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Best Guitar Learning Apps

Learning guitar and playing with its chords are not as easy as it looks. Whether you are new to this guitar instrument or trying to improve your existing skills to the next level you are on the right platform.

Few years ago, guitarists did not have countless learning platforms so that they take advantage of the learning that exists among us today. There are innumerable and better mobile apps, websites, and other software available for us to learn guitar.

Best Guitar Learning Apps

If you have an authentic Wi-Fi internet connection, smartphone, and a quality guitar instrument, you can improve yourself by regular practicing without even taking the service of a private trainer.

There are numerous free guitar learning apps, websites, and great software that teach you to play the guitar. When we search to learn guitar online, several options are available, and it is even hard to decide which one is better and where to start. Below we are listed some of the best guitar learning apps from where you can learn, practice, and play guitar.

Some of the best guitar learning apps

  1. The Gibson App
  2. Fender Play
  3. JamPlay
  4. Guitar Tricks
  5. Yousician
  6. Justin Guitar
  7. Amplitube
  8. Chordify
  9. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs
  10. Truefire

Gibson App

Gibson's guitar app was designed by keeping the guitarists' all levels requirements. The app is built around the brand's Audio Augmented Reality, with things like tuners and play-along tabs that help you have more fun while learning with amplifying.

This app is relatively simple to access. Practically, it is an app that gives you feedback as you play with its lessons and exercises, which makes it feel like an interactive session. You only need a mobile phone, a standard guitar, and a pair of earbuds.

The app contains separate tabs for songs by various artists such as Tom Petty, Santana, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, BB King, The Beatles, Thin Lizzy, and Foo Fighters to practice your skill with different songs.

Additionally, you get a full course on learning guitar that includes everything from basic guitar handling, other techniques up to advanced skills.

Download Gibson Guitar app for iOS and Android.

Fender Play

Fender Play is a pretty good app for beginners to learn guitar. The app contains several easy-to-follow learning lessons and guidelines to improve your guitar skills. The app was designed and created under the guidance of educational advisors from the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California and the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

The signup users can also choose between five music "paths," including Folk, Country, Rock, Blues, and Pop, and answer various questions on their preferred instrument and genre. Their answers will guide creating a comprehensive, customized curriculum that Fender describes as a personal "learning path".

Your Custom Path to Learning Guitar

When users choose their "path," they are offered a custom set of lessons that teach them all the basics of guitar playing. It teaches from the first couple of steps in a song to keep their hand at the proper position on guitar and play.

Each lesson in this app is structured to be concise, sweet, and easy to understand. After practicing each lesson, you move on to the next level.

Download the Fender Play app for iOS and Android.


The JamPlay app is one of the largest guitar learning apps that contains a numerous library of chords and lessons to make practice easier. It provides about 5,000 different lessons from over 200 courses.

JamPlay app provides various lessons that will allow you to use it as an acoustic and electric guitar app. The app directs you to a large number of techniques to learn guitar. This app won't let you down when we talk about practicing chords (advanced and basic), riffs, licks and scales, and others.

Foundational Courses on JamPlay

JamPlay guitar app offers three different types of fundamental courses that include "Never Played Before", "Self-Taught Guitarists", and "The Forever Beginner". All of these courses are relatively self-explanatory.

JamPlay also offers live courses and sessions for learners where learners can directly interact with their trainers.

Download the JamPlay Guitar app for iOS and Android.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks publishes an excellent guitar learning app containing more than 11,000 unique and adequate lessons that help beginners and expert guitar lovers.

Beginners and intermediate guitarists can benefit immensely from this Guitar Tricks learning app. It offers you to access a variety of video lessons that you can even download for offline use and practice.

It is one reason why Guitar Tricks comes as the best guitar learning apps for beginners. You will find an easy guitar learning method called the Core Learning System. Its Core Learning System takes you through a vast process where you start your guitar training with basics. In starting, you will learn activities such as a proper way to pick and hold a guitar, basic guitar chords, and strumming on your guitar.

If you are a core beginner, Guitar Tricks will also meet your needs. Their video lessons completely guide you on your guitar learning journey. Using this simple guitar learning app, you will access simple chord changes, practice easy songs, basic melodies, and other things that a beginner need.

Although not all its videos are for beginners. Some of its material is focused on helping intermediate guitarists to progress toward guitar mastery. Its intermediate lessons are all about specific topics, and they deal with them in complete detail.

Download the Guitar Tricks app for iOS and Android.


