEFIT community conducts monthly and quarterly strength challenges to motivate you with real prizes.

Download JEFIT from Play Store

Download JEFIT for iPhone

7 Minute Workout

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

As the name indicates, "7 Minute Workout" contains quick and short workout sessions to keep you fit. This app is a safe, effective, and efficient way to improve muscular and aerobic fitness to make you healthier. This health and fitness app is based on HICT (high-intensity circuit training) philosophy to improve your cardiovascular system.

The app provides a short video tutorial of quick-fit workouts you can do anywhere, even at your office. Practice every exercise for 30 seconds and take a small break of 10 seconds between them. Repeat 2-3 workouts based on the time you have. You only need a chair and a wall to perform exercises offered by this app.

Some of its additional features include Google Fit support, adjustable circuit time, keeping the screen on while workout, notifications for daily workouts, and lots more.

Download 7 Minute Workout from Play Store


Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Fooducate is a nutrition & health app that provides various food databases for every need. This app helps you find and understand the quality of food you are taking with detailed information regarding nutrients, ingredients, and healthier. Using this information, you can lose weight (if you are overweight) and keep fit.

The Fooducate health app also tracks calories, macros, nutrients, exercise, and much more. In addition to all these features, the app offers diet tips, gets motivated, and discovers healthy recipes from a community of health and wellness enthusiasts. The app is available in both free and paid versions, but you get its basic features in the free version. To take service of advanced features, go for its paid version.

Download Fooducate from Play Store


Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Many people only think about physical strength and appearance when discussing health and fitness. They forget to include mental health. Headspace is such a meditation app that gives mental strength to you. It is a mindful all-in-one app that includes several yoga and meditation guides, sleep sounds, relaxation programs, and many more programs. The app is designed for a round lifestyle to keep you stress relief, and anxiety release, calm your mind, and focus daily.

The Headspace app is here to calm down and breathe to relax even in life's difficult moments. Some of its key features include daily meditation (contains relaxation with focus, sleep, and moods, mindfulness with everyday new mediation topics), sleep meditation (contains relaxation and sleep well with calm sounds of nature), meditation music for focus (contains mediation music, soothing sounds) practice mindful fitness and meditation for kids.

Download Headspace from Play Store


Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

Lifesum is another healthcare app that contains diet, workouts, and weight gain/loss. This app doesn't force you to hardcore information about every single meal. It supports you in taking a nutritious diet plan that fits your lifestyle and suits your taste. You will find workout habits, track calories burned, track your health, and get tips to improve your health to achieve your fitness goals. Its key features include a calorie counter, a food diary with a barcode reader, a diet plan to lose weight, a macro tracker, personalized nutrition suggestions, etc. Consider this app if you want to keep fit and healthy with tips from expert doctors, professional chefs, and nutritionists.

Download Lifesum from Play Store


Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

mySugr app is the best choice for people having diabetes. With this app, you can track blood sugar levels, check estimated HbA1c, and share daily, weekly, and monthly reports with the doctor. This app also supports integration with other hardware devices like Accu-Chek, and Aviva Connect. The app also offers a feature to track calories users burn during their workout and check heart rate.

In addition, if the user wants to lose weight, they need to input their weekly targeted weight loss, and the mySugr app generates a fitness plan they have to burn calories during their exercise. If you need, purchase additional add-on features on mySuge, such as workout guides, nutrition plans, and motivational videos of complete workout routines.

Download mySugr from Play Store.


Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone

MyTherapy is a pill reminder app with other medical-based features. This medicine reminder app helps to fulfill all your medication need in a single place, including tracking your dose, tablets, activities, health insurance provider, pill reminder, etc. The primary job is to pill thes remainder and log you to confirm you have intake the medication or skipped it so you won't accidently overdose.

MyTherapy app also tracks other health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, and lots more. Also, its built-in mood tracker helps to track mental health or depression. All this information helps you to keep yourself healthy and prevent diseases by taking precautions.

Download MyTherapy from Play Store

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