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Sales Promotion Definition

In today's modern era, everyone is doing continuous drudge to gain more and more profit. Competition has increased to such an extent that it has opened many new opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore new things. One of the most important sections for every brand is its sales and promotion department, which is solely responsible for the growth and development of a brand; every brand or a product-based company has mainly two sections, one is the development department, and the other is the sales and promotion department. The main task of the sales and promotion department is to bind the existing customer and establish good relations with new customers by offering them more exciting offers and products.

Benefits of the Sales and Promotion Department

The benefit of having a Sales and Promotion Department is to help an emerging company or an organization to become a brand. The main focus of the Sales and Promotion Department is to advertise the brand in different ways, and every brand has to spend a lot of money on its Sales and Promotion Department to generate more and more productive leads for its brands. There are countless such examples; one of the emerging brands of India that is "Boat," has invested a significant amount of money in its Sales and Promotion Department has generated good and healthy leads for them, and now "Boat" is one of the most popular electronic gadget brands in India. Many emerging brands and companies need more funds for the Sales and Promotion Department.

Sales Promotion Definition

How does the Sales and Promotion Department Help to Build a Brand

As mentioned earlier that the main task of this Sales and Promotion Department is to generate more and more new leads (fetching the data of new customers) by using different tricks and methods. One of the most famous tricks of the Sales and Promotion Department is to hire some celebrities, who were paid a good amount of money, and in return, they agree to promote their brand. Nowadays, many brands, rather than hiring expensive celebrities, promote their product by engaging social media influencers like fitness influencers, fashion influencers, music influencers, and many others.

Sometimes some brands with much money to invest in the Sales and Promotion Department choose that place's most popular regional sport and advertise their products by wearing their brands' jerseys and the logo on their shoes. Many popular sports brands play the same trick to do their branding during the international NBA (National Basketball Association) matches when NIKE has officially bought the sponsorship for shoes of Michael Jeffrey Jordan, they gave him shoes that were so eye-catchy that the NBA (National Basketball Association) later imposed fine over Michael Jeffery Jordan on wearing those pair of shoes, and despite this fine, NIKE agrees to pay the fine. Still, they give the same shoes to Michael Jeffery Jordan. From that moment, that piece gained hype and became so popular that many people, fashion influencers, and Sneaker Heads wanted to keep them in their collections.

The Sales and Promotion department generates new audiences or leads. Still, one of its most essential tasks is re-engaging the existing customer by giving them gift cards, vouchers, discount coupons, and various other offers that constantly generate interest for the brand.

A brand can grow without investing much in the Sales and Promotion department, but if it wants to generate high revenue and cover all its charges and losses within a short period, it must invest a good amount of money in sales and Promotion.

Winning the trust of new customers is a very hustling task. When a brand is launched, it is very challenging to find customers who trust the products at that time; sales and Promotion play a vital role in letting people believe in company products rather than constantly purchasing from the same brand they were using previously.

Sales and Promotion help generate the demand for newly launched products by promoting them through social media influencers, who get millions of views over their posts.

Different Types of Sales and Promotion

1. Reducing Cost Temporarily

This is one of the most common tricks of many emerging and developed brands to reduce their Cost for a brief interval of time so that it attracts a large number of customers towards their product; this generates more demand for their product, and these offers are usually seen on newly launched products, their initial Cost is set very low so that more and more people can purchase and ultimately it helps them in generating more and more revenue.

2. Coins

A few times ago, various brands' sales and promotion departments came up with a unique idea to give customers digital coins after every successful purchase from their brand. The coins are directly sent to the brand account of the customer. So that the customer can use those coins in their further shopping, and after using these coins, they get the same product at a cheaper rate, sometimes having these coins benefits the customer in various additional facilities like one-day delivery, subscription to different OTT platforms, and special discount over selected products. Nowadays, these coins are used by almost every brand to attract more users and customers to their brands.

3. Sample

Usually, every grocery brand offers a sample product to their customers so that they can try them and, in the future, they can purchase the product. This is the perfect example of a sample "Sales and Production." Nowadays, almost every brand other than grocery brands, like electronic brands, offers their sample products over the purchase of expensive electronic gadgets.

4. Social Media Marketing

Almost every company or brand uses Social Media Marketing, Text messaging, and Email Marketing.

  • In Email marketing, the brand or the company somehow manages to fill out a digital form from the customer and ask for their email Id. After getting their email Id, they continuously send information regarding the launch of their new products, price drop, Sales, and restocking information, through this their clients are always in touch with them, and through this, they are doing their enough branding and marketing, in their emails, there is a unique URL or a link that take the user directly to their home page, and this is the primary purpose of sending these emails so that the users can visit their website.
  • In Social Media Marketing, the brands and the companies do a tie-up with many social media influencers based on the requirements of their brand, like a grocery brand will hire a food influencer to promote their brand, and an electrical gadget company or a brand will hire a technical influencer for promoting their brand. Also, various brands pay taxes to the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to run their advertisements before playing any video and inspecting a post.
  • Message Marketing is used by almost every brand for a very long period, in which the brand or the company somehow manages to get the customer's contact number. Then they send their brand's digital brochure, the details of various newly launched products, and a URL link to visit their official website so customers can glance over their multiple effects. Usually, whenever a customer purchases any product or service from a brand, they ask for their contact details, such as their phone number, email ID, and alternate mobile number, so that they can contact them quickly. In the future, they can contact them and provide further information regarding their brand's product.


"Sales and Promotion" is one of the critical elements to growing or taking the brand or company to a higher extinct. Nowadays, almost every brand and company are spending money on Sales and Promotion because in the competitive market, "Sales and Promotion" is the only alternative to connect with existing customer and generate new customer through various means and methods like Social Media Marketing, Message Marketing, and Email Marketing, other than that multiple brands time to time conduct various surveys and events to entertain their public. One of the best ways of marketing is by sponsoring a sports team. Someone rightly says, "In the Sales and promotion profession, the real work begins after the Sale."

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