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RoboKiller for Android

RoboKiller is an app which blocks spam and robocall calls. It helps you to filter and control any unwanted incoming phone calls by automatically blocking and adding them to the blacklist. RoboKiller app is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It removes upto 99% of spam and robocall calls.

The objective of the RoboKiller app is to protect each smartphone user from robocalls that scams and disturb innocent public. RoboKiller app comes with machine learning to avoid ringing your phone from robocall, telemarketer, and other irritating calls.

RoboKiller for Android

Features of RoboKiller app

Using RoboKiller app, you can perform the following activities:

  • You can stop your phone from constant ringing. The spam numbers are automatically added to your spam call blocker's blacklist without disturbing you.
  • It reduces the unwanted calls upto 90% in the first 30 days by using the spam filter.
  • The spam list goes updated automatically to provide up-to-date protection of its users.
  • It blocks the robocalls as well as the phone number, which you don't want to call you as long you wish.

Control who can call and who can't

  • Save your contacts list or new number safe in the Allow List.
  • You can view the recent missed phone number in Recents.
  • You are able to block unwanted calls by adding them to Block List.
  • You can temporarily pause spam blocking if you think an urgent call from an unknown number.

Answer Bots on Android

RoboKiller app uses a powerful tool of Answer Bots. This Answer Bots tool is powered by audio fingerprinting and machine learning technology, which finds the unwanted calls and answer them. It wastes the time of unwanted humans and robocalls with crazy, rude, zany, and hilarious recordings of their own.

With the help of Answer Bots, every RoboKiller user effectively fights against the robocalls. It sends spammers to a long laughable recording by RoboKiller.

Other features

  • SMS spam protection: Other than the call blocking, RoboKiller also provides facility to block unwanted text messages by enabling SMS Spam Protection.
  • Spoofing protection feature to stops spammers to display fake local numbers: If you are receiving spam calls from numbers that look like a local number of your area, RoboKiller will fully protect you from this also.
  • Personal block and allow lists: Other then the spam and robocalls calls which are blocked by RoboKiller application, you can also create your own list of the block and allow callers.


RoboKiller for Android

Download the RoboKiller app for Android from Google Play Store. It is free to download. The app requires a subscription charge to use. You can try it for 7 days for free. Once the free trials expire, the subscription charge automatically renewed monthly. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time.

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