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Input Device Definition

Input devices are logical devices that take input from the user in any form, whether electrical, bit, or verbal. This article will specifically discuss computer input devices that take input signals as electrical or bit code, or physical signals.

Input Device Definition

Some Examples of Input Devices

1. Keyboard

Keyboard is an input device that is an integral part of a computer. The user uses it to give input commands to the computer; the user instructs the processor in the high-level language, which is one of the most important in the PC and laptops and even in every modern machine. We can't imagine a smart machine or a gadget without having a keyboard or a keypad; this will become impossible or very hard for the user to give input instructions to the machine. The updated keyboard version can be seen in modern devices like mobile phones. The keyboard is a familiar input device in every government office, school lab, and research institution.

2. Mouse

The mouse is another input device that is used in computers and laptops to give instructions to the processor; the only difference between the input signal of the keyboard and mouse is that it doesn't give the input in the form of HLL (High-Level Language) rather than this it gives the input signals in the form of electrical signal that we recognize as "click," it is the essential part in PC and laptops, we can realize its importance that in every organization, school's computer lab, and even in every government office mouse is always the basic need while using a computer system. The concept of having a mouse in smart machines has been updated to such an extent that in every modern smart machine or gadget, there is a smart touch sensor that is none other than an updated version of the mouse.

3. Touchpad

A touchpad is a device that works with the latest technology. Its working is far easier than any other input device because a user can input the data through touch signals. After every touch, the application will run to whom the user wants to open or process the data. Nowadays, this technology is at its peak because almost every smart gadget, like washing machines, digital panels, mobile phones, laptops, smart RO, and ATMs, uses this technology. Because of its easy accessibility and affordability, everyone is using this technology, and the maintenance cost of this input device is very low compared to other input devices.

4. Microphone

We all feel very familiar with the word microphone because we all have encountered this input device. The microphone is a device that takes input in the form of sound waves and interprets those signals in electrical form, and later it becomes audible to the listeners. This device has a large number of applications in our day-to-day life. We all might have seen the application of a microphone in Bus stands, railway stations, schools, Colleges, and Government Offices. Even at political rallies, the leaders give speeches addressing the mob using a microphone so that their words can reach many people. On railway platforms, the announcements are made using a microphone. Nowadays, this technology has been updated to such an extent that every signal or the recording of each word can be recorded using a microphone; they have special features that can enhance the audio quality of the speaker to maintain the security triads and to ensure the security measures and to ensure the sensitivity of the information there are various features in the microphone.

Some Interesting Facts

Many readers may be stunned after knowing various input sources inside the human body from where we input the data. Our mind is the processing unit for it; in return, our body gives the desired results.

  • The human eye is an input source inside the body that takes the input in light. The cells inside the eye convert the light signals into electrical signals, and our mind processes the above data, and finally, we see an image because of the eye.
  • The human Ear is also an input source that takes data in the form of sound waves, and after that, the primary signal is converted into an electrical signal, and our brain process the above data.
  • Human skin is an input source that takes the input signal in the form of physical touches, like the modern automatic sensor that takes input in the form of physical form and converts the data into an electrical signal.


The input devices are some special types of technical devices that are specially designed to take input data from the user in the form of an electrical signal, sound wave, light wave, physical touch, and many more they process the data and interpret it in the form of bit code so that the processor can interpret the given signal and process the function for the user.

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