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What is the ntdll.dll file?

The file containing NT kernel functions is called ntdll.dll, and it was made by Microsoft with the description "NT Layer DLL".

Does this file pose a security risk?

The Microsoft security bulletin MS03-07, released on March 17, 2003, flags the ntdll.dll as posing a serious security risk. This security risk should not impact you if you have installed all the most recent updates for your version of Windows.

Is this file a virus, malware, or trojan?

There is no malware, spyware, or virus in the ntdll.dll file that comes with Microsoft Windows. However, a virus or trojan might cause it to become corrupted, just like any other file on your computer. If this file is infected, antivirus programs can find it and remove the virus. Users must never delete or remove this file because it is an integral feature of Windows. If users believe this file is infected, allow the antivirus software to take care of it.

Can this file be removed?

No, deleting this file will result in Windows issues because it is a needed file.

If ntdll.dll file fails to open in Internet Explorer, go here.

Users who are experiencing an error with this file while using Microsoft Internet Explorer can frequently fix the problem by deleting any third-party add-ons.

How to Repair Ntdll.dll Problems

There are several steps that you can utilize to repair the ntdll.dll problems. You can apply these steps to repair ntdll.dll problems:

1. Restart your computer.:

Your experience with the ntdll.dll error could result from a one-time, transient malfunction, and a straightforward reboot may fully fix the issue.

2. Reinstall the program:

Install any updates or service packs that are available for the software package. The software programmers may have discovered a problem in the application that resulted in the DLL error and then released a patch for it.

The majority of the time, ntdll.dll issues is brought on by third-party software applications that have been installed on your computer. Only occasionally do the remaining steps of this troubleshooting fix the problem.

3. You should first check this page, then see what Windows service pack level you are using.

If there is a more recent service pack that can be installed, first check the Windows service pack level that you are now using. If not, check this page. In these service packs from Microsoft, some problems that led to ntdll.dll failures have been fixed. Use Windows Update to upgrade Windows on your PC with the most recent service pack and necessary patches.

4. Disable specific Microsoft Edge extensions.

If your error appears whenever you launch Edge, use it, or shut it down, an extension could be to blame. To identify the offending extension, disable each one individually (if any). Install and use a different browser, such as Firefox, as a remedy if the ntdll.dll error is indeed caused by Edge.

5. NLSPATH system variable should be renamed.

Skip this step if your Windows system lacks this environment variable. Just use this step as a troubleshooting step for this problem. In case it doesn't fix the problem, make sure to change this path back to its original name.

6. Disable Explorer.exe's Data Execution Prevention.

This step, like the previous one, is exclusively for fixing the ntdll.dll problem. Reset the Data Execution Prevention parameters to their default values if this doesn't fix the issue.

7. Disable UAC

It is a temporary fix for some ntdll.dll problems, but it could be a long-term fix if you're comfortable with User Account Control not being used on your machine.

8. Update any hardware drivers on your computer.

Any device on your PC that has updated drivers should be updated. These issues can occasionally be caused by outdated drivers.

9. Check for harm to your memory.

One potential reason why you might be getting one of the DLL mentioned above messages is that your system may have a faulty memory module. By testing your memory, you can either find the source of the issue or free up RAM.

If your memory fails any of your tests, replace it. You could see Ntdll.dll issues if the same IDE cable connects your computer's hard disc and an Iomega Zip drive. If so, switch the Zip drive over to an exclusive IDE controller.

Change the IDE cable that connects the motherboard and hard drive. The DLL problem you are experiencing can be one sign that this cable is broken or not working properly.

10. Your Windows installation has to be fixed.

A repair installation of Windows will replace the ntdll.dll file if separate software reinstallations are unsuccessful in fixing the issue.

11. Windows should be installed completely.

Windows will be fully removed from your computer during a clean installation and installed anew from scratch. If all other methods of troubleshooting have failed and you are confident that the mistake is not the result of a specific program, then we do not advise choosing this option (Step 2). Reinstalling Windows, followed by all the affected software, may result in the ntdll.dll issue if a single plugin or program is to blame.

You might be dealing with a hardware problem with your hard drive if everything else has failed, including the clean installation from the previous stage. It is quite unusual, though. If so, swap out the hard drive before starting a fresh Windows installation.

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