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Pan Definition


Pan may be defined as a utensil or a container that is flat at the bottom and is used for cooking. Pan is usually made out of aluminium or steel, and they are specially designed with plastic or insulating substances, making them easy to lift and not burn the skin parts of the one trying to lift them.

There is a variety of uses for pans. These are used for cooking, boiling, frying, searing, and simmering. And the different types of pans make their use case different for different purposes. Different types of frying Pans include skillets, saucepans, saucepans, and works. And each type of Pan is user-specific and cooking-specific.

Pan Definition

If we typically try to know the structure of it, it is flat structured with little sloping sides used for cooking and frying purposes to cook pancakes, eggs, burgers, and many more. While if we are going to compare Saucepans, which are generally deeper with taller sides and specifically used for simmering and boiling liquids, they are entirely different from frypans. Pans are particularly made with different types of materials. Some use non-sticky ceramic, while others are made entirely of steel.

Pan definition Geology

In geology, a pan has been defined entirely in a different way, which may be defined as the area of depression whose elevation is lower than the areas surrounding it, which may be a natural basin shape. When it comes to their formation, these "pans" are made entirely due to soil erosion and mostly due to fast water movement. You can easily find "pan" from desert to mountain ranges but note that you must find a good moving water source.

Now, a basic question arises, how can erosion form a "pan," the answer is that when rainwater falls in low-lying areas of the arid or semi-arid region, soil erosion starts to form a shallow depression. Over the period, these depressions become so large that they become the habitat for plant and animal life, and many ecosystems are sustained here.

Pan definition in Photography

Pan may also be defined as an act of moving a camera or other device to get the best wider view of a scene horizontally. This technique is mostly used in Photography and videography, which can create the best view of a landscape or cityscape.

The camera must be placed at the top of the tripod or other more stable surface to create a panoramic shot. Since it needs to create many visualizing and mesmerizing effects over it as well, a stable surface is always needed. Many times the videographer has to take some overlapping and horizontal photos as well so as create a good shot.

These types of shots, more often called panoramic shots, are used to create videos showcasing the beauty and grandeur of nature to gain as many landscapes as mountains, beaches, and forests in the shots. The landscape scenes and the urban environments are captured in these shots to showcase the size and complexity of urban environments like city Skyliners or busy streets.

Now, Panoramic Photography has become more accessible and more useful as many specialized apps and good smartphones with high-end camera functionality are available in markets and are easily accessible to even amateur photographers.

Pan definition in Film

Pan may have different meanings and usage in the film industry. It refers to a slang phrase(informal expressions) for criticizing or providing bad feedback to anyone else in the industry for a cinema, music, or literature.

Note that the use of Pan is mostly prevalent or seen in the screening of films and writing of workshops or when artists or other famous creators are presenting in front of an audience for critique.

If we take this in more deeply, "Pan" may refer to expressing more negative feedback or criticism about the movie or some part of the film industry. The term is used to give a scathing review or critique, particularly in Film if that is more negative or unhelpful.

This example may understand panning; suppose a writer has written so much hardly and smartly, but even then, one of his colleagues has offered only negative reviews even when the writer has done much good work, then here the person giving so many negative reviews is said to be accused of "panning" the work.

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