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Nursing Definition

What is Nursing?

There is nothing that can compare to the joy of knowing that you have a goal in life. Nursing is a profession that you are never bored of. Being a nurse provides you with satisfaction in your life, but it can also bring new challenges every single day. This is a job that requires dedication to play an essential part in the health care system.

In simple terms, nursing is a service occupation within the medical and healthcare industry that is focused on personal, family, and community healthcare to assist people in achieving and maintaining optimal health and well-being. Nurses provide medical care, for instance, in collaboration with physicians or as independent nurses.

Nursing Definition

Career in Nursing

If you're looking to do nursing, then start by taking the Assistant Nurse Health Worker/Midwife (ANM) program. It is completed in just two years. ANM refers to Auxiliary or Assistant Nursing Midwifery.

Additionally, there is also the general nurse-midwifery (GNM) program. The length or duration of the program is 3 and 1/2 years. The complete form that is GNM can be described as General Nursing and Midwifery. It is responsible for the training of medical staff as well as social insurance, nursing, and maternity care.

Additionally, it is also possible to get a nursing degree at nursing school. This B.Sc (Nursing) degree has a 4-year duration. The graduation course in nursing programs (B.Sc. Nursing) provides valuable and essential information about nursing, the fixed aids needed, and midwifery. In this program, they provide all applicants with practical and theoretical information as an internship.

1. ANM

To qualify, the candidate must have the minimum qualification of at least 12th class (Arts/Sciences stream). The candidate's age must be over 17 years and must be less than 35 years of age.

2. GNM Nursing

In this case, the minimum requirement is 12th grade, and that includes Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Additionally, it should include at least 40 to 50 percent marks. The age of the candidate should be between 17 and 18 years old and must be less than 35 years old.

3. BSc (Nursing)

In order to do this, they need to be able to pass the 10 + 2 exam that includes Physics, Chemistry, English, and Biology subjects. 10-plus 2 examination or intermediate exam should have, at the minimum, 55 % marks. The age of candidate should be at least 17 years old and not be older than 35 years old.

4. Job prospects

After completing the nursing program, you can begin an occupation as a staff nursing assistant in the hospital. After that, you will be able to get the title of ward staff or sister within a couple of years. After you have completed your nursing studies and assisting, you are able to work in any private hospital, and the government may also hire nursing staff periodically.

There's also a possibility of allowing you to be a nurse teacher in nursing schools. Additionally, you could apply to be an army nurse after your 12th with a nursing B.Sc.

Admission to nursing schools

The majority of institutions use the direct entry method, where seats are allocated to those who meet the criteria by their marks on the 10 + 2 board examination. Certain reputable and recognized institutions conduct screening or entrance tests and interviews to enroll students in their programs.

Relevance of the Nursing Profession

Nursing Definition

Medical professionals are trusted (alongside the other insurance specialists) in the care, wellness, and recovery of patients. The field of nursing is full of challenges and full of the genuine satisfaction of providing human services.

Today, without nurses' healthcare, the sector of healthcare cannot provide for the patients. Nurses provide compassion and empathy to every patient. Nurses are the primary point of contact as well as the primary caregiver to the patient. If a patient is admitted to the hospital after discharge, nurses must remain with the patient throughout the day.

Nursing Profession: Problems

This particular profession differs from others. Nursing is a demanding job. As a medical professional, you are entrusted with a lot of duties, such as helping patients, assisting with techniques to refresh desk work, and much more. There are some problems that arise in this area. Some are mentioned below-

1. Shortage of staff nurses

Medical clinics are working to reach their financial goals and cut costs in every area they can. This could mean that there are fewer people employed by staff members on busy days. The number of nurses employed also decreases.

2. Special requirements

Patients have huge requirements, but due to budget cuts and staffing reductions, medical personnel is unable to satisfy the demands. This places huge pressure on medical professionals with a large number of patients they must take care of.

3. Long Work Hours

Extended periods of time are a problem. Medical professionals must complete 12-hour shifts and have spare time. This problem is caused by staff reductions, but nurses are often on the job in the event of a real incident.

4. Workplace violence

In the case of medical staff, brusqueness could range from a raucous ambush to something that is more serious. WHO discovered that between the range of 8% to 38% of well-being, workers had suffered physical brutality during their job.

5. Risks to the working environment

You are constantly working using sharp tools, needles, and heavy equipment. To avoid accidents, everyone must be organized in a way that is safe and consistently follows the rules and guidelines to make sure you're not injured while working with your co-workers.

6. Personal Health

The work of medical professionals is stressful work and could cause pressure-related medical problems. You must take out time for yourself and get away from work to relax. Plan holidays or engage in your hobbies.


It is said that this is a wonderful profession offering a great opportunity in the future for both males and females. Many women today choose this career path.

If you are also looking to assist patients, whether you're either female or male, you can choose this profession. It doesn't matter whether you are an outstanding nurse because even a small service to humanity counts. You get into this job by obtaining a degree or diploma. Hope this article gave information about Nursing as a profession.

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