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Extramarks Learning App

Several learning apps have emerged recently to help students around the world to study online. Such apps help children to acquire tons of systematic ways of learning and studying at home. Nowadays, with the coronavirus pandemic, these online learning apps play a vital role for children and parents. Children can study their subjects by maintaining social distance due to the coronavirus.

Extramarks Learning App

Apps like Extramarks help students to learn, ask questions, and make study interactive even at home. This app included features like a quick study that summarizes the complete chapter in a few minutes in a single view. Each chapter is explained in such a way that starts from simple and moves to a complex level of understanding. For junior students, this app uses sport-based techniques to explain study content.

A brief history about Extramarks learning app

Atul Kulshrestha founded the Extramarks learning app in the year 2009. They offer online learning facilities that build strength and provide end-to-end solutions in the digital solution from anywhere. Extramarks Education believes that the app will allow students to study even when they are on mobile.

The Extramarks learning app provides a high order of thinking skills, virtual lab experiments. It also offers solved board papers of different classes, lesson-wise questions, and answers, formative discussion to prove learning with practice. The app also facilitates MCQ and Quizzes that helps students to judge themselves at every level of their understanding of the subject.

What is an Extramarks Learning app?

Extramarks is an online learning platform for students who have a smartphone (or at home). This learning app includes an Artificial Intelligence-based learning assistant called "Alex". This AI assistant helps users with materializing learning experiences with engaging visuals, pictures, and animations. AI helps students to clear their doubts instantly with questions and answers.

Extramarks learning app empowers students with tons of animated lessons that make the learning experience exciting and charming. They focus on complete chapters with a clear concept, confirmed through visual learning material designed by senior academics, technology experts, and animation artists. They cover a full course of all classes and subjects, allowing students to learn anytime from anywhere on their smartphones.

Extramarks also made studying at home more impressive by allotting homework, tests, assignments, essays, or projects. Many users of this app considered the NCERT solutions as the best in it. The app provides solutions for all subjects of both CBSE and ICSE board examinations.

What are the key features of the Extramarks Education app?

Extramarks learning app provides a syllabus from KG to Grade 12 that covers the entire topic. The app is well known for providing a solution for all subjects of all classes. It includes English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Study, Business Studies, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. The app's studying material and practice is based on NCERT books and covers entire topics, including solutions. The app also generates and gives reports, scorecards, and an overview of students' test performance. There is a separate challenging section where students can participate in quiz contests and lots more.

1. Preparing for school just got easier.

Extramarks learning app helps students learn overall through comprehensive content mapped as per the students' curriculum.

2. Complete K-12 Coverage | Study All Subjects

This learning app provides learning content of all major boards of all classes, including Mathematics, Science, Sanskrit, Hindi, etc. The textbook contents are explained in detail using play-based and animated for lower grades classes and hierarchical and layered based for higher levels.

4. Learn - Practice - Test

To make a student's learning process complete, the Extramarks follow the unique methods and practice techniques for academic subjects, i.e., Learn-Practice-Test.

  • Learn: The concepts are explained very well in complete detail using their several media-based learning modules.
  • Practice: Students can practice the concepts they learned through various resources and services such as MCQs.
  • Test: At last, all the knowledge and understandings of students are tested through various tests series. These test series start from a lower level to a complex level of difficulty.

4. Quiz and Fun

With the Extramarks learning app, students will have fun while learning. With the app's "Challenge Friends" feature, any student can challenge any single and multiple peers of students for real-time quizzes on any topic.

5. Free Academic Counselling

Suppose you have any doubt about the benefit of the app and how you can access it. Just make a call to Extramarks experts at home for free, and they will guide you about your queries and plan your learning process to attain maximum academic success.

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