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Fifth Generation of Computer

In 1982, the fifth-generation computer system was begun by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. In this generation, the VLSI technology has advanced and become ULSI technology, stands for Ultra Large-Scale Integration. That means ten million electronic components were used in the production of microprocessor chips.

The computer made in the fifth generation was created with the help of logic programming and massively parallel computing. This generation of computers was based upon parallel processing hardware and AI (Artificial Intelligence) software. Artificial intelligence has the ability to illustrates the means and method of making computers think the same as human beings. In this generation, all kinds of high-level languages such as C and C++, .Net, Java and more are used.

Fifth Generation of Computer

The primary objective to propose this system is to achieve progress in artificial intelligence and include this into a new generation of very powerful computers; so that these computers can also be used by the common man. The systems that include AI are being used in numerous real-life applications and provide various benefits. In the conditions that need knowledge and skills of a type, these systems can perform well in these types of situations that a human can receive with the help of formal training. However, they are unable to fit in the situation where the need for tacit knowledge where a human can receive the tacit knowledge by communicating in natural language and concerned with shape and speech recognition.

IBM's Watson, as a contestant was featured on the TV show Jeopardy that is more common example of artificial intelligence in computers. Other more examples that used AI are: on Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers, Microsoft's Cortana and Apple's Siri on the iPhone. Also, AI is used by the Google search engine to process user searches. Other examples included: UltraBook, Chromebook, Notebook, Desktop, Laptop.

Characteristics of fifth generation of computers

There are various features of 5th generation computers, which are as follows:

Use of Artificial Intelligence: One of the main features of 5th generation computers is the use of AI, which helps to make computers more powerful. The applications of AI are everywhere, from navigating to browsing. Also, it is applied for video analyzing, image processing, and more. It is expected to see that AI would automate nearly every aspect of computing.

The huge development of storage: Although there is available SSD storage that is faster as compared to HDD. And, the development is running on a few other technologies. Therefore, fifth-generation computers, expecting faster and larger storage.

Multi-processor-based system: Presently, one processor per CPU is used; however, special computers are already available that are used with parallel computing, but these computers are not complete and have very limited functionalities.

  • Another feature is the use of optical fiber in circuits.
  • Development of the elements of programs and Natural language processing (NLP)
  • The computer made in the fifth generation used ULSI (Ultra Large-Scale Integration) technology.
  • Advancement in Superconductor technology and Parallel Processing.
  • These computers have user-friendly interfaces including multimedia features.
  • Development of large powers with artificial intelligence.
  • Magnetic enabled chips

Advantages of Fifth Generation Computer

The computers made in the fifth generation are more powerful, functional, fast in speed, even if they are still in the development phase. There are some advantages of the computers that use ULSI (Ultra Large-Scale Integration) technology, which are given below:

  • The computers of fifth-generation use AI (artificial intelligence) technology that includes: Development of expert systems, Game Playing, Robotics, Natural language understanding, and Neural Networks.
  • The AI technology made these computers to understand human language as well as recognize graphs and pictures.
  • The development of fifth-generation computers is intended to solve highly complex problems, including working with natural language.
  • Hopefully, they will be able to use more than one CPU and less expensive compared to the recent generation.
  • It is very easy to take these computers from one place to another and to repair them.
  • The computers made in the fifth generation can be handle easily.

Disadvantages of Fifth Generation of Computer

Although there are different benefits of the fifth generation of computers, they also have some limitations. Some are discussed below:

Fear of Unemployment: Although AI offers numerous benefits, there are many people who feel fear about their job and think AI will replace their jobs in the future. Somewhere it is true, but it is completely dependent on how the world works. People should be able to acquire new technologies and not be afraid of them.

Taking over the world: Artificial intelligence is not healthy for the world. It is somehow true, because AI is very close to handle all the world, like the science fiction movies. Yes, there is more chances to happen that. But remember, such computer systems or robots that have the ability to think just like human will take more time and very hard work to make something with the same ability or intelligence.

Spying on people

One of the other disadvantages of fifth-generation computers is spy on the people, which is somehow true. These computers will be more powerful; for example, large organizations or government would be able to spy on other people with the help technology of computers made in the fifth generation.

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