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What is a power port?

On the computer or other electronic device, a power port is a port that charge the device's battery if necessary and allows the device to draw power from a wall outlet. Without a power cord attached to the power port, devices that do not include batteries, such as desktop computers, cannot be turned on. Devices with batteries, such as laptops, can operate with or without anything connected to the power connection if the battery is charged.


In order to charge a Lightning or USB device, ports such as Lighting and USB can work as a power ports.

Connecting a cord to the power port

On a computer or other hardware device, there are a number of ways that can be used to connect a cord to a power port; such are as follows:


For protecting the device from electrical surges, connecting a surge protector between the wall outlet and the power port is a good idea.

Desktop computer power port

The power port is part of the power supply, which is coupled to the computer's motherboard and is located inside the computer on most of the computer systems. This port is located at the top or bottom side of the computer's chassis. The image shown in the example displays an Antec power supply that has been taken from a computer, as well as a visual representation of the power supply's back. In this case, the power port is located in the upper right corner of the power supply.

What is a power port

Note: The power port on an all-in-one computer is more like that of a laptop as it is slimmer as compared to a standard desktop chassis. These power connectors are located either in the right bottom left, or centre of the computer's backside.

Laptop power port

There are various laptops available on the market that needs an AC adapter in order to connect the laptop to the power source. The location of the power connector may be different on the basis of the laptop manufacturer; usually, it is commonly found on the rear or back corner of the laptop system. This view of an AC adapter represents the power brick that converts the power signal, as well as the wire that links the power brick to the power port. In this case, an additional power wire would be attached from the brick to a wall outlet.

What is a power port

Smartphone and tablet power port

Many different power ports have been employed in the growth of smartphones and tablets rapidly. Fortunately, most businesses are switching to the USB Type-C connector. All recent Android phones and tablets, as well as Apple iPads, include this power port connector. Unluckily, the Lightning connector is still used on all the latest Apple iPhones. These connectors are plugged into the wall outlet with the help of using a power adaptor. Otherwise, a computer with a USB or Thunderbolt port may be used to charge and power these devices.

Printer power port

The printer power port is positioned on the rear or back corner of the printer.

Monitor, TV, and other display devices

A power port can be found on the back of a monitor, television, as well as any other display device.

Note: An AC adapter may be used by the power cord in order to help convert the power signal for very thin monitors.

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