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How much do computer engineers make

The question here is about the pay scale of a computer engineer. The pay scale of a person depends on his/her profile as well as skills. In today's era, the degree of a course is less valuable as compared to the degree of skills. If you are searching for the answer, do an initial search in yourself whether you own at least 70% of the skills required for the role of a computer engineer and the salary that you expect from the MNC's or other industries.

Here, we will discuss the different types of computer engineers one can become and their salaries. The pay scale varies as per the profile and the role of the person. Also, it is essential to know and choose your role, examine your skills, and expect your salary accordingly.

Types of Computer Engineers

As the world is moving towards digitalization, the demand for skills and talent is also rising. Unfortunately, the demand is high, and supply is too low. It is necessary to move and update yourself with the new emerging technologies if you are a computer science student. You must complete a Bachelor's Program in Computer Engineering. There are following different types of computer engineers from which a person can choose:

  • Software Engineer: A software engineer is a person who is hired for writing, designing, developing, and testing software applications for their organizations. One should be familiar with one or more programming languages, frameworks, and basic software testing knowledge to code, design, and develop new software and applications. Also, one should have knowledge of basic software testing to test and update any existing software. Thus, all these requirements are completed in the academic courses in computer engineering.
  • Hardware Engineer: A hardware engineer is a person who is hired for developing, managing, and testing the hardware components of a computer system. The hardware engineers develop circuit boards and microprocessors for top fortune companies and the federal government. One should have the knowledge of Computer and Electronics, Engineering and Technology, Knowledge of Design, and Mathematics knowledge.
  • Computer Architecture, Processing, and Robotics: One must have the knowledge of robotics engineering that includes CADD knowledge for creating blueprints and schematics for robotics systems, manufacturing knowledge, robotics design knowledge, and advanced mathematics skills algebra and trigonometry. Also, the candidate must have the coding knowledge in Embedded C programming language. One must have certifications in robotics also.
  • Software Developers: These persons are related to the software part and applications of the computer system. The requirement is that the candidate must have excellent programming language skills, data structure, and algorithms knowledge.

Levels of Computer Engineers

There are basically three levels for a computer engineer:

  • Entry-Level Computer Engineers: It is the initial level for the candidate who joins an industry as a fresher. As they are the beginners, engineers at this level earn the minimum salary because they have just started to learn and work practically.
  • Junior-Level Computer Engineers: It is the second and most complicated level of a computer engineer. They are the majority among the three levels, which are known as the 'middle child' of the industry. They have under five years of experienced skills, and their salary is determined according to their work and knowledge acquired in their working years.
  • Senior-Level Computer Engineers: These group people are the most experienced ones. They become knowledgeable enough that if they think of switching the company, they will always get an attractive and high-salary package. It is because these group people are well-experienced and know how to handle and manage the components of their field. Such a level of computer engineers is paid with the highest salary packages. The entry-level and junior level engineers work under the senior level engineers to accomplish and brush up their work and skills.

Payscale of Computer Engineers

Although the salary of a computer engineer varies as per the skills and knowledge, there are distinguishing average salary ranges for each type of Computer Engineer. Here, we will see the average salary of a computer engineer on the basis of their levels.

How much do computer engineers make

Entry-Level Computer Engineers

The salary package at this level is really interesting, but you can hope such an amount if you have all the required skills and capability to solve the queries. The average salary of an entry-level engineer is $43,600 per year, which is $3600 per month. But, records say that there are too few fresher who deserve such payscale.

Junior-Level Computer Engineers

As they are the middle children of industry, their salary packages differ according to their gained knowledge and work experience. The Junior-level estimation is typical, but they make around $75000 per year and around $6500 in a month. It is also shocking because only dedicated engineers and hard-working engineers receive such packages. Also, the type of industry is a huge reason behind the salary package. If you are working in IBM, Google, or Microsoft like industries, it means you are a really talented one.

Senior-Level Computer Engineers

They are the highest-paid computer engineers because of their dedicated years in an industry and their skills. A senior computer engineer's average salary is almost $123,000 per year or $10,400 in a month. So, you can also earn such a salary. Only the need is you should begin to begin your skills to chase a bright career.

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