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What can you do with Computer Science Degree

Computer Science has gained so much popularity in the world. We and systems all around are migrating towards technology and exploring things. More than 70% of students around the globe make their career and interest in computer science, and in accordance, they complete their Bachelors or Masters in the computer science field. The field of computer science is too vast and classified into different sectors such as Software development, hardware management, software engineering, database management, software testing, programming, and many more. One chooses the field in which he finds interest and passion. In most of the cases, the crowd does not find interest in programming and coding, and they choose other options to move with. It is realistic, as well as correct. As the computer science zone is big and we can choose the one we like. When a student completes their studies in computer science, they become a computer science degree holder and move in the field. Some students get placements while completing their final year, and some do not get. So, there is no need to worry about it, as there are several options still open for such candidates.

What can you do with Computer Science Degree

Here, we will discuss and know what we can do after holding a computer science degree and make our career.

Options for a Computer Science Degree Holder

Certainly, there are numerous options available for a computer science degree holder, and some of them are discussed below:

  • Software Development: It is the foremost option for which a company generally hires students from colleges. A student who has completed his/her graduation in CS is eligible for this job. But, the option is good for those who are good at programming and find interest in implementing logic. It is because the role of a software developer is to implement new logics and develop useful software for the world/organization.
  • Mobile Application Developer: We all use mobile and the applications that we download from our mobile's play store while some are in-built. These applications are developed by mobile application developers where their role is to create applications for different OS such as Android, Windows, and iOS. So, if you are a computer science degree holder, you are eligible for such a role. Only the need is to have skills in different programming languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, C#, etc. In mobile development, one can also choose a specific technology for development such as android, iOS, or Windows and will be known as Android Developer, iOS developer, or Windows developer.
  • Software Engineer: If you are a computer science degree holder, you can opt for this job. The role of a software engineer is to write executable software codes that enable the software to run smoothly on the computer. The basic need is to have programming skills in C, C++, Java, or any other language.
  • Content Writer: A field where computer science degree aspirants are eligible for developing and creating content in their own language for websites, products, or services. The need is to have basic knowledge of different fields of computer science. The scope is not so wide but satisfactory for those who find no interest in coding and programming.
  • IT Consultant: The name describes its role, i.e., an IT consultant is the person who advises their clients on the planning, designing, implementing and usage of the technology so that it could help their clients to grow their businesses. The role of an IT consultant is much similar to a system analyst, application programmers, and system designers. Thus, if you always remain updated in regards to technology and having a business mind, it is a good role for you.
  • Information System Manager: An IT manager is the person whose task is to execute secure and effective operations of the computer within an organization. It is generally a full-time job profile where the need is time-dependent. The manager looks at the system installation, system backups, as well as whether the backup systems are operating perfectly, regarding purchasing of hardware and software parts, and most important is ensuring the security of the data and backups. Thus, if you have good system knowledge, operating system knowledge, the IT Manager role is a good option. Also, one should have business knowledge like company requirements, available budget and software licensing laws.
  • DBAs: Also known as 'Database Administrator' are the admins who handle and manages databases. The role of a DBA is to manage, develop, and maintain the integrity and security of the database. If you are a computer science degree holder and are interested in databases like SQL, Oracle, and other databases, then the job profile is suitable for you.
  • Game Developer: It is also a software development field where the developers create a different types of games such as racing games, boxing games, and other games. The need is to have good knowledge of programming languages, UIs, and GUIs. Also, you are more successful if you are a gamer because a gamer understands it better and create wonderful games for people.

These are some of the trending fields of computer science where you can find your path and build your career.

Other than these described options, there are other career options also available in which you can make use of your skills as well as your talent. The best of all is business in the field of computer science. You can use your skills and creativity to develop your own business. You can be a service provider or can have a product-based company. You can also work as a freelancer and choose your own work and time to work. You can go for a Ph.D. and become a computer science professor. Besides all these options, you can switch to the field that suits you highly, either in communications, cooking, or other businesses and make your career in your own desired field. There is no necessity that if you are a CS degree holder, you have to be an engineer or developer. Thus, know your will and follow your desire.

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