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Blog Definition

In today's modern era, where everyone is busy in his ambiance, and if they want to share any of their thoughts, then various platforms provide this opportunity. Hence, their words reach out to many people or audiences.

A Blog is an informational site published over WWW (World Wide Web). Blogs are of different types. Some are posts, text entries, and discrete, informal diary style. In the initial days, when the concept of blogs was introduced then, its usage was restricted to a single person or sometimes to a small group of people, but in the past few decades, the scenario of blogs changed totally when MABs (multi-author blogs) emerged in the market that featured the thoughts of multiple authors, sometimes edited by professionals from various newspapers, advocacy groups, and university professors, and this helps in increasing the traffic in the site, that helps in generating the revenue of different sites, one such example is Twitter, it started generating revenue due to the integration of MABs (multi-author blogs) and single author and various news anchors. The traffic is the number of people or readers visiting the website to read the blog or the content written by various people, and this is the main source of incoming for those blogging websites.

Blog Definition

Blogging is not limited to sharing one's personal opinions or thoughts; bloggers share their views on many topics, including religion, philosophy, science, art, politics, and sports. These platforms have become a large platform for various brands to advertise their products; for this purpose, they pay a large amount to the bloggers to advertise their products.

Different Types of Blogs

Different types of blogs include art, photo, and video.

  • Photoblogs: The blogs that depict images or photographs that are considered photoblogs; in this, the user shares their thoughts and feelings in the form of an image or a photograph. This type of blogging grew in the early 2001s when smartphones came within reach of an ordinary person.
  • Art Blogs: As the name indicates, the art blog is a type of blog in which the user shares his views and opinion via his art, or we can say the creator comments on a scene or situation through art.
  • Video Blogs: As the name indicates, the blog in which the user shows a situation or shares his thoughts by making a video for that. Interestingly, the blogger uses photographs, maps, stats, and data to share his thoughts in video blogs. These types of video blogs are better known as vlogs. Nowadays, it is in great demand on almost every social media platform; some creators or vloggers travel, cook, paint, study, do any sports-related exercise, and make their vlogs. They give various tips, tricks, and techniques. Recently we can see that video blogging is at its peak on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

The Demand for Blogging and Blogs

Recently, technology has opened numerous new areas for normal people to earn more money without needing higher education qualifications. Recently, we have seen a rise in demand for vloggers; even if a person is going to visit a new place, he is expected to share his information through video and post it on various social media platforms and blogging platforms.

Suppose an athlete shares his daily routine, diet, and exercises and posts it on blogging sites. In that case, people admire it, and if that blogging or social media platform is getting huge traffic because of a specific blogger, then they will be paid for that; various bloggers are earning a good amount of money few of them are Gaurav Chaudhary, Technical Guruji, Mukesh Ghalot, Singha, Abhishek Yadav and, UK 07 Rider and many more.

Technical Guruji is an Indian blogger and Youtuber who shares informative content regarding various technical gadgets and equipment like mobile phones, earbuds, laptops, smartwatches, and many more just by reviewing and giving suggestions to the audience. He has earned a great name and fame in vlogging community.

UK 07 Rider is an Indian-origin bike rider who went to various new places by bike and shared informative content about that place and the hurdles and enjoyment of the journey. Many people cannot visit a place, but they enjoy it by watching its video blog, which is full of informative content. By doing video blogs, these creators can afford a luxurious lifestyle.

Let's talk about the fitness freak athletes sharing their tips, tricks, and techniques in the form of an informative video blog, for instance. Mukesh Ghalot is a very renowned name in the bodybuilding and fitness community. He is an athlete who has represented India in various bodybuilding championships on international platforms. Now he is sharing his tips, tricks, and techniques with the other athletes to help them get a good physique, and he shares his tips and techniques for specific exercises and targeted body parts by shooting a video. He is one of the best fitness bloggers in India; many other influencers are doing the same task and getting paid for that, like Singha Fitness, Yours Fitness Stories, and many more.

Impact of Blogs on Politics

Earlier, blogs were only written by some technically sound users. They shared their thoughts normally; there was not enough crowd coming to those platforms and checking the blogs. But in the late 1999s, we witnessed momentum in the blogging sites, and now it has become a great and powerful political weapon in every country.

Almost every political leader uses social media and blogging platforms to influence the mob or public through their words; their main focus is to influence the youth of the country by sharing various powerful speeches, quotes, the motto of their party, their manifesto, and their various schemes. The opposition party leaders hype the mistakes of the ruling party and criticize their various failures in schemes; on the other hand, the leaders of the ruling party influence the public by telling them about their schemes and the decision that their government is taking for their betterment. During elections, these platforms become the main place to generate votes by influencing the common peoples, the political leaders who share their ideology by writing blogs.


Blogs are informative content shared in various forms like photo, art, and video blogs. The emergence of blogs generated various ways or sources to generate money, and the blogging platforms became the hub for the brands to promote their products. Time by time, writing blogs became a profession of many people, and various celebrities and politicians hired them to write blogs depicting their ideology and views on a specific topic. Sometimes blogs influence people badly when a blogger with a violent nature influences the readers by writing blogs. We have seen this type of issue that has been generated, and to control this type of situation, blogging platforms take various stringent steps under the influence of the government.

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