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What is Page Down Key??

The PD, PgDn, PgDn, or Pg Dn key, is a computer keyboard key that is frequently referred to as the Page Down key. The Pg Dn key is located either on the numeric pad number 3 key or in between the keyboard and numeric keypad.

If the page being viewed has more than one page, the page view is relocated (scrolling) down one page when this key is pressed. For instance, pressing the Pg Dn key scrolls the page down one page on any web page.

The two keys can scroll up or down in documents, however, the amount of movement varies depending on the application. For instance, the word processors may skip by a simulated physical page or by a screen view that, depending on the zoom factor, may only display a portion of one page or numerous pages at once. Page Up and Page Down frequently have no discernible effect at all when the document is shorter than the full screen. When keys are pressed without a modifier, the operating system determines whether they move the input caret in addition to the display (as in Microsoft Windows) or only the display (as in Mac OS X). PgUp will move upward or rightward (rather than left) in right-to-left configurations, and PgDn will move downward or leftward (instead of right). The keys are labeled correspondingly as the previous page and the next page.

What is Page Down Key??

A document can also be scrolled with the arrow keys and the scroll wheel, though typically in smaller increments. They may functions the same as the Page keys when used in conjunction using a combination of modifier keys, such as Alt, Opt, or Ctrl of them. In most operating systems, all the text that has been scrolled over will be highlighted whether the Page Down or Page Up key is also pushed while holding down the Shift key. The Page Up and Page Down keys operate differently in caret navigation in some apps (toggled with the F7 function key in Windows). Software may have options to reverse the behavior of these keys to account for the 30% of people [according to whom?] for whom the paging keys move the text in the other direction from what they find natural.

Why don't the page-down keys function?

You have various options that will enable you to access field help, new screens, and other features in place of your function or page keys if you are unable to make them work:

  • Select the function from the list by doing right-click on the data entry.
  • To navigate between screens or access help menus, utilize the Data Entry toolbar starting with Drake16. Before it can be used, it must be turned on under Setup> Options.

Where on the keyboard is the Page Down key?

The PGDN, PD, PgDn, or Pg Dn key is also known as the Page Down key. It is a computer keyboard key that can be found on the number 3 key on the numeric pad or between the keyboard and numeric keypad.

How to operate the keypad's Pg Dn key?

In order for the number three on the keypad to function as a page-down key rather than the number 3, turn off the Num Lock.

What functions does the Pg Dn key serve?

By holding down the Shift key and tapping the Page Down key at the same time, you can highlight the following page in a text document.

How can I turn off the page-down key?

On your keyboard, press the Scroll Lock button which is frequently marked as ScrLk, to turn off the scroll lock. In the absence of a Scroll Lock key on your computer, try one of the following:

  • Windows 10:
    1. If your keyboard lacks a Scroll Lock key, go to Start> Settings> Ease of Access> Keyboard on your computer.
    2. Turn it on by clicking the On Screen Keyboard button.
    3. To use the on-screen keyboard, click the ScrLk button when it displays on your screen.
  • Windows 8.1:
    1. If a Scroll Lock key does not exist on your keyboard, click Start and then press CTRL+C for the computer's Charms bar to appear.
    2. Change PC Settings by clicking.
    3. Choose Ease of Access> Keyboard.
    4. Push the on-screen keyboard slider button to turn it on.
    5. Click the ScrLk button when the on-screen keyboard displays on your screen.

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