Yousician is an excellent music instrument learning app that provides resources for all types of music, including guitar. The app is also used for learning bass, piano, ukulele, and voice training. Its guitar lessons curriculum is written by the music teachers that help both fresher and intermediate players.

The app offers easy step-by-step descriptions for basic guitar riffs and chords with video tutorials. The goal of Yousician is to introduce you to how the guitar moves around and train you to how to play basic songs with simple chords.

You can download this app for free to learn. It also offers several paid premium plans for those who wish to access advanced features unlimited and continuous playtime across all platforms. The app is easy to access for daily practice. The app contains lots of practice songs and a great tuner that will ease your guitar learning.

Download the Yousician guitar learning app for iOS and Android.

Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar is another excellent app that helps to learn guitar online completely free. Initially, it was started as a YouTube channel by one of its most popular online guitar teachers. Later on, Justin Sandercoe (leading guitar teacher) published their guitar YouTube channel into an app.

This guitar learning app is perfect for freshers and offers a great option for intermediates and advanced guitarists to take their guitar skills to the next level. The app's course comes in three different lesson levels: Beginners Guitar Course, Intermediate Method, and Style Modules.

All guitar songs are performed in a classic play-along style, which means you can learn quickly from the backing tracks and lyrics. In addition, both speed and sound are easily adjusted to suit your ability and taste.

The popular features of this app lessons are its gradual, fully-fledged approach. However, the teacher takes his time to explain everything in complete detail.

Download Justin Guitar learning app for iOS and Android.


AmpliTube is the free fellow app to popular iRig. You can use this app on any device, whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or wind-up radio to start, practice, and record your guitar with their excellent set of features.

The app offers a large library of truthful versions of some of the world's most in-demand gear. The app is simple and easy to access, and there is also a feature of drag and drop various signal chain items to create a custom rig.

AmpliTube app comes with 21 pieces of gear, which can be increased up to 43 by in-app purchase. You will get nine different effects: noise filter, delay, overdrive, wah, chorus, flanger, phaser, and octave. You can then use these stomps with a matching cabinet with up to 5 amplifiers (including lead, crunch, bass, clean, and metal). You also get five speakers and two microphones (dynamic and condenser).

Download the AmpliTube guitar learning app for iOS and Android.


Chordify guitar learning app is designed to help guitarists figure out which chords they need to play appropriately for a particular song. The app plays a song from YouTube using the embed function, and the chord recognition software automatically recognizes the chords you need to play.

On Chordify's web version, you will see the chord name and chord fingering below when the song plays in real-time.

Generally, Learning Chords Has Never Been Easier

There is a cool feature in the Chordify app known as Overview view. It shows all the chords in a song properly. When a song gets to play, there is a black square that moves across the fields. It is sad to say that the only Play, Rewind, and Simplify Chords buttons are available on its free version. Other advanced features are available on the app's premium version. The premium features offer Transpose, Capo, Chord volume, Song volume, Tempo, Loop, MIDI, and Print.

Most of the premium options are relatively simple. There is also a feature to adjust the chord volume of a specific chord when it is played back.

Download the Chordify guitar app for iOS and Android.

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

The app's title "Ultimate Guitar" is given based on the countless tabs present in it. The Ultimate Guitar app contains one of the huge collections of chords and tabs. You will find more than 1 million songs to learn from easy-to-read chords and tabs. Its impressive database is also built on the base of popular and easy-to-play songs for beginners.

Ultimate Guitar: Chord & Tabs is a good resource to learn guitar online. Its huge library makes it one of the best guitar learning apps for freshers. However, the downloading and installing of the app is completely free, but you can't get access unless you choose a subscription. However, there is a one-week free trial; after that, you will be charged for the next year if you want to continue with Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD.

Through this app, both beginners and professionals can learn a lot easier. Ultimate Guitar regularly updates its library's tabs and chords, and users rate it, which helps find the best song resources instantly. The app also offers video tutorials of lessons that make learning easy.

The Ultimate Guitar app also includes a top 100 list to find your favorite songs and practice on them.

Download the Ultimate Guitar: Chord & Tabs app for iOS and Android.


TrueFire guitar app gives you the chance to develop your guitar skills at any time and on any device. The app is designed by focusing on guitarists of all skill levels. The app confirms itself as it is a platform suited for all kinds of guitar players.

Some of its contents are designed especially for beginners or for advanced guitarists. But the app is good and offers for everyone. The app also gives video tutorials for all levels of players to learn guitar easily. It also includes a progress tracking tool that feedbacks your progress report.

